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So the sharpie was in the pooper!

so you cant use your cell cos the basement is a faraday cage, yet there was a call at the start of the vid...

plot hole aside, nice work!

Absolutely frakin' brilliant.

That was genius, but who wrote it?

Edit, nvm checked the credits, it was Jer.

I swear, if this is Jer, I'm gonna be really confused...

Great video, guys. One of the best.

Heh heh. T-Rex arms....

Dammit... when the interference started I checked my own cell phone.

On the plus side I know know that it's my phone that keeps making my TV make such a goddamn annoying sound.

The only thing missing from this video was Mr. Tiddlywinks.


One of your best.

that was filled with win. And I have to admit when I saw the teaser image of the ax my first thought was "oh really, again?"

That was awesome blossom, for a second I was worried you were going to do a cheap behind the scenes remake thing.

Cool beans

Damn it Matt. You ruined the remake video.

This could have been hustle..

Great work, you did another great step in production me feels. :)

The Gentleman:
Wow, those dolls really are creepy...

They were only somewhat creepy to be really creepy they'd have to be like this:

Also, like everyone else the cell phone thing had me instinctively throwing mine across the room (away from my computer).

well this totally makes up for the whole "daily drop" thing that I hate.

That was amazing. I was laughing so hard, especially at the stinger.

Funny as hell, was expecting a remake, but this made my day.

I liked the final plot-twist idea XD

I laughed mao at old man wiggins, "you medling asshole"!

This was fantastic! Definitely one of my favourite sketches.

I'm glad that you guy are here to make Mondays awesome.

well this totally makes up for the whole "daily drop" thing that I hate.

Aww well I'm glad you two are friends again!

I sense a to-be-continued, Halloween, find out what happened to Jeremy.

Best. LRR. EVER.

Why is Alex almost always portrayed as some kind of weird or creepy person.

The same reason why Matt is always portrayed as a loser.

OT: Enjoyed it. Bravo to Jer for the writing.

I'm just glad to hear someone else's phone mess with speakers like that. Only my newest phone has done that and I was wondering WTF it was doing that for.

Also I did not reach for my phone at that point in the video because it's off.

"Look around you'll see more dolls"

Weirdly enough... look around on the escapist, I am sure there are shit loads more by the end of the week.

That was really, really good.

Great job guys!

This is, quite possibly, one of the best LRR films that I've ever seen.

Although, I did wonder why they could get the call at the beginning of the video if they were already in the Faraday cage.

The post-credit add-on was stellar as well.

Why is Alex almost always portrayed as some kind of weird or creepy person.

For better or worse, it's kind of become my thing. I would argue that it's 50% truth and 50% built-up reputation/stigma/derp.

I'm sort of the go-to guy for creepy weird guys.

I can do nothing but applaud you LRR crew because everyone else has taken what I was going to say.

Brilliant. The sting at the end was so gorram funny.

Epic. i'm still laughing at this video. Oh that was just hilarious. They should make more like this.

Except from that I figured it had to be Matt, I enjoyed it a lot.

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