LoadingReadyRun: Trapped

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LoadingReadyRun returns to the basement, but will they leave?

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that was awesome!

you meddling assholes!
I had a hunch it would have been Matt

Hahah! Nice - I liked the .Rec reference in it =P

Loved the behind the scenes work turning into actual video =D

...and, nice beginning work, I was gonna complain, but, the fact you reference it makes it awesome!

What did Graham try to write on Matt's forehead?

Dammit... when the interference started I checked my own cell phone.

Wow, those dolls really are creepy...

Excellent!!!! FINALLY!!

Well done.

best horror ever, especially the end

That was great. Awesome work

That was fantastic guys!

Truly excellent video this week guys! Thanks lot! :D

About that interference about a minute into the video, I first thought that was coming from MY computer. I had to play that part 3 times to realize it was part of the vid.

Graham: Where did you pull that from?
Alex: From my toolbelt!
Graham: Oh.
Alex: Oh, you...you thought I was gonna say my ass.
Graham: Uh, a little bit.

Matt: Where did he even get that from?
Graham and James: From his toolbelt!
Alex: Uh, actually that one was from my ass.

All in all, greatest Halloween special EVAR. From ANYBODY.
The Simpsons' "Tree House of Horrors" episodes have nothing on this.

That was awesome, and it was extra long too (always a bonus) :D

Loved the Scooby Doo style stinger at the end

Where IS Jer?

That was awesome.

That was amazing. Nice work guys!

I hope Jer's OK...

That brilliant son-of-a-bitch!

Referential much?
Still, very funny -- not to mention an excellent stinger!


God damnit! I reached for my phone when the cell phone interference kicked in! There were people around when I did that!

You guys played me for a foo! :(

xD! Also nice work with the dolls, they are all soooo creepy!

That video took so many left turns that it came full circle. I love LRR's self-referential humor.

The first time I watched that, my browser crashed and the audio kept playing but the video got stuck on the LRR logo, so I thought it was meant to be without a video. It worked quite well!

A well deserved quip at the LRR forums.

Should be fun to see their reaction to this.

Add me to the list of people fooled by the mobile phone interference... I hate that sound with a passion!

I loved the stinger, "And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling assholes!"
Though I totally picked Matt, with secondary on it being Bill.

The villain from Scream should have been unmasked to be Freddie Kruger in a Jason Vorhees mask.

That was quite awesome.

Pure brilliance. Nice work, guys and gals.

I liked the chase. More chases please :).

Pretty decent, the meddling assholes part caught me so off guard.

Pretty decent, the meddling assholes part caught me so off guard.

Same here. Turned out to be the best part imo.

Remaking a movie that you made recently, but kind of different... Isn't that "The Sam Raimi"?

Oh. My. God. "Abbot and Costello Meet The Sam Raimi". It must be done.

I loved the perspective changes here. First we see the crew filming a video as opposed to being in a video, then they happen to be in someone else's video(Mat), and then they find out whose video they're in. A better format than the usual but if it's not a rare format, it would be less interesting. :)

Hands down, my favorite video of the year, if not ever =D

*standing ovation*

Why is Alex almost always portrayed as some kind of weird or creepy person.

Haha I loved it. At the beginning I thought "Not another Basement video!!" but it turned out awesome :D
Also I hope Jer is less dead now. If not I'll send some soup.
Edit: Also at the beginning: "This was found on a Canon Camera"... by Graham?

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