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Coming home is almost as nice as going on vacation. Sometimes.

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who knew lyrca could be so deadly!

I have also never heard of "hitting that shit" when it come to cocaine

Haha brilliant. Especially the woolen socks at the end.

Another Well done one

Awesome video. Well done indeed.

On a related note does anyone know how to get 60kg of heroin into canada? I only ask because.....

Love the part after the credits! But was this Bizarro world customs or what?

You realise you guys are never getting back into the country again. Any country. Well, except maybe France, so it's not all bad.

Brilliant stuff :3

Hehe. Played nicely straight with a good stinger.

"And a heart."

"A heart?"

"A heart."

Thanks for the heads-up guys, now we know woolen socks needs to be hidden inside hidden compartments on my luggage, while the several liters of Whiskey is ok....>.> <(^.^)> <.<
Awesome episode.

Great stuff, guys! I love comedy of this caliber - everybody keeps a straight face and is almost casual about the oddness.

Woolen Socks?
Woolen Socks!

Well that was ass backwards and awesome! :D

I wouldn't want to have a job cutting peoples underwear in half though.. yeesh.

On a related note does anyone know how to get 60kg of heroin into canada? I only ask because.....

yeah it's bum smuggling for you.

I liked the part with weight issue.

"Is this a fucking pair of woolen socks!?"

That part was bloody hilarious! Matt is as always an excellent actor.

Oh wow, that was brilliant! Matt's 'Let's hit that shit!' and Paul's 'Oh shit!' were both freaking hilarious.

Brilliantly acted by all involved. Good job guys!

That was hilarious. The after credits segment was gold

That, Sirs, is ey fine episode, even by your standards.

I like LRR getting a little sociocritical.
Extra points for creating a believable airport atmosphere with a very limited set. Maybe you should have used background noise even in the customs office (and get closer with the micros for perceivability).

Well...it would certainly make customs, more intresting XD

Reminds me of the time my countries customs office declared my Collector's Edition of Elemental War of Magic a dangerous substance and confiscated it.

Blood Lycra- the scourge of our times. Think about that poor blood that's stretched and processed and stretched and processed some more until they can use it for the stretchy part of your undies! That blood gave its all for you!

I wish customs was really like this - I wouldn't have to swallow all those condoms when I go on vacation.

Sometimes my vomit tastes like nightmares...

Is this in the same alternate universe where the LRR video "Crime and Punishment" took place? You know...the one where murder was legal.


Somehow when you guys said blood lycra, I thought blood lycans. They are very much a problem too. >_>

So... who just had a bad experience at an airport before coming up with an idea for a skit?

Very good video this week guys, gave me a good grin and a nice chuckle.

I have also never heard of "hitting that shit" when it come to cocaine

Well, like he said, it was mostly meth.

Hohoho, political commentary! Well played, men. Well played.

This was the best one in ages!

Back to the classics hey LRR?

a little random and zany but hilarious none the less, and analogous to every time I've travelled within the US by plane, damned foolish regulations.

Once more a round of applause from an exhausted fan, three cheers.

Love the sly ENN reference. Good Job.

So cotton underwear is bad? I'm never flying again. >_<

Love the sly ENN reference. Good Job.

? Where was this ENN reference? Obviously I don't watch that series enough...

That was fantastic... Paul's deadpan delivery of "the rest is mostly meth" amongst other lines was beautiful. Your writing is always hysterically funny, Graham.
What I love about the LRR videos is the little things; James reminded me of the tired and harassed official that greeted me into the United States once, although I wasn't selected for screening thankfully!

"Is this FUCKING woolly socks!!!" had me in stitches.

Can't wait for the Daily Drop later :)

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