Zero Punctuation: Dead Rising 2

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Played it, and didn't like it that much. I am talking about the first Dead Rising though. I have yet to play the second one, but I am unsure if I really want to.

I know this video has been out for absolutely AGES, and me posting this is unnecessary, way past the point of relevance and (probably) has been posted earlier, but it's worth mentioning that the protest group in Dead Rising 2 aren't all about giving zombies hugs. They're about 'You know, maybe we shouldn't put peoples zombified loved ones on telly and let people pay to watch them get sliced up'.

i know its old here but i got this game when it was cheap over a month ago.
i stopped playing after few weeks because this stupid time limit screws it all up. i want to enjoy this game but the game stops me from enjoying it. the bosses hardly take any damage but you do. so i pretty much walked away from them. human enemies can handle a hell lot of bullets before they die. no free experimenting by creating new crazy weapons, you must have the cards first for it.
so, no, i really dont enjoy this game. i havent touched it for weeks now. good thing it was really cheap.

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