Daily Drop: Dice

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I just realized something.

You guys should drop guitar picks, so guitarists all over The Escapist can finally figure why the hell they completely disappear when they fall straight down.

Trust me, this is a mystery.

Yes...they're like socks...but to musicians...who may also lose socks inexplicably.

Also, to echo other sentiments, no d20?

damnit i cant find the name of the soundtrack they are using can anyone help?

Wow, one of them got some serious spin!

Wwow this was really cool!

Why did I think to bet snake eyes.

Awesome video! I backed it up several times, as I was focusing on different dice each time.

That looked really cool. They should have done it with more dice though... I would have dropped over fifty and tried to get some mid air collisions caught on slowmo.

Between 0:35 and 0:40, there are a couple of collisions off to the left.

...and now we know why Paul Saunders was never invited back to the D&D table...


I didn't think you guys would run out of ideas This quick....

No no, we've shot over 100 of these. We're just rationing them out, so you guys don't get too much awesome all at once.

I've been noticed! My doubts quelled, and hopes reaffirmed! thankyou Graham S! ;)

Oh and BTW who did the intro music? and can I get it?

What system where you guys playing today that you need to roll that many d6's at one time?


I've been anticipating this drop, I thought I was going to die waiting.

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