Zero Punctuation: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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I hate Nolan North as much as the next guy, but after I played Alpha Protocol, I looked up the game on IMDB only to find that Mr. North himself played crazed psychopath Steven Heck! It sure as hell surprised me. Apparently he as another emotion besides "sarcastastic."

I resent the image of spiderman cutting himself to Linkin Park. Linkin Park

Brent McCarthy:
Is it bad that since I played the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Nolan North's voicing of Deadpool is what I imagine he sounds like when I read him in comic books?

Nolan North didn't voice Deadpool in MUA.

Spidey Fail its not been the same since the Spiderman 2

I've never understood the attraction to playing a game about superheroes. Maybe it's because the first and only game like that I played was Superman 64.

I don't know why, but this review felt especially brutal. I haven't played a spiderman game in a long time and considered giving this a shot...but there's no way after that murder. Lol @ the spiderman box walking around with a hat begging for acceptance at the end...perfect image for me to laugh at for the next week.


Second, Nolan North as Deadpool? I don't know how I feel about that.

North voiced him in Hulk vs Wolverine (Straight-to-DVD release), and he was actually pretty good. Not bad at all

poor shattered Dimensions, it just wants a friend :(

"nolan north, who I'm sure is a perfectly nice man in real life" xD hilarious

my friend and I actually just rented this game last night, and while it's more of his thing (he's played it a lot more than I) it's not too too bad (except that the swinging lock on really bugs me)

Spiders aren't that slow if you consider the "ants are the strongest animals on the planet" logic. I mean, the fastest man in the world can run with a miximum speed of about six time his own height per second. Spiders can easily beat that if they need to flee from something.


Seeing as you are apparently the kind of person who buys things based upon others opinions other than your own you can give all your money to me if you like.


Are you even aware of the implications of what you've just said?

That people should base their purchases based upon what they think rather than what others do?

I pretty much explicitly stated that.

My favorite part: Yahtzee baiting spiderman fans at the beginning.




Are you even aware of the implications of what you've just said?

That people should base their purchases based upon what they think rather than what others do?

I pretty much explicitly stated that.

I think the point is that you can't really get enough information about something to form your own opinions about something unless you either obtain information about it. First hand can get expensive with videogames... you want to know if it is worth even getting the first hand information. So, you go to a reviewer.

Desert Tiger:

Deadpool is in this game?!


Yeah but...

Ultimate Deadpool. Not so great.

Wasn't that the terrible one with the glass skull...?

Do not want!

Yahtzee was in top form for this one. The best joke award from Jesus and Yahtzee in the Madonna dominatrix outfit was what put me over the edge.

first time ive commented on a ZP i think, loved the anime bash and religion joke XD

some fantastic lines there yahtzee but the ending text was awesome, " im more of a cider man"


The best part pf Shattered Dimensions is seeing Spider-Ham (who is closer to the real SPidey than that, THING in the comics) at the beginning.

Nolan North as Deadpool? And I thought Baraka-pool sucked >(
Oooooooh! so Yahtzee is gimp AND dominatrix? That's more Kinky than stampeding cattle
...Through the Vatican :D

Yeah, but the bitch of it all was inventin' the candy gram. They probably won't even give me credit for it!

He pretty much summed up the entire thing for me, though he sold me when Deadpool showed up :3. I did want to play the game for the original and the Noir Spidey, mostly due to curiosity and because the Noir character did appear like he was going to be like Batman, Arkham Asylum.

Yay for being right!

Not to be a willy and ruin yahtzee complainy complainy moany moany time, but spiderman uses web CARTRIDGES. It didn't come out of him until Sam Raimi got his mits on it.

So shouldn't he have gone on about how he makes these "cartidges"?
Not enough visual puns for that?

Never mind then.

Desert Tiger:

Deadpool is in this game?!


Yeah but...

Ultimate Deadpool. Not so great.

Except he acts more like mainstream Earth-616 Deadpool. Right down to breaking the 4th Wall. Seriously, why did Marvel ever think taking away what made Deadpool something other than Liefeld's little Deathstroke rip-off for his Ultimate Marvel universe was a good fucking idea?

I'm surprised I buy shit from them these days with the way the company's been acting in recent times.

To be fair, being a prick that won't ever shut up ever is kinda Deadpool's thing.

poor Spidey, he gets another bad game and he's going to get another bad movie in the future (though 3 wasn't that bad). What we need is a Marvel Zombies game.

Also, North does need to expand his repertoire beyond "annoyingly smug, generically handsome white guy". Closest he got to that was Vashyron in Resonance of Fate where he got smacked by the female lead a lot.

There is such a thing as type-casting in voice over. And like the game or not, Uncharted was pretty popular. You may hate the character, but Nolan North does the Nathan Drake type great. I personally think he's really talented, so it irks me that if he is getting type-cast. Steven Heck was a change of pace in Alpha Protocol, so the man can obviously do other types.

I hope it's not a case of game developers going "Hey, we've got another smuggish white guy! Get Nolan North again, he can do that!" "Yeah, but he also auditioned for this dark, brooding father figure. It was a great audition." "Nah, nah, get him to do the funny one. Come on, haven't you heard Nathan Drake?"

Great review,
long time I lol'd that much in one video xD

I liked the idea of different types of Spidermen and different game mechanics and was kinda hoping this game would be good. After watching this though I dont know.....

What would be cool though would be a Deadpool game but I dont see that happening because Deedpool is too cool for games!

Well see i had a bit of a problem with the review due to the fact that Yahtzee has absolutely no knowledge about comics whatsoever apparently.
Batman disregarding Spiderman because he's jumping through dimensions. Does anoyone know what Batman is doing right now?

Jumping through time because he was shot by a giant omega laser (i think thats the name Darkseid gave them)! Sigh...

Obviously you don't keep up with comics Yahtzee, and probably for the best. Because recently Batman (Bruce Wayne)has been traveling through time after supposedly dying. And now seems to be getting all the bat people together to form a giant club. If you have a strong urge to feel retarded after reading something, look it up.

Thank you for saying this so that I didn't have to.

You can ignore the retardation that goes on in DC and Marvel all you want. Nothing wrong with that. But saying "X character is so stupid compared to Y" is completely taking out of account all of the things you've chosen to forget. I love Batman, but he's been handled just as stupidly and poorly as any other comic character.

Jedi Sasquatch:
Just hurry up and review New Vegas already...

You might want him to put it off until they patch it.

So i take it you'd rather receive a nice stack of DC comics than a nice stack of Marvel comics.

Also, claiming the Spiderman ideas and marvel ideas are about 20 times more for fetched than everything, i have one word for you:


Yahtzee as a dominatrix?

The last bit was beautiful.

So...I'm not the only one who has funny thoughts on Stan Lee?

Yahtzee's really went full on, on this one !

I think this can be summed up quite easily...It's not Spider man 2, now go cry in a corner.

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