Shamus Plays WoW #1: It's An Imp's Life

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Demon reminds me of Bartimus.

Kinda reminds me of my own Warlock stories. The Daemon was a little more servant like there, but the 'lock seemed as confused as mine. Only that mine hadnt noticed that he starved while studying old tomes and became undead.

short: i love it

damn dp sorry

It's about time you got around to WoW! Excellent start by the way, hilarious from start to finish. Can't wait to see these every week. . . . now to the armory to hunt Deathbringerr down.

Dude, friggin' hilarious Shamus! Well done!

Awesome! Can't wait to find out what happens next!

First time reading one of these, really caught my interest!

This is probably the most hilarious WoW related thing ever. :)

I really very desperately want Shamus to write a fantasy-satire novel JUST. LIKE. THIS. ARTICLE. Terry Pratchett's got Alzheimer's, man. You've got to step up one day.

Now I'm depressed about Pratchett again.
I agree that Shamus should write something. I read all his articles and Shamus consistantly makes me laugh. The imp story is great for a Shamus Plays, but I would prefer if Shamus made a new story and wrote a book about it. Maybe if it was like Douglas Coupland's stuff...

awesome. hope to see more of the adventures of dethbringerr and his disgruntled imp.

Ahh, good! World of WarCraft from Shamus. This should be highly enjoyable. Though, I must admit, I am curious as to how long this series will run. It would take to long to do 1-60.

Hehehe I shall be following this with enthusiasm.

I hope he does one for each race. I really want to see the Undead. That would be hilarious, lol.

Norman.. lol

This should be a good one to follow.

um, Bartimaeus ripoff much?

Having the story from the point of view of the imp is a great twist that I definitely didn't see coming. Awesome! I look forward to seeing more. Perfect that I just started playing again, too.

It may just be me, but I get the feeling of Mogworld when reading this.

Thats good by the way.

Probably just me though... ah well.

So the elf starting area quests go something like "You must bring the magical essence of the three lunar oracles to remove the corruption at the heart of the world tree. The fate of the night elf people hangs in the balance!"

The human starting quests go something like "I lost my pig, help me find it."

And the dwarf quests revolve around delivering beer.

Obviously the dwarf starting zone is the best.

Reminds me of Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore. Must read for lock players!

[deleted: double post, sorry]

Are you a fan of Terry Pratchett, Shamus?

'Cus I'm noticing a lot of stylistic influences

Haha... I can't wait until that guy summons the Succubus!

Midnight Crossroads:
I'm going to love this one especially. Are you going to continue running the imp even as you unlock the new demons or have them be manifestations of the same one?

ROFLMAO- I can just see it now "Holy Fuck! Now I've got Tits!!! Change me Back you Perv, CHANGE ME BA... hey, this Tail is pretty nifty."

Are you a fan of Terry Pratchett, Shamus?

'Cus I'm noticing a lot of stylistic influences

I suppose it's a compliment that so many people say this to me. My wife is a huge fan, but I haven't read a single book yet.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should.

"This was not in my contract."

Laughed so hard when that classic line came out.

Shamus Young:

Are you a fan of Terry Pratchett, Shamus?

'Cus I'm noticing a lot of stylistic influences

I suppose it's a compliment that so many people say this to me. My wife is a huge fan, but I haven't read a single book yet.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should.

I'm heavily biased, being a Terry Pratchett fanboy, but I STRONGLY reccomend you read at least one. Talk to the missus about which ones she likes.

Word of warning - the first two (and mabye the next four after that) are arguably his worst, since they were at the start when he had yet to refine his craft and his universe. I'd skip 'em initially, since the books can be read in any order. I read one of the most recent ones first, and then worked whichever way I wanted.

Some of the stories have a continuity (i.e. the City Watch novels start with the Night Watch being a crappy group of four people (including a drunk and a thief) and over the novels it turns into the most professional (and largest) organisation in the city.)

tl;dr please at least read one. Poor Sir Pratchett has Alzhimers, and he can't even physically write any more. He has to dictate to a Stephen-Hawkings-esque machine. He hasn't got long left before Discworld WILL end.

I kid you not, I had to re-roll my first warlock because my succubus' name was "Larry"

Liking this one already. Big LotR fan, but I hadn't played the LotR MMO. WoW I've at least played a 10 day trial. Really fun to see familiar territory. Absolutely love that once again Shamus has found the inherent contradictions in a game- demons serving the Light. Love it.

This is such a briliant perspective. It's creative and unexpected. Hilarious! I cannot wait to read every installment of this series!

effently going to be following this one

loved this dude can't wait to see more of this

Annoys the crap out of me that the guards never do anything about the infestation of minor irritants when they're level 75 and could wipe the entire map clean in a few hours. Plus they drop like flies when a true opposition faction raiding party comes through, so what good are they anyway?

so what good are they anyway?

The guards unions, you gotta love it. We can't even kill lazy gaurds anymore, something about workers safety.

And what i don't get it took troll 6 years to retake their isle. Send Surfang sr their before break and nothing would be standing there. Same for the gnome, a lvl 28 is stopping the gnomes from retaking their city? One handmounted rocket does enough damage to wipe out half the dungeon.

Well, I officially have a new favorite internet funny-man. I was referred to this page by a friend, and I laughed until tears came out of my eyes. This stuff is simply brilliant, and I'm certainly going to have a look at the rest of Mr. Young's work. If it's all as good as this, I may never be able to frown again.

This is the greatest thing I've read in weeks. Carry on, sir!!

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