Zero Punctuation: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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Marvel reminds me of our my favourite old-school heroes and Star wars.

Series need to end eventually... like george lucas, STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE!!!

people are begging for the Mario series to die and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have arleady gone ahead and put flowers on Sonic's gravestone.

Marvel already went through the trouble of sniping Captain America. I'm says Spidy needs an end like that, but he has been aroudn since the 50s-60s. I also don't mind them re-telling the stories from time to time, (If they remade Super Mario Brothers, the first one, I'd be ok with it) but maybe some of these other long-running series need to be laid to rest?

I knew they would try to rip off Batman as soon as I heard it's not free roaming game any more. And I knew it would suck.



No one cares, did you even watch the video?

First of all, Stan Lee doesn't need to try to be liked, isn't he already more popular than a certain son of God that the christian church keeps going on about?

Stan is definitely more popular and also apparently alot more immortal.

Well Yahtzee, instead of pissing me off due to the usual Wii bashing, you instead pissed me off for the jab at Deadpool. What's wrong with Nolan North's performance of Deadpool? It's the only thing worthwhile in this half-assed licensed game. (Especially since if it occurs in the Ultimate Marvel Universe and everyone knows Ultimate Marvel sucks)

shattered dementia

Yahtzee dominatrix... I think I'm in love :P

Very nice delivery as always.


Ah, a religion bash early in... way to stay on-topic, Yahtzee.

God forbid his humorous reviews have humor in them.

Besides, if Religion wasn't so stupid, he wouldn't have the material to make said comment.

Oh look, another religion basher >_> How original.

Anyways, good review, wasn't really expecting much from this game, I really don't see how they haven't just continued making them like Spiderman 2, that was one of the best games I've ever played.

for fuck sake yahtzee did you like it or not? is it worth any of my money?

You are asking the wrong person. Go watch a "proper reviewer" if you want to get an idea of "how good" a game is rather than just a stream of constant and amusing cynicism and vagina jokes. Yahtzee pretty much exists to take the piss out of 95% of games.

Spider-man 2 not only had good web-swinging, it had Bruce Campbell calling you a moron the whole time. I don't think it would have been nearly as good without him.

There has never been a game made that could not be greatly enhanced by the addition of Bruce Campbell.

Nolan North as Deadpool? And I thought Baraka-pool sucked >(
Oooooooh! so Yahtzee is gimp AND dominatrix? That's more Kinky than stampeding cattle
...Through the Vatican :D

First of all I don't get why people act so shock when Yahtzee bashes religion, yeah its in poor taste but thats 90% of his gimmick (making jokes that are in most cases in really poor taste)
Hell he bases his entire show on the fact the he is arguably the only mainstream reviewer who bases his show on shock value instead of um....... real gaming reviews, He is basically the court jester of the games industry and thats why people like him, I know thats why I like him.

also I still don't get the whole Spider-man 2: The Movie: The Game thing and why so many people prise it, come on it was just another shitty movie tie-in with one (and only one) somewhat interesting gimmick, for me that cel-shaded Ultimate Spider-man game was better in every single way.

Jedi Sasquatch:
Just hurry up and review New Vegas already...

The problem is that New Vegas to the best of my knowledge has just been released in America at this point, and Yahtzee currently resides in Australia. So unless you'd like to mail him a copy, we'll just have to wait.

his final comment was a bit disconcerting for me, as once i was in a battle with a spider so fierce that i now firmly believe spiderman is underpowered.

EDIT: Seriously! I will never look at spiders the same way again!
That thing could jump like the face suckers from Alien, and the number of legs isn't helping the mental imagery.

I think it to be unfair of your sceptism that spider man is copied by batman. The techniques shown were already cannon items. perhaps an extra punctuation on "ideas" is in order

for fuck sake yahtzee did you like it or not? is it worth any of my money?

Why on earth are you basing your game choice on yahtzee's reviews? That seems a little silly to me.

Great review.

I wonder what would be the ideal Spiderman game AFTER the creation of Spiderman 2?

Spiderman actually gets his web from cartridges that he makes I think. I'm pretty sure the film got it wrong.

for fuck sake yahtzee did you like it or not? is it worth any of my money?

If that's what you watch these reviews for, you're missing the point.

Is it bad that since I played the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Nolan North's voicing of Deadpool is what I imagine he sounds like when I read him in comic books?

Ah, the always lovely "community" of Yahtzee's Imps saying "Meh" to everything is always a delight.

Nice review Yahtzee, the game never really interested me, in fact, I rarely play games related to Marvel or DC, except Marvel vs Capcom and Arkham Asylum, of course.

There is no Spiderman anymore.

This killed it

What Yahtzee reviewed was just an another attempt to make it not suck.

Someone tell Yahtzee to review Minecraft. :P

Also, it's about what I expected from ANOTHER Activision game.

That was an entertaining review, although I would love it if he actually did a full review of Spiderman 2 at a point in the future.

imho, it's the best Spider-man game yet. it has it's control issues, but it's the most accurate to the comics while still being it's own thing... and the true-believers know it!

for fuck sake yahtzee did you like it or not? is it worth any of my money?

Given the fact that he ripped the game a new one and pointed out that Batman Arkam Asylum was better should tell you that he did not like it.

Found this review particularly funny. Don't know if Yahtzee was in peak form or if I'm just sleep deprived enough to giggle at anything....the world may never know.

The "I'm the GODDAMNED BATMAN" thing was pretty bad, but after the Bee weapon thing, I think you're giving Batman too much credit, Yahtzee.

I don't get all the Nolan North hate. I mean I can understand the whole Mafia II Nolan North talks to Nolan North and vaguely the fact that he's all over the place, but he's popular because he's good at it. His voice works very well for (most of) the characters he voices: Nathan Drake was spot on, Desmond Miles is decent, and him as Deadpool is fantastic. Besides he's voiced Deadpool on a couple other occasions: Hulk Vs., Shattered Dimensions and soon to be in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

OT: Funny video, but I still enjoyed the game.

They managed to create something that involved Spidey, Noir-theme and Neil Patrick Harris, and make it suck.


There is no Spiderman anymore.

This killed it

What Yahtzee reviewed was just an another attempt to make it not suck.

this killed spider-man.

I was about to write something about Spider Man using mechanical web-shooters and not firing them from inside his body like the movie version, but I guess he covered that in his text.

Otherwise, his description of the game is pretty close to what I was expecting, which is why I didn't get it. Simply put unless a Spider Man game is going to be set in a sandbox, I really see no point. Your not going to do better than that style of play with a perfectly linear stage to stage game when it comes to an action franchise like this, your just not, so I fail to see why they keep trying.

One of the few times I've ever commented on a ZP video, just to say that

Is one of the best lines from him in a while.
I heard it, paused for a second, and then burst into laughter. I'm not even sure why it's so funny to me, but still. :D

I didn't even notice the line actually while watching the video my first time, but when I read your comment, I paused for a second, and then burst into laughter.

After the drubbing Yahtzee gave it, I actually feel sorry for the game. Yahtzee at his best....

I wonder. If they had decided to give the Spider-Man world a darker edge like Batman If that would have been better? Early on the whole point of Batman was a joke. But now it has a new dark sinister side that I feel has pushed Batman to his true potential. One more thing. I have always imagined Spider-Man being totally epic at stealth. If you ever played Spider-Man 64 it had that sort of feel that Spider-Man could be an awesome assassin.

Ah, a religion bash early in... way to stay on-topic, Yahtzee.

So. You're watching ZP for serious, no-nonsense discussion of a game...?

OT: The bread thingy made me HAH! But I still want this game :<

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