Shamus Plays WoW #1: It's An Imp's Life

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Well that was fun! :D

This was great. Keep it up:)

NICE! I did something like this in the form of pure prose a while back. (

Looking at the experience from an imp's perspective was a brilliant twist!

Also, the pictures are probably a big help for those who have never played WoW. They add to the overall effect of the story, in any case.



Loving the story from the Imp's point of view. Very nice touch. Two thumbs up. This looks to be another great "Shamus Plays" series. Looking forward to the next installment.

Awesome....lemme tell ya, I'd absolutely love it if the warlocks had a constant running dialogue like this with their pet demons...the warlock all angsty and driven to help, the demon all about whittling away at the emo goth's morals in a bid for corruption....

lol gotta love it when the return quest is to do the exact same thing as the previous quest XD

Well it's, err, eight slightly different *kinds* of kobolds...

This was far cuter than anticipated.

You sir have won me over :D

That was HILARIOUS! Keep it up Shamus, I am expecting more awesome things from you now!

Brilliant idea doing this from the imp's viewpoint. Loved it!

As a 5-year veteran warlock - I lol'ed. Raucously. I've always wondered what the demons do when us warlocks weren't subjugating them.

I'm interested to see if Shamus plans on having other adventurers summon our demon. I'm told that WoW players generally create more than one character, and I'd like to see other parts of the world through the eyes of a demon.

Also, what happens if the imp attacks the summoner? Obviously he's not allowed to by whatever rules forced him into service, but what would happen?

This is really funny. Good stuff.

Going to be sad once Azeroth completely changes.

Very entertaining series!

Haha pov of the imp. Nice. Seemed a little short for a shamus plays but it was funny and it's just getting started.

I really very desperately want Shamus to write a fantasy-satire novel JUST. LIKE. THIS. ARTICLE. Terry Pratchett's got Alzheimer's, man. You've got to step up one day.

Bump. You have gift Shamus. This is some of your best stuff yet. Pull your finger out and get to work sir. Looking forward to the next instalment. :)

Ah, summoning your first demon. I remember when I first summoned Karmat (my warlock's imp). He called me fat and made fun of my beard, so I slammed him face-first into a wall. He's been doing whatever I said ever since.

I look forward to more of this with great anticipation.

Yay! A new game diary from Shamus! All is burning kobolds and gnome skull ping pong in the world.

Yet another praising voice from the choir.

And doing this as the imp. Brilliant, I never saw that coming.

I feel for the Imp. Seriously even with the Alliance accepting the help of Warlocks, they aren't widely popular in the culture. So it just makes me face palm when you start your warlock off, helping the good of the people and helping the Church. What happened to evil motives and secretly planning to enslave the populace with demons?

Now THAT I'd love to see! :D

I enjoyed it, Shamus, but, really, making fun of the idiocy of MMO logic is like shooting fish in a barrel and you've done it twice before.

That said, I've subscribed to the RSS and will most-likely reading it 'til the end.

OMG, this is gonna be a fabulous series!!

I am so excited. Been waiting since Lulzy for a NEW series!

Just had to post, great fun Shamus, looking forward to the rest of them.

OMG, this is gonna be a fabulous series!!

I am so excited. Been waiting since Lulzy for a NEW series!

Forgot about the adventures of Star On Chest already, have we?

I am like 101.2% certain I'll find this way more entertaining than WoW could ever be.

Cheaper, too.

And far more concise.

Great, can't wait for the rest of this series. And I second the suggestion of you writing a novel, so long as it doesn't slow down this series.

You know it's hard out here for an imp.

Yup. Impin' ain't easy.


I'll go now...

Hah, I was a bit worried when I saw World of Warcraft. Not that I have anything against the game, but I have played it for two and a half years so I would know every curve ball that gets thrown in the game. What I was not expecting was the choice of perspective. Should be interesting.

This has 'wacky sitcom' written all over it. Two personalities that don't mesh stuck together and forced to deal with ridiculous problems. Still, it's good so far.

Nice. I love Norman Dethbringerr's nervous habit of saying "Mother says..."

I have an Undead Warlock, so I'm not sure what it's like for a Warlock in the Alliance. I would think trafficking with demons would be forbidden. And like another poster said, I'm curious about what will happen when he learns to summon other demons - they'll probably simply be different "incarnations" of the demon?

The Succubus should be... interesting. "But Mother says I should save myself for marriage!"

"So ... arson?"

Sometimes I wish this was an option in WoW

Arson is always the right answer.

OT: I was wondering how it was going to play out, suffice to say I am surprised!

Midnight Crossroads:
I'm going to love this one especially. Are you going to continue running the imp even as you unlock the new demons or have them be manifestations of the same one?

I like that idea. This pissed off little imp coming back as a succubus to taunt the crap out of his useless master is amusing already just as an idea.

That said, Shamus Plays doesn't tend to get that far into games, does it? I mean he'll probably get to the voidwalker, but level 20 is a fair ways in. You could get there fast if you just went headlong into quests, but if you're taking your time to make it fun(ny) for writeups, it'd take a while.

The Great JT:

OMG, this is gonna be a fabulous series!!

I am so excited. Been waiting since Lulzy for a NEW series!

Forgot about the adventures of Star On Chest already, have we?

Well, see, those of us who read Shamus' blog had already seen the adventures of Star on Chest, like, a year ago, so the stuff posted on the Escapist was all reruns.

OT: "So ... arson?"


Brilliant start, Shamus. I'm really looking forward to this series, as I immensely enjoyed your previous Let's Plays. And using the imp's POV was a nice touch. Why, though, in the text is the warlock's name spelled "Deathbringer-er", but in the screenshots (and on his card) it's spelled "Dethbringerr"? I mean, I can see spelling it "Deathbringer-er" ONCE to show how it's pronounced, but the continued mis-spelling is just irritating. You don't introduce a character by spelling their name wrong. You introduce them by spelling it right, and then, if needed, spell it phonetically.

I have to agree with this. It would read better to just type his name the way it's entered, and then when he meets someone else the audience hears him say "it's pronounced Deathbringer-er". But we don't need a constant pronunciation reminder.

The Great JT:

OMG, this is gonna be a fabulous series!!

I am so excited. Been waiting since Lulzy for a NEW series!

Forgot about the adventures of Star On Chest already, have we?

I didn't forget, just look at the emphasis placed on "NEW". Star On Chest had already been released.

This one has not, and we are again treated to Shamus' excellent sense of humour!

That was by far the best 'Shamus Plays' yet. The dialogue idea makes the tale really entertaining and better than the ones you did before! Not that they were bad, this one's just better than the rest ^-^

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