Unskippable: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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Balvarines are tougher than werewolves and faster.

I'm amazed at the fact that not only did Gabriel get the same weapon as Dante his horse had a similar death by evil creatures.

Having played it, I can assure you.. it is basically GoW gameplay with slightly better graphics, but annoying-to-navigate maps.

And annoyingly random puzzles, a shitload of'em.

Blast radius? This is Castlevania, not Dragon Ball. Which is a good thing too, 'cause if it were Dragon Ball, those villagers would've had to have cleared out for at least a 50 mile radius.



Your Giant Eagles are not match for my...


Pfft, small time.

Come at me bro.

Bring it dude!!


Nuff said!!

Btw I LOL'd so much XD

"Ok first werewolves, it's raining and my horse dies. Ya know I would post this on FML, but my iphone got crushed in the fight"


Guys talking over Patrick Stewart? Just not acceptable!

Unlike the intro to this iteration of Castlevania, it was a bright, sunny day when Unskippable came to be.
What a cool show.

"Victory is the natural objective of every creature on this world

except the very endangered loser squirrel"

Personally, I was waiting for a panda-joke. it seemed so obvious.





Wait, the bears and sharks have ended their millennial long struggle and teamed up.

We're doomed I say!


Ha ! I didn't realize that "Scottish" phrase wasn't part of a game. Good job there ! :)

He wants to see the Lady of the Lake? Man I hope he's not looking for the Zephyr blade.

Oh god XD

OT: Great ep. Best in a while.

"he's HUUUGE!" loll nicenice

I did not notice how tall Gabe was at first. Odd as he's like...8-ft,6 inches.

I love Patrick Stewart. He's an awesome actor with a great sense of humor.
And he's kind of right, you shouldn't talk over him. >_> It's just...not right.
Poor not-real horse.=(

(Hilarious episode, btw)

Where were all the were-bodies? [Oh, say that 5 times fast.] ...and what happened to the gate? ...AND what is that cross supposed to be?


I LOVED Castlevania. The humor in this video is great! Loved it! I'll share this with a couple friends whom i know will love it ;)


Come at me bro.

No lie, I did an actual spit-take seeing that.

Great stuff from Graham and Paul, and judging from the comments about the game itself, I wonder if there will ever be a spoileriffic special episode of Unskippable about ending cut scenes. Like, they could offer that through the Publisher's Club?

(And that would give me a reason to get a membership...)

What? Nobody mentioned Russel and his family in the forest? I was expecting like: "Hey folks! Mind the puddles while going through the forest". Then again, while we play a lot with this, I'm really surprised to see so many crows on cut-scenes! What's with it?!

i have to say my favorite meme thing that they do is paul's son of a b!#@%

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