Escape to the Movies: Red

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Sixth: I wouldn't blow off an 'Uncharted' movie just off the cuff: it could be the next Indiana Jones, if they handle it right-- and for God's sake, was there any doubt Fillion would be the lead??? Drake LOOKS like Fillion and is named NATHAN. Duh!

I am with you about the movie not being a disaster right out of the gates. It would be a new Indiana Jones since they brought "super" "star" Shia LaBeouf and had to get rid of that franchise. Besides, the game was designed to look like a movie and had just as good of writing as most action films out there (and better continuity than others that we aren't allowed to mention).

And Cowboys versus Ninjas? Damn, it's the Deadliest Warrior - The Movie.

Except without the jackasses who are actually ON Deadliest Warrior. But seriously, cowboys fighting ninjas? WHO DO I HAVE TO SACRIFICE TO THE VOLCANO TO MAKE THAT INTO A GAME?! Oh and throw in pirates, wizards, vikings, knights, mummies and robots as unlockable teams.

Plus it's not like I needed another reason to see RED.

Yes! Bob likes it! That makes it 95% likely I will too. Makes it better, since I was going to see this one way or another due to my innate compulsion to give Warren Ellis all of my money.

I've actually liked Karl Urban since his roles on Hercules and Xena. He isn't always in good roles, but I really liked his Dr. McCoy in Abrams' Star Trek. He helped distract me from the utterly stupid plot.

In addition to its own crapitude, I remember Judge Dredd as being from that time where Stallone was ranked Hollywood's most overpaid actor (he was getting $20 million a picture and had a run of major box office bombs in the late 90s) while Morgan Freeman was considered the most underpaid ($6 million a flick and had a string of respectable $60 million+ hits around the same time).

Really looking forward to Warrior's Way, even if my friend claims it's been done before.

"Ninjas. Damn." I may just have a new motto.

Glad to hear RED turned out well.

Warriors way looks cool, but I'll only respect it if it gives equal awesomeness to both ninja's and cowboys. Movies think they have to give the show to only one of these legendary asskickers, I want to see them teaming up or going for all out war and showing just how badass they can equally be!

Ninja's fighting cowboys sounds like a great idea. I was a bit disappointed by the quote though.

Ninjas. Damn.

I like it.

Yes, yes we still are.

I've always said that the best story to adapt from Dredd is "America". Thought in this current climate I can't see many studios greenlighting a film in which a group of terrorists trying to blow up the Statue of Liberty are the good guys.

Honestly, that movies looks kinda... stupid. It's basically Shanghai Noon without the humor (and a dash of Crouching Tiger Hidden Oh Fuck You).

This is the strangest paradox I've ever seen in movies: Ninjas by association are inherently the most awesome thing since Alamut's Hashashins and yet every single movie with them either sucked or was just... mediocre. Even the retardedly-titled Ninja Assassin was just a bland violence flick.

What the fuck, Hollywood?

Yep... MovieBob just introduced us to the new meme. DAMN YOU!

And yeah, Red looks good. I want to go see it.

Damn you? More like Ninjas, damn.

Hellen Mirren is still kinda hot.


I'll have to go see this, on the cast alone and that cast kicking ass. Kinda like The Expendables. Dun dun dun!

My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

This is officially the most awesome thing that has ever existed!

As a game, Uncharted works really well. As a MOVIE, on the other hand, it comes off as a rather bland rip-off of Indiana Jones. Also, HAWP already thoroughly scathed Uncharted II as being, point for point, a knock-off of FireFly. If they did an Uncharted movie as a Direct-to-DVD Production of a Sci-Fi Channel movie, that might work, since the studio heads wouldn't be chopping up plot and story to make it appeal to a mass market audience.

As for Karl Urban: He's slowly worked his way up from rather campy fare to some serious roles these days. Who here remembers that Karl Urban was in 'Chronicles of Riddick' and 'Pathfinder'? Also, I think Karl Urban was one of the best actors in the Star Trek reboot. True, the movie was almost a self=parody, but Urban did a job that would have made DeForest Kelly proud. I can easily see him being grouped with some of the Hollywood Action/Adventure Elite in 5-10 years time.

I'm pretty upset about the Uncharted movie, mainly because Uncharted 2 is one of the greatest videogames of all time, and trying to cram all of its great writing and amazing setpiece moments into one fifth of the time wouldn't turn out too well.

Red sounds like fun. Also ninjas.

But on the main news... Karl Urban as Judge Dredd?

Well, he doesn't have the chin for it, but as a Brit I have no problem with him in the role. Much like fellow antipodean Marton Csokas, I really like Mr Urban. Also like Mr Csokas*, I really have no idea why...

I just do, ok!

* I didn't need your review of ALice in Wonderland to know it was a crappy movie; the fact that they hired Marton and then promptly didn't use him after the first 2 minutes was all the warning I required...

Well... I know what ninja movie Renee and I are seeing next. :D
Good news for RED too, I really want to see this now.

Oh! I'm still holding to the fact that Nathan Fillion is wrong for Nathan Drake. IMHO Joe Flanigan is still the best person they can cast for Drake. Hell, he looks much closer to Drake than Fillion does, plus if they cast Flanigan they can re-cast Claudia Black. Those two have some acting history together.

You should definitely see Harry Brown, Bob. Michael Caine wrecking face in an awesome revenge movie that makes you think as well? How can you not see it.

In reality "Ninjas, Da-- *head cut off by said ninja*
I honestly think there have been better quotes in movies lately for memeic use.
My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

For some reason after watching that I am now totally ok with Adrien Brody playing Doctor Who in a big budget hollywood movie version.

Bob, you might want to rephrase that one line. The movie is not very loosely based on the, MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME!!, comic book - it shits all over the comic book in every way imaginable. Just like Kick Ass did. The comic book features a anti-hero more cynical and violent then The Punisher himself. A guy that shot JFK and Martin Luther King. The very embodiment of an ice cold professional killer who would burn women and children if it was part of his job. Turning a character like this into a likeable action grand daddy is just wrong.

Ninja movie, AWESOME!

Wonder if the ninjas fight their way across the pirate infested waters of the Caribbean. Pirates, cowboys and ninjas. All we need now is zombies and female elves and we got the internets wet dream.

wow I had not heard of this at all, but it looks interesting.

Regarding Nathan Filian in an Uncharted movie: it would basically be just Indiana Jones with an arrogant and dickish main character, and I can see Filian makeing that really enjoyable. Yeah it is a generic Indiana Jones rip off (and considering Indiana Jones it's self was made to be generic that is saying something) I could see this being another example of "hey is this movie film actually good?"

A Tasty Burger:
First. Oh wait ninja'd. Damn.

Oh well done sir, mighty impressive.

And awesome I was hoping this would be good...I'm now happy.

aaaaaaand the quote is already old before the movie comes out.

Da Joz:
Cowboys fighting ninjas? Sold.

Quoted for truth.

Though that line he showed is only good in context. Righg now, it did nothing for me.

So, I'm going to see Red, what else is new?

And the Judge Dredd movie is delicious culty one-liner madness. I love that thing.

Then again, I was never the biggest Dredd fan. Apart from the premise that is, bunch of judge/jury/executioner guys and gals running around in some distopian future? Cool. The way the comic actually runs never lined up to the hype going on in my head, so I've only got a few issues.

Which is why I pray there's never going to be an Inquisitor when the eventual Warhammer 40K movie comes out. There's no way they can do something like that justice.

Get it? Justice?

Exterminatus ya fraggers!

Uncharted movie is a complete waste of time. Like Prince of Persia its a game based on a type of movie. Its probably not going to be all that bad, maybe the next best video game movie, but its just going over ground that's been tread a million times since King Solomon's Mines or what have you.

Anyone tell me what film that was with the action chick?? I kinda wanna see it.

If I'm not mistake, this would be "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

In reality "Ninjas, Da-- *head cut off by said ninja*
I honestly think there have been better quotes in movies lately for memeic use.
My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

Sir, that thing you did is strangely compelling.

No idea why but this slapped a huge grin on my face.

Awesome, I wanted to see it before, but now it just sounds even better. And "Ninja's. Damn." is an awesome line, I can't wait for that to come out!

"Ninja's. Damn."

That is definatly something that would become an Internet Meme, seeing as the Internet has some obsession with Ninja's and Pirates.

That film definatly looks a lot of fun though, i'l most probably be seeing that soon and Burke and Hare.

Terrific review! I can't wait to see this now because it looked really good.

And The Warrior's Way? Hell. Yes.


Ninjas. Damn.

You had me at army of ninja's.

"Ninjas.....I HATE ninjas"


Nerf Ninja:

Seriously though? "Ninjas, Damn" is what you consider to be a good quote?

In an "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes..." sense, I think was what he was getting at.

i'm not mad about the last judge dred because of the nolstaga critics funny review also
what would make the movie even better would be ninjas vs cowboys vs pirates.

"ninja, dame" -cant stop laughing-

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