Zero Punctuation: Dead Rising 2

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What the...?

You have to pay people to escort them?

Some, but I haven't met the cunts that want you to pay them(and if I do, I'll just brutally murder them).

LOL I thought thats how it would go. Good Job man. By the way I wanted get your opinion on the game Bully because it always interest me and it comes across as a game you would like. You can just tell me in a PM if you'd like. One more thing if you are wanting to finally review a game with a Q in it I suggests bashing Quantum Theory for its pure failure.

I'm rather getting annoyed with these mandatory advertisements. I'm never, ever going to pay to be a subscriber or whatever, and if they make the viewing box any smaller and the adverts any longer I'll simply end up going to youtube or even Yahtzee's site to watch.

Glad he did this though, was unsure if I wanted to buy it, not going to though, just doesn't sound like it'll keep me going these last fucking 9 days till my beautiful fallout comes to me.

Oh how I cannot wait.

I made the mistake of watching this whilst drinking, and almost ruined my keyboard. A really good one I thought. And it's nice that at least one reviewer doesn't find that having a timer is the absolute deal-breaker in a game where you can actually just play multiple times...

Whose face is that in the zombie's thought-bubble? Y'know, the guy who was the face of the monsters in Yahtzee's SotC and Monster Hunter vids? I probably should know but what the hell.

It didn't surprise me he liked killing all those zombies in funny ways, but how did he get the game so quikly. Like he got it on the american release date. And he should have reviewed the new spiderman. I dont own the game but can you tape a shotgun with a chainsaw. Bet lot of peolple do that.

First the lions actaully "playing" football this past sunday and now Yahtzee liking a game? REPENT! THE END IS NIGH!!!

In all seriousness great review, I might get it used since I'm tight right now on funds and I'm already planning on getting Fallout:New Vegas next week and Fable 3 the following week.

I don't think the bosses where really that unfair, if your low on health and food just run to a food court, the bosses won't stop you (unless it's a story boss), nor will they regerate any health, not even if you go through some loading screens

Spot on re: Capcom and plots.

Also nitroglycerin buttock injection ass kicking contest needs to be in the next Wii minigame compilation.

Just a question to the people who've played this game (I haven't got round to buying it yet nor do I, at this moment have any intention to) has the game fixed the control issues from the first? Which is what let the first game down for me, I thought the controls were a little shit.

That aside, nice review I guess. Again, this isn't a game I've played so I can't add any of my own input. I didn't really enjoy the first game, I liked the idea behind the first game and in theory it was pretty cool however as said above, I hated the controls to the point that it ruined the game for me.

I do hope you do Castlevania next week. That seems a game more up my street.


Hilariously, your 5th and I imagine you'll still get a ban. Still don't understand why you guys do it but I do hope they do I.P bans around here.

Onyx Oblivion:

Oh. I forgot. I must be a douche about this.

FIRST!...poster that actually finished watching the video.

-Sovvolf attempts to imitate Shang Tsung's voice from the first Mortal Kombat game- YOU WIN!

I'm glad to see they dropped the photojournalism aspect (ironic since I am an actual journalist), it was really tedious. Hopefully saving the NPC's will be easier this time, it's really satisfying to save innocent people but damn if the walking time didn't slow the game down.

Yahtzee says he hates a game: We all carry on as usual.
Yahtzee says he likes a game: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe not quite that extreme (actually, definitely not that extreme), but still. I find this humorous.

Personally, I found the flashlight+gems to be a more broken combo, especially if you're using the ninja outfit.

Hmm fire axe-sledge hammer? Good against bosses?
Thanks Yahtzee!
Anyway Im quite enjoying Dead rising 2, particulary Terror is Reality.

Yahtzee has had girlfriends?

BWAHAHA Loved the review and LMAO at the Zombie Activists....God I gotta get that game.

nice game and rewiew

Dead Rising is my favorite game. Sorry, now that there is a sequel what I mean to say is it's my favorite franchise. Either way, an enjoyable video from Yahtzee. Hope to see more like this that remind me why I started watching you in the first place.

Ridonkolously funny episode. i couldnt stop laughing for 2 minutes straight.

Its hard not to like this game, other than the fact that you can take a whole bunch of weapons with you but some you can't and there is no way to know which is which until your character leaves your awesome chainsaw kayak paddle stick of death on the ground when you need to eat a little food.

I want to hear Yahtzee's impressions on minecraft, since I've been seeing it on other escapist articles.

I love this game, and the review is spot on. I am enjoying this one thoroughly though I've yet to finish the first due to the incredibly stupid difficulty curve and also equally stupid survivor AI. I don't think they should be called survivors though, they don't.

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention for DR2, the truly awesome Ghosts n' Goblins reference (Arthur's Armor!!) and the Blanka mask.

I think that Dead Rising 2 is funny and better than DR1. I had a lot of fun with it.

Must.. appease.. angry.. panda

Gaming Pro Tip: So THAT'S what everyone hates America for!

I was kinda disappointed with the weapon system. I sort of hoped for ALLOT of zombie movie/game in jokes. Like a roid cocktail that temporarily transformed you into the tank from L4D or combining a keyboard with a bow and arrow/gun to make the typing of the dead insta kill keyboard.

But still what we got was great and I'm kinda sad not to have seen the auger being animated on ZP.

The auger is pretty much a rotating pitchfork stuck in a heavy bore drill motor. You jam it in a squishy zombie and than use it's impaled rotating body to clear out the room.

In all its a 7.5 though it's a bit weak on the story side given that out Chucky goes out by night to kill about 1000 zombies than goes back to his daughter to give her some more medicine all whilst under the helpful guidance of the anti-zombie killing organization leader who constantly rave on how awful the zombie killing show was.

Needless to say me and my buddies re-enacted that show on the Silver strip by strapping a chainsaw and an LMG to our bikes.

It looks like a fun game, the only problem i have with it is that these are the kinds of games people point to when they make the arguement that games have no artistic value and are nothing but mindless killing, and when these games make money we get more of them making the arguement even more valid, on the other hand giving a company money for making a fun game makes plaenty of sense as well

Holy Shit Yahtzee actually "liked" a new game for the first time in weeks? That's insane

He said he actually like Halo: Reach as well. Seemed to surprise him as much as us.

I get that people dislike the timer because it stops you from messing around and killing zombies, but it also stops the game from turning into what GTA becomes after you beat the missions: a pointless sandbox. Getting through zombies is way more tense when you have 30 seconds to cross the map.

Man I love this game... even the online is actually hilariously good!

I related to eveything he said once he mentioned the defiler (fire axe+sledge hammer)

I liked the Sims style conversation bubbles summarizing the water cooler talk.

There are lots of games that I think I would enjoy a lot more if they offered a sandbox style alternative after beating the game. I just want to be able to play through any level without any game objectives. That's basically what Yahtzee enjoys doing after he saves; going through without any actual objectives so that you can just enjoy the gameplay consequence free. When I first played Katamari I really wished I could do this. I just wanted to see how big I could grow in the first level without a time limit. I was hoping I could absorb that stupid Dog that tormented me relentlessly during my many playthroughs of the level.

Dead Rising was just about the best concept of a game ever.

Capcom fucked up the implementation though, leaving us with an above average game that could have been one of the best games of all time.

Some of the mistakes Capcom has made are laughable, and others are downright sad.

For example, when loading save files and some other menu options, the game gives NO INDICATION THAT IT IS LOADING ANYTHING. The screen literally just freezes. I don't even want to think about how many impatient people assumed their disk was broken after turning their xbox's off during this loading time like 3 times in a row. It's completely unforgivable.

Also, in Coop, ever time I play with my friend and one of us saves our game, IT DISCONNECTS US. Seriously? That's just sad.

I also like how Capcom redefines the term "stereotype" in this game. I once saved this southern (USA) girl, and after knifing a zombie in the face, literally out of no where, she just exclaims "butter and grits!" in a southern drawl. I'm not one to get offended at racial stereotypes like that, but come on! That has to be the worst writing I've seen in my entire life.

yeah, i got the same feeling from Dead Rising 2 with its INSANELY imbalanced boss fights (like Sullivan, did ANYONE kill Sullivan on the first try? without having to reload a save? then TK is hella easy after that)

yeah, Dead Rising 2 doesnt seem to like me very much. they removed Infinite Mode (which i didn't see Yahtzee mention... perhaps he should) which was pretty much what everyone wants... a true survival-horror experience where you have to run around and get food while killing, or at least surviving past, other survivors to get their supplies. and it had no time limit, you could last as long as you could make yourself last.

still a little surprised Yahtzee didn't rip on it more and actually praised it for being "what more action games should be"... yep, i knew it was a good idea to pick this up on Day 1, (and for the record, Dead Rising 1 is ALSO a good buy even though it has ALMOST broken gameplay at some points)


Dead Rising was just about the best concept of a game ever.

sure is, and ive only been saying that for YEARS!!!! check out my idea for a zombie-apocalypse game in my profile that i posted a few months ago, you might like it

I wish you could combo-nize every weapon you could get your hands on, kind of like what I expect "drawn to life" to be like: You choose one weapon, choose another, then a new window opens and you choose where to put your second weapon! Oh well, at least DR2 was a huge improvement from DR1. Will there be a third? Let's hope so!

Never had a 360 so excited to play the 2nd game even if it was just the first game with a few additions I would probably have loved it.

Great review as always

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