A Handy Glossary of Yahtzee Terms

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I think Yahtzee's mistake, in the start of the article, is in thinking that religion and fandom are two distinct concepts. In fact, religion is just fandom for particularly old franchises.

Sir, I give you the internet.

I'm a "ma'am," actually, but thanks. :)

I'm a "ma'am," actually,

Meh. It's all the same isn't it? Well on the internet at least...

Fat!? no I'm big boned there's is a deference.

You were actually concerned that people were taking them all at their literal meanings? You must get a lot of fucktards emailing you.

Man, you people couldn't see a joke if someone smacked you with one like a fish rolled in newspaper...

Well, this being the internet, I for one am not surprised.

(...) religion is just fandom for particularly old franchises.

That's one for the books.

Is it just me or has Extra Punctation been declining in quality? When it first started the articles were really interesting and always on more serious topics, now they just seem to be a place to put more points on the game covered by the most recent Zero Punctation, or random crap like todays one was.

I was going to free you all. But forget it.

I am not sure. Is 2 pages the minimum? Because this seems lacklustre...

Hmm...thickypoes? As in, diction of a stagnantly thick sort, as in E. A. Poe? Stupid ghosts who allow themselves to be shot to re-death by an adolescent on horseback with arrows that shouldn't even be able to pierce their non-corporeal forms [What are they? Ephemeral Shafts? Ooh, that sounds like a good name for a horror-fetish-porn...preceded and followed by its companion pieces, Ephemeral Head and Ephemeral Tailfeather, respectively]?

Or maybe Mr.Pitts corrected your spelling again, and you meant to say, "Thickypoos;" a large log of smelly shit of a consistency only created by a heavy diet of fiber, pork, and cheese.

In any case, I agree. They are fat.

There is a way to win The Game, as clearly stated in The Rules. The only way to win The Game is to not play it. [There are some who say one of The Rules is that you cannot NOT play The Game, as it requires no consent; however, way back in '98 when The Game came to our neck of the woods, there was A Rule which stated, "There is a way to win The Game," so as to encourage people to play The Game actively and find the said methodology to victory. The Game being an expression of Ironic Processing and an example of the Streisand Effect, I tend to the think the latter, as I have H4H...naively, perhaps, yet it remains.]

Postface Post Scriptum:
You all just lost The Game, as you stubbornly insist on playing it.

Postface Post Post Scriptum:
I just wanted to use P.F. and P.S. together at once, and hey! A P.F.P.P.S...bonus.

P.F.P.P.P.S.~edited to capitalize "Rule," and to include one more P.S.~

Its interesting that these words get thrown around so often these days by so many other reviewers out there who probably consider themselves more professional the Yahtzee. It makes you wonder if they themselves really know what they are talking about sometimes...

I remember lurking in some forum where people were literally confused by a reviewer's description that a game lacked "polish," leading to jokes about polishing things and Polish people. It saddened me.
Here's what I call those things:
unfocused - ungraceful
immersive - escapist (lol)
flow - pace
cinematic (n) - cutscene
cinematic (adj) - dramatic
deep/ shallow - animate/ inanimate

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