Zero Punctuation: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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I was hoping he would spend more time on the web swinging/zipping aspect. To me it just felt unresponsive, and clumsy. Same with wall crawling, when you finally are able to stick to the wall anytime you turn a corner the camera freaks out and you end up changing directions like a leaf in a tornado.

That being said I still beat it over Fall Break and actually enjoyed it, I just wish the developer would have spent a little more time on the controls.

Basically nailed what I was thinking: Deadpool level was serious fun and noir was a big disappointment when they made you start fighting everyone instead of being stealth.


Newton's pendulum, is the name of the clacky balls thing.

I always thought they were called Newton's Cradle.

It's called that too.


Spider-man 2 not only had good web-swinging, it had Bruce Campbell calling you a moron the whole time. I don't think it would have been nearly as good without him.

Wait what?

Where was Bruce campbell?

OP:Nice episode as usual.

When I heard about the game I thought the premise was a bad idea. seems my assumption was correct.

Bruce Campbell was the narrator in all three movie tie-in games, teaching you how to do everything and calling you an idiot.

That last bit was a tad harsh, lol.

Oh how I hate dialog that gets repeated a lot during combat. I actually muted a few games when they did that.

So, Yahtzee, I see you never read any of the silver age Batman comics. As bad as this sounds, they don't compare to some of the shit that came out of the silver age of DC comics.

Hey! ...I'm sorry, I mean Oi!
How-come this Video doesn't get featured on the front-page?

NO FAIR Escapist >:(

I was actually really looking forward to the Spider-Man Noir bit but alas it seems the game is made of epic fail.

Are you going to review Enslaved: Odyssey to the west? Its story is great, but you can totally go awol on its hand-holdy-ness.

Jedi Sasquatch:
Just hurry up and review New Vegas already...

Aw, is wibble deadpool have his feelings hurt by Yahtzee... what are you getting out of your jac-






Ah, a religion bash early in... way to stay on-topic, Yahtzee.

God forbid his humorous reviews have humor in them.

Besides, if Religion wasn't so stupid, he wouldn't have the material to make said comment.

Oh look, another religion basher >_> How original.

Anyways, good review, wasn't really expecting much from this game, I really don't see how they haven't just continued making them like Spiderman 2, that was one of the best games I've ever played.

i didnt realise his opinion was "unorigonal"
and at least they are trying something new.i mean if they just realeased every single spidey game the same then ud get tired of it.granted this venture sorta failed doesnt mean u should discorage them from trying new things

Desert Tiger:

There is no Spiderman anymore.

This killed it

What Yahtzee reviewed was just an another attempt to make it not suck.

One More Day was only made more hilariously bad by the following attempt to pick up the pieces.

the sooner joe quesada gets his hands slapped away from the storyboard the better

Wow, another zero-credibility review. I wonder if he bothered to actually play the game this time.

First half of the video was a bit slow but more than made up for it at the close.

Out of every spiderman game I've every played, spiderman 2 is still my favorite. Mainly because it had the awesome websling-around-the-city-catching-balloons-for-little-kids function (duh!).
So I don't think I'll like this one either.
But (!) I will give it a try.

Oh my God, the ending comic was funnier than the entire video, which was already pretty funny.


the sooner joe quesada gets his hands slapped away from the storyboard the better

No, that's too good for him. Quesada needs to be drug out into the alleyway and beat to death. If there is a god, the first fucking thing Disney will do now that they own Marvel is fire Quesada's ass and make sure he never works in the comic industry again.

Freaking Yahtzee...

The joke about future spider-man's suit almost made me choke on my soda...

"radioactive tomato ketchup"

Nice cone tits

He's made this point before but for God's sake why is it so difficult for game designers to realize what a GOOD game is, and then update if for new technology and graphics without ruining it entirely? Prince of Persia, Spiderman, and the constantly mentioned Silent Hill have all had one EXCELLENT game that got everything right. On old platforms. Is it too much to ask that a designer simply slap a new shiny coat of new-platform-technology paint on the old game and make another awesome game?

One of the few times I've ever commented on a ZP video, just to say that

Is one of the best lines from him in a while.
I heard it, paused for a second, and then burst into laughter. I'm not even sure why it's so funny to me, but still. :D

I laughed at the little annoying fat kid :D

I love this man. He should be given a raise. No, two raises.

Jedi Sasquatch:
Just hurry up and review New Vegas already...

now that would be nice

the ending was funny as hell keep it up

While I entirely agree with all the criticisms proposed in Yahtzee's review, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed renting Shattered Dimensions, and while the thought of shelling out $60 to keep it for a month and then return it doesn't sit well with me, I felt the $10 I spent at Blockbuster was well worth the game. If the developer had been given a bit more time, I would've liked to see a lot of the bugs and wonky controls ironed out, and, as Yahtzee said, the story was spread too thin. Perhaps Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions 2: Oh Shi- will be much better.

An average game, a not-so-bad Spiderman game, and if SD2 is better, it has the potential to beating out even the beautiful Spiderman 2.

I will take your review as I always do, Yahtzee, as a nit-picking tirade focused on comedic value. Your points are all entirely valid, but I feel anyone who dares take your review as the Word of God and decides whether or not to pick up a game based solely on it is a moron and clearly can not tell the difference between comedic and serious.

... was that the gargoyle enemy from BLOOD?

When I think of merchandise pandering, I think of Marvel.

Oh god Yathzee just described me perfectly D:

In what part of the video?


Oh god Yathzee just described me perfectly D:

In what part of the video?

Around the 4 minute mark...

Also thanks for making me relive it...

"Proportionally, spiders are actually slow, lumbering creatures." And they say you don't learn anything useful on the internet.

ooooh man I love this shit
Yahtzee you're a genius.

I too am a fan of Spiderman 2. It breaks my heart that they can't manage to replicate it's awesomeness even in the slightest in this day and age.

That game was fuckin awesome. It was so soothing, to come home after a shitty day at school and just swing around for 30 minutes. sigh.

"That's not my spyder sense tingling !" <Made me laugh so hard ,haha

Spiderman doesn't produce web, he has canisters, apart from in the films (based on the fox kids cartoon so I could be wrong).

Not too sure what I think about Spiderman these days. Perhaps it will be an interesting game all the same. I am unsure if I should pick up a game like this on sale.

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