Escape to the Movies: Red

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See Bob, heres the thing, if you don't wan't to keep annoying us and getting flame for the expendables review... simply don't mention it.

If you don't want Bob to keep mentioning it, stop getting annoyed about it. XD

I doesn't really annoy me any more (it stopped having that effect after a week or so) now it seems kinda pathetic, like he is trying to get people to remember a mistake he made in his life because it got him attention... like if John Lennon sang about Yoko...

Except he doesn't think it's a mistake and doesn't give a shit about people who do. So it's actually nothing like what you're saying.

movie was boaring ...

"Ninjas. Damn."

Hmmm... Someone draws inspiration from "Amazons Attack" mayhaps?

"Bees. My God." - Batman.

Hey Britain, are you still mad at us about that last one?

Feh. It was so bad it was quite fun. But yes, I at least am still mad. One for casting Stallone as Dredd (THA LOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRR) and two for MAKING DREDD TAKE HIS HELMET OFF.


the plural of ninja is ninja (its Japanese, remember?)

I saw RED today and I have to say I wasn't that impressed. It's one of those movies in which the trailer gives away all the best parts. Don't get me wrong; it's got its good points and Bruce Willis looks totally badass stepping out of the spinning car to shoot at his would-be pursuer, but nevertheless, I found it quite formulaic and predictable and halfway through, I was looking at my watch wondering, "When is this thing going to be over?" It's not as bad as Expendables, but I still think Bob is overhyping it here.

Also, I think it's worth noting that Mary-Louise Parker's character adds nothing to the story. She seems to be there just to provide a younger character for the audience to identify with and be a damsel in distress. (and also to show her ample cleavage, and it's very nice cleavage, but I would have liked for her to do more in the movie than get repeatedly tied up and handcuffed)

Nerf Ninja:

Seriously though? "Ninjas, Damn" is what you consider to be a good quote?

No. It's what *EVERYONE* thinks is a good quote. (Except you, apparently) :p

Ninjas... Damn!

It was a great movie...and what the Expendables should have been!!!

For some reason I thought this was a followup to Shawshank Redemption?! It had a character named Red in it played by Morgan Freeman.

I loved it when they used the Royal York hotel in Toronto.
I wonder how much of Toronto was used in the making of this film?

Did anyone else have to pause the video and place their hand over Karl Urban's face from the nose up after the Judge Dredd Announcement? More importantly, where does one find a picture of that man frowning grimly?

In reality "Ninjas, Da-- *head cut off by said ninja*
I honestly think there have been better quotes in movies lately for memeic use.
My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

That vid was made by Neil Cicierega. Who also made Potter Puppet Pals.

Fuck yeah.

OT: A new meme? I must try it out! *ahem* Ninjas. Damn.

No, that wasn't cool enough. Let's try this again: Ninjas. Damn.

No, no, more emphasis. Okay, scifi, once again, with feeling.



Hell yes. Now THAT was swanky.

I just saw The Warrior's Way yesterday... I didn't think it was bad, it was a little weird... but the line "Ninjas. Damn." does not appear in the actual movie. I was disappointed, in that respect.

On behalf of Britain we are still mad

gee bob we couldn't get a review for red 2?

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