Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

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I still can't help but think this wasn't a Kirby game when it was pitched, but they tied it in for an easy sell.

Yea.....they announced this.
And it's not like it isn't a perfect fit for Kirby.
Incidentally, why does nobody seem to like Yoshi's Story? I fricken loved that game! It was hugely replayable, was loaded with secrets, made for great alternating coop, had good music and great visuals, had challenging platforming, navigation, and boss battles, and appealed to all age ranges. What was the problem?

I too loved Yoshi's Story (it was my first N64 game :] ). My primary problem with it was the life system: I want to play with light-blue Yoshi, but if I fall off the stage, I'll lose him! I guess I'm sentimental in a weird way like that.

Really? I thought the lives system was unique and gave each death more impact. It made finding the 2 extra Yoshi's a real treat too. I remember I used to always start with my least favorite colors (pink and yellow- go figure) and work my way toward my favorites (green and dark blue).


Not G. Ivingname:


Not G. Ivingname:
Must... resist... urgde... to... randomly... hug... things...

Don't resist! Embrace the urge to embrace things!


*Crushes Et3 in monster sized hug*


*Gak* O...kay enough..... hugging *gak* Why me? Kirby is smaller and softer and infinitely cuter. Hug him instead

...You were closer.

This actually looks good, which I would not have assumed. The yarn-based platforming does seem like new ground, but honestly the apartment looks like the most innovative new feature. Perhaps 2D platforming needs a rest?

You know what Kirby game needs a remake? The Crystal Shards. That was one of my favorite games on the N64 hands-down and one of the cleanest platformers of the generation. Kirby didn't just take one power, he could combine them. Maybe a sequel, maybe a different franchise altogether, but that game needs a second run.


from what I heard it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to die

that kind of ruins a game when it's a platformer that you can't die

I mean I know Nintendo will leave no one behind but when your games impossible to lose that kinda takes away from the fun when you beat it

I meant imagine if you just beat contra (just for example) you would be freaking out and celebrating and everything

now lets say you beat contra with godmode on so there were no pit falls and bullets didn't hurt you, you'd be bored out of your mind looking up at the clock going "well that's enough of that... weeeeeeeeeeee..."

now this could be just me but I think a game is rather pointless when there's literally no challenge

EDIT: when it's from a genera that's supposed to have challenge (real version of mario 2 I'm looking at you)

well that was adorable. I like that they explain why Kirby can't eat things via black hole of doom. He can try, but he doesn't have a body. That little storybook intro was just too cute in the way of explaining the backstory. Looks like I'm going to pick this one up as soon as I get a job and deposit my first paycheck.

the co-op looks fun, i can imagine me and my 17 y/o friends playing this into the night being kept awake by the cuteness, my dad would call me a pansie but hey, kirby's awesome

Looks awesome, but I'd feel like such a wuss walking into Target and buying this. To gamefly!

I'd buy a wii just for that if I had the money.. looks fantastic and I love Kirby.



This is a game I must pick up when I can. Haven't played my Wii in months... And Kirby is just what I need. I like that that there is secrets and whatnot. Can I replay levels though? Presumably yes, but I have played games where I couldn't.

I have the horrible, horrible compulsion to scream "BLASPHEMY!" at a Kirby game without the ability to Absorb powers. That would be like a Mario game without jumping or a Legend of Zelda game without a sword or a Gears of War game with a colour aside from brown. It is an essential element of both the character and the gameplay and removing it is not something to be taken lightly. Then I remember that aside from nostalgia I don't have much interest in Kirby and it is foolish of me to judge a game from one review (TWO reviews, however...).

What and I doing here, anyway?

jeez and i thought yoshi's story looked kiddy

Best played at 3AM with a close buddy, and not playing the game seriously.
Add a video camera to re-live the previous night's shenanigans.

Susan Arendt:
Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Great review, Susan! I recently picked this up and my 4-years-old-next-month son loves playing co-op with me!

... and then the boys go to bed and daddy plays solo to get all the gold medals, patches and bonus paths :)

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