Escape to the Movies: Red

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Cowboys fighting Ninjas.

Alright, I'm sold.

Also, I was already sold on RED after seeing John Malkovich and Helen Mirren in the trailer while at the gym. I think we might be missing the fact that so many action movies about aging assassins are being made because all of the best action stars are now aging.

Dammit people we need more legitimate young action stars! I'm game, who's with me?

Forced memes aren't funny.

Hmm... 2 TF2 references in a row...
Is this a trend?

Anyway, the movie looks pretty good, I might go see it.

Nah, that quote still doesn't match "I'm tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" I dunno why I find it so funny, but it's fucking hilarious.

here you go

Uploaded with

For me its not just the fact that Geoffrey Rush made an excellent quote it's that the quote is "Ninja's...Damn" and the fact that Geoffrey Rush played as the most favorite of the pirates in the entire Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I'm definitely on board for The Way of The Warrior which seems to me like Jubei Kibagami traveling to the wild west and still fighting off incoming ninjas from the Kimon Devil ninja group and Dakuan's western role is given to Geoffrey. I'm also on board for RED.

Cowboys vs. Ninjas makes me think of Red Steel, personally. Though that's more cowboys/samurai.

And don't forget Karl Urban as Doc McCoy in the new Star Trek! Personally liked him in that role... so different from anything else I've seen him in (Bourne, LotR), and incredibly hilarious.

I just saw the trailer for The Warrior's Way and at first I was like "yo dawg I herd you like ninja's and cowboys so I put a shinobi in the west so you can Mexican stand off while you sword fight". but after the trailer ended I was like "sigh* another abuse of the Blue/Orange colour ratio *sad face*" that really turned me off.

I'm sure as hell gonna used that quote around my friends alot making me look smart when the quote actually makes a hit

Damn, Ninjas!

Looking forward to this. Sounds promising!

Hm... Warrior's Way... noted.

And yeah, watched Red... was fun.Had a good start, but got a bit weaker as the movie went on. Enjoyed it though. 6/10 if harshly critized... 7/10 for seeing they had fun.

I was so happy he reviewd this instead of Jackass 3d. I already decided fromt he trailers I want to see it.

Judge Dredd......Wouldn't say mad exactly. More like still incredulous that some Hollywood exec/writer/knuckle Dragger could take a setting so rich in lore irony and story and so completely miss the point. Hoping the next one will do it justice.........Justice, tee-hee. Unintentional pun there:)

Really? That is the difinitive quote of 2010?

Works for me.

In reality "Ninjas, Da-- *head cut off by said ninja*
I honestly think there have been better quotes in movies lately for memeic use.
My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

You suck so bad for this... I have watched it like five times, yet I still don't know why...

More on topic though, I was already going to go see RED, but after seeing this I'm even more excited about it than I was. Hopefully nothing keeps me from hitting the theater tonig... Ninjas. Damn...

Hmm, I'm intrigued!

Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman? In an action comedy?

Why, yes, I think I do want to see that one.

Then see Lucky Number Slevin if you haven't. Less action, more drama, still a good comedy with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

In reality "Ninjas, Da-- *head cut off by said ninja*
I honestly think there have been better quotes in movies lately for memeic use.
My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

I don't think im gonna be the first... and god damn im not gonna be the last but WTF WAS THAT VIDEO?

OT: awsome review, may see it. also Damn, ninjas.

I wanted him to say 'Fuckin Ninja's!'

The actual quote doesn't have the same ring to it I'm affraid.

'Britain'... what the hell is a 'Britain'? Are you referring to a type of water filter, or the collection of countries known as Great Britain?

Personally, I really liked the Judge Dredd film, my only complaints were that Dredd had a bunch of new catchphrases that didn't work ("I knew you were going to say that.") when he already had an EXCELLENT one that was only used once ("I AM the law!"). Still, bygones and all that.

Great review by and by. Seems like my kind of film. Looks like someone has a thing for Helen Mirren though, and too be honest I don't blame you. ;)

RED looks dumb.

Bob should be doing two reviews a week not one

Da Joz:
Cowboys fighting ninjas? Sold.

I have yet to but Red Steel 2, so this is going to be a great experience for me.

What?! No starlet drool this time?

Anyway... Can't wait to see it; I'm gonna treat my parents to it!


I am the only one starting to think that the Ninja meme is starting to get old, repetitive, cheap and annoying?

Good to hear this actually might be fun because so far action movies have been somewhat lacking (Machete hasn't come out in the UK yet).

I'm not sure what I should be mad at about Judge Dredd. It's not like what you said about the Smuffs since I don't think Judge Dredd as a character is British.

Also Karl Urban is from New Zealand and there he has starred in GOOD films. See "Out of the Blue", Bob, because it's really good and gets a good role out of him to, depressing film though.

As for the Uncharted movie... I don't know if it would work or not. And do you think it's bad news because you don't think it can work or because you don't like the game (the latter wouldn't surprise me since you're openly biased when it comes to games)?

I'm sorry, but I would rather have a CGI Uncharted Movie using Nolan North's voice. He has done a lot of other voices, but HE IS Nathan Drake.

Actually, wait a minute... Instead of making a CGI movie, use some of them as cutscenes and make it into a game.

I was half expecting Felicia Day's new werewolf hunting take on Red Riding Hood, also called 'Red'.
Checked though, and it's not out 'till next year. Oh well.

The part where Bruce Willis steps out of a car mid-spin would have been his most awesome moment if it didn't look sooooo fake.

While it did look fake it's still pretty damn cool.

Well I was already interested in going seeing RED (or is it Red?). It's an action movie about old people being actiony so it obviously won't be entirely straight faced about it. This has sold it for me.

"Ninjas. Damn." Heh, I'm gonna start saying that more often along with "crowbar is ready".

That line of dialogue is enough to sell me this movie.

I had a good feeling about Red. Nice to see it gets Bob's approval.

Hadn't heard much about Red before, but I'm definitely sold on it now. Incidentally (yeah, I can do those too, Bob =P), I saw the trailer for Warrior's Way when I went to see Social Network, and my response was more-or-less the same. The movie looks cool, has a cool-looking setting, has some awesome-looking fight scenes, the cool "gun-for-hire who quits when his job betrays his sense of honor" character, and it has ninjas. Damn.

I demand "Ninjas. Damn." image macros IMMEDIATELY.

Can't wait to see RED tomorrow now that I'm all pumped up for it.

I was thinking the review wouldn't be as good based on the trailers... I may just see it now though.
On that last note, forced meme is forced


That's pretty much my first thought when I heard that line.

I thought Karl Urban should be remembered for his uncanny impression of the new Bones from Star Trek but I digress.

Oh and Bob, if Nathan Fillion gets accepted for the role (which is a giant WIN in my book), and the movie actually turns out to be a hit, please don't spend half another review whining over why a good Super Mario movie hasn't been made yet. I know how much you love that series, but you already pulled that with Sands of Time and I'm really not looking forward to you doing it again...-_-

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