Review: Fallout: New Vegas

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Why must I wait till Friday?
The wait is unbearable!

Sound like a good game, glad I pre-ordered it. Not sure if I'm going to play through on hardcore mode though. The always looking for food and water probably wouldn't be a problem. It's not that hard to carry some water or snacks with you wherever you go, but The whole bullets having weight thing puts me off of it. I liked having the 10,000 assault-rifle rounds and 4,000 shotgun shells I had at the end of Fallout 3. Though, if there are still places like the Megaton house to store item, I guess it wouldn't kill me to trek back there to resupply or drop off extra ammo for later use. Ah whatever, hardcore mode it is.

Lono Shrugged:
Ok the Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull reference has sold it to me. For anyone who doesn't know Indy survived an Atomic blast by hiding in a 1950's fridge. And everyone from fans to realism critics threw a hissy fit. Very nice subtle joke and they are always the best

Sold for me as well. Thats just too funny to pass up.

A Bethesda game with glitches!? What a novel concept! [/sarcasm]
Nice review, I agree that fallout 3 was a little melodramatic at times and a bit of dark humor is definitely a welcome concept. At any rate though I'm definitely going to wait to get this one, this is in part to give me time to upgrade my pc, and to let Bethesda release the necessary patches and fans to patch the things they'll inevitably miss.

I still take a stroll trough the wasteland (Or some guns at megaton and/or rivet city) each and every day.. Give or take. Cant wait for this. <3

Russ Pitts:
Review: Fallout: New Vegas

A funnier, more colorful, more hardcore Fallout awaits you in the Mojave Wasteland.

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Russ, I think that the man in the fridge was a reference to Indiana Jones. I don't suppose it was a fedora, was it?

Russ Pitts:
Review: Fallout: New Vegas

A funnier, more colorful, more hardcore Fallout awaits you in the Mojave Wasteland.

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I've been reading several reviews and they all report on the bugginess. It seems that it's a bit of a game of roulette (sorry, getting into the vegas vibe) as far as exactly how much the game breaks down (some say it only starts towards the end, others every two hours or any time something "major" happens). Still I've noticed that nearly all the reviews have been done on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Do you know if these problems exist for PS3 and/or PC versions?

Russ Pitts:
but lay off the sarcasm next time and we'll get off on a better foot. ;)

..that is a very tall order, you know.. :p

But.. you know, when I'm writing about games - I will easily admit I tend to have difficulties being negative about a game, when I know the typical perception of it is somewhere between exclusively and completely positive. But I do it anyway.

Specially since in this case, it is not difficult to find examples of more complex games made earlier.. even another Morrowind title.. that actually had less bugs than Fallout 3. The type of bugs in Fallout 3 also are of the kind that turn up in the middle of a script that only has two conditions. ..Most of the quests in Fallout 3 are like that - the scripts are linear, and jump slightly past the parts you don't question the characters about, until they get bored of you and leave you to the next quest-item. And this is not something we haven't seen done before - and even significantly more expansively. Such as in Fallout 1&2, Planescape Torment, or Bloodlines. Even Neverwinter Nights, or Knights of the Old republic. Bloodlines also had voice-acting for a large amount of the characters you meet - which all have a personality as well, unlike in either Morrowind and Fallout3..

So that's why I have a difficult time seeing why Fallout 3 should not be taken to task both for the bugs in the engine that were showstopping. As well as the bugs in the mission scripts, that very clearly would have been possible to avoid. And has been, even in games that were more expansive and complex. Frankly, I think that the kind of praise heaped on Fallout3 is a bit too much. Inappropriate, even, for those reasons.

But I respect your opinion. Specially since you explain how you think about this, instead of simply declaring it. Props for that (and no sarcasm).

First: As has been called already, the refrigerator thing? Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, man. I know everyone tries to block that from their memory, but really...

Second: Every single Obsidian game ever made is awesome except for one massive, glaring flaw that brings the whole thing down. I was wondering what New Vegas' was, and apparently, it's that it's built on Fallout 3. Gotta say, could be a lot worse.

Anybody figure out the hardcore reward yet? That'll probably affect my decision to do it or not.

Actually screw it, I'll probably just go for it.

RISE, my fellow Fallout 1 & 2 fanboys! RISE AND REJOICE!
New Vegas is upon us!

Man with the hat is an obvious nod to that Indiana Jones rip-off film that came out a couple of years ago... can't remember what it was called though, utterly forgettable. So the comparison of leaving it to die in a fridge in the desert is apt!

After a nuclear war, there is a man, with a hat (presumably an awesome hat), who tried to survive a nuclear blast in a fridge. Blatant nod to Indy, methinks. Complete with realistic interpretation of your actual survival chance in a refrigerator...

Not sure on this one... I'm torn between this, Black Ops, and Dead Rising 2. I have a flat-mate who'll definitely get New Vegas and Black Ops though, so I'll be able to try before I buy.

awesome, but OH NO BUGS
oh god i hope the game won't just die after a while like fallout 3.

sure the ps3 version was the buggiest and froze a lot, but now i can't play a straight 15 minutes without some sort of freezing going on. god i hope that doesn't happen again.

Sounds good to me. A bit more keen to p;ick this up now. Plus, seeing that everyone is making a comment on the Indiana Jones reference, I may as well through my tuppence in. That's a neat little reference. I shall forgive it the fact that it gives people another chance to say they didn't like the film, or bizarrely call it a "rip-off", a statement which seemingly has no basis in logic or even the slightest bit of commen sense whatsoever.

Yes, I actually enjoyed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and thought it was a good film, if you're wondering.

Anyway, New Vegas.....

Well, I recently picked up Thw Witcher, so I won't have time for it just yet.

The upside is that way they'll hopefully have a patch out by the time I am ready. I've been jonesing for a true follow-up to the original.

Hardcore mode sounds a whole lot like what I've been doing for years playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. Interesting...
It looks awesome though. I'll get it for PC if I can run it, which probably won't happen.

EDIT: I just checked system requirements and hot damn off to the stores!

The movie you are thinking of is 'Crystal Skull.' Indie hides in a fridge to survive a nuclear bomb test. Because it's made of lead. At the explosion site... I facepalmed when watching it, but i can't wait to gets me that hat!

I can remember some of those bugs in Fallout 3. There was one instance before I even met Reiley's Rangers that I found one of them in the north-east corner of the map being attacked by super mutants. Of course by the time I was in range they had already blown the guys head off. So later when I actually did the Reily's Rangers quest he wasn't there.

On the plus side, it got me the ranger armor (what I consider the best armor in the game) that much earlier.

The rules for this engine is to wait a few months before you buy the game. Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout.
The sometimes game save breaking bugs will be fixed and youlll have a soothed experience.

I've been playing New Vegas all day today (re-installing because of some funk with my save games. :/), but from what i've seen I agree with what you have said here. Its Fallout 3 with a lighter tone and some cool locations while still afflicted by a few little issues that were in that previous game.

The rules for this engine is to wait a few months before you buy the game. Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout.
The sometimes game save breaking bugs will be fixed and youlll have a soothed experience.

Wait... you know about bugs involving save games? What do you mean exactly?

Unfortunately, the game play in the review doesn't do the game too much justice. I like the look of it though, especially with Hardcore mode which the originals never had anyway.

Shame they still use/forced to use the Oblivion engine, which really does not work too well.

Some folks just need to understand that when you sleep outside in the wide open world of'll wake up with bugs in your undies...

Interest piqued. Reach is becoming boring, I may trade for this.

Russ Pitts:

Not yet. I'm 25+ hours in and still haven't finished the main story.

Music to my ears, that is.

I'm really hesitant to play with hardcore enabled. I don't know why, I just... think it'll ruin the experience for me.

I should get my game on Friday *fingers crossed*

I do find it funny how almost every reviewer gave Bethesda room to have a glitch-filled game, but if Obsidian does it...

Sounds pretty awesome!!!

What? Dark humour? I can't wait to throw some dynomite down a outhouse.

I'm just liking it if it doesn't force me to start in some boring vault with choices with very little impact whatsoever and the endless metro tunnels of crap, 9000 supermutants to kill and only raiders are the other 1000 enemies. Oh and a story not revolving around being daddies little confused retard kid.

Also more weapons and hopefully a better damage system, i wish they would have mentioned something about the new damage system that was implemented.

And just like the last one, I'll be waiting impatiently for the two years it will take for all of the patches and DLC to be combined in an edition that finally goes on sale for about $20. Sometimes being a cheapskate and devoted non-first-adopter has its drawbacks.

And I've been looking forward to Hardcore mode since I first tried the last one. What's the point of food in the game if you never have to eat? Or sleep? It wasn't as bad as Oblivion, but it was still a little immersion-breaking.

Can't wait to get my hands on this one :D

I don't see why people were expecting this to suck (I personally liked KOTORII), the fact of the matter is that the people who worked on this worked on the original Fallouts, I highly doubt they'd f*@k up a game they made successfully TWICE. When I get the cash I'm definitely going to go pick it up, I can't wait for all the hype-zombie (One who foolishly buys into the hype disregarding all other evidence) rage over Fable III though. As far as buggy saves go, I never had issue in Fallout 3 OR Oblivion.


Fallout gone Borderlands?

Man in refrigerator with hat? Obvious reference to Indiana Jones.

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