Escape to the Movies: Monsters

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ive heard of Sharkopus ^^ but there is also a movie called Megashark vs Giant Octopus :P the trailer is hilarious ^^ specially the ending xD

Well I hadn't heard of this movie yet so far, so I had no idea whether it would be good or not. Although it sounds like it won't really wow me, I'm still somewhat intrigued by the premise of it, so I might see it.

Well isn't that a kick in the teeth

Everything he described about the movie made it sound like shit to begin with, only thing I don't understand is how you were excited to see it in the first place.

Because focused character development makes a good film when pulled off. Bad characters ruin this.

I liked Monsters. Granted it was pretty late at night when I watched it, but the mood driven atmosphere got to me. The music really helped (similar to Moon, which wouldn't have been half the movie it was without the Clint Mansell work).

Going in of course I expected more monsters, but I wasn't terribly upset when they didn't get much screen time. I see the political tie in, but that too kind of took a bench seat for the personal relations focus. I still can't tell if the ending wants me to draw my own conclusions or take theirs.

so if only the director had been...a bit smarter with his direction :/ gee what's new with the movie industry

I always hate it when hype falls flat. I'm going to probably voluntarily cry if Green Lantern sucks.

Anyhow, I saw the movie, and yeah, while it did have a few strong scenes that showed what you're still capable of doing these days on a tiny movie budget, the monsters and the main characters were just awful. People like to throw the word pretentious around a lot, and this film really deserves it.

Ahh Santana and Brittany. Two of my favourite things.
Hot, bitchy latinas and dopey blondes who will put out for a nickel...
Incidentally, those two are actually two of the fucking least annoying characters in the show. The rest you just want to go VATS and bash in the face with a rebar club.

This reminds me of that one South Park episode with the giant hamsters for some reason. Except with a lot more crap.

You should probably adopt the Yahtzee Croshaw gauge of expectations (not in his most recent years, but those that he reccomends to others.) High Expectations+Good-->Adequate. Low Expectations+Poor-->Expected, merely bad. High Expectations+Poor-->Fucking Catastrophe. Low Expectations+High Quality-->Pleasant Surprise to Being Overjoyed.

Who... Why the hell did anyone actually look forward to this movie?



Madara XIII:

You have my sympathy.
(I've gotta watch Sharktopuss at some point.)

Well Get ready to laugh your ass off then XD SHAAAAAARKTOPUS!!

But Serioiusly when I heard there was a Movie called monsters, I got hyped up too...until I found out how some of it would be filmed...*Facepalm*


That Movie sounds so Bad it's...
(Puts on sun-glasses)


Hahaha Win!! You've at least settled my rage :D

The Host. Its fantastic. Look it up.

(Also its a Korean movie)

Ah yes that, damn good movie!


George Palmer:

You should have been watching Glee anyway. ^_^

My hatred of Glee burns with the intensity of a thousand suns! I guess its just not for me. lol


I second this, Glee is BULLSHIT.

I'll join the bandwagon and explain my hate. But why should I when Damon Albarn can?

Offtopic things aside, good review and thank you for enlightening on the Sharktopus.

Not for nothing, but he didn't actually "say" anything there, even with the idiot hammering him with the concept about 5 times.
It was just "My music won't be on the show cuz... y'know... TV producers and stuff. Homogeneity, y'know." Sounds more like he doesn't want to sell his music to commercial interests in general.

I guess some specifics would be too much to ask in this case?

WHOA! Bob really hated this film, eh?

Dude, wow! I am anticipating this film even more now that Bob puked bile all over this bitch. Still, Hundred Bucks says I'll like it.

never heard of monsters either. and sorry bob, usually i take your advice, but i think i might need to see this movie anyways. if not only to support my local movie theatre who is a small independent one battling large chain theatres in a neighbouring city.

Moviebob forgot one of the bad parts of his job and the main reason it's not on my "to aim for" list of jobs related to movies. Because he's basically contractually (sp?) forced to watch movies he would never watch in a million years if he didn't have to review them. Honestly, how did he manage to watch twilight movies? How can an ordinary man survive that kind of barrage of stupidity? For this I respect him.

Anywho, I was really hyped about this too, so this comes almost as a bigger disapointment than the newest Alone in the dark game. Seriously, remember how good that looked in previews? Remember how alot of people said it couldn't possibly go wrong? *sigh*

EDIT: Having just watched the video a few posts above me, I'm not entirely sure what he said, but I agree that I will rage harder Vegata reading an over 100,000 power reading if Glee ever decide to murder "Feel good inc".

Sad indeed Mr. Movie Bob. Because it is as your pie in the kingdom of the mushrooms metaphor. It had all ingredients required for awesome.
It may never get to the country I write from, but still I feel bad that if it does, it will be the let down you emotionally described.

well that's what happens when you get really hyped up for something. It's always a disappointment.
That's why I expect all new stuff to be utterly shit, so if by some miracle something good comes out I get to really enjoy it =D

Of all those 5:26 minutes, the most important thing I got from this is: Hot damn lesbian cheerleaders on Glee.

you talk about it like thats a bad thing

Initially the math was a little hard to understand, but after the second view I understood it. This is a bummer for me because I think the characters are the most important part of *any* story. Twenty years later the special effects will pale in comparison to the present day's version, but if the characters are still good the movie will still be. It's why Back to the Future still holds up.

So to have a character-focused movie that (from my understanding) doesn't show the monsters a whole lot sounds like a good premise. So I'm bummed out that the characters are so bad.

The funny thing is that this review will probably increase the number of people who see this movie.

I may check it out as a renter. I don't think you can expect great acting performances from unknown actors, you can only hope that you get them, so that isn't really a deal-breaker for me. (See: Evil Dead. (NO! I'm not saying that it was a bad movie; not at all! But if you think Campbell did an Oscar turn in it, then you are batshit-fucking-LOCO.)) I'm willing to endure a lot of bad acting for a good story, or even for good atmosphere-- Monsters might still provide the latter.

Personally, when I read that the director spent over a year doing the CGI himself, I kind of worried that maybe- just maybe- other aspects of the movie could suffer... and from Bob's description, I was entirely correct.

The thing I find with bad actors is that sometimes I can let them off if the writing is good. Which from the sounds of it, isn't the case here.

That Movie sounds so Bad it's...
(Puts on sun-glasses)


I laugh every time I see one of these posts you do. :-P

That's funny though because... I think it might ahve been the same movie, could have been something else, but I just recently saw a commercial for that and went.. "Let's put independence day, cloverfield, and district 9 into one giant movie to end all alien movies!"

those exclamation marks are sarcastic... But it's pretty cool how Bob brought most of those movies up, so I'm glad some one else feels the same.

what exactly is the ending? I'm curious now, and I can't find it anywhere online :P
please spoiler me, i dont' want to watch this thing, but I'm curious as to what the ending is now.

I normally watch his reviews for the humor more than the reviews; but it's a good thing that he told me this is gonna suck. Because I was probably gonna go see it. But about that humor. "Because Sharktopus, HAS A SHARKTOPUS!" That was hilarious.

That's really a shame. I caught the tail end of the director's panel at Comic Con, and while knowing nothing about the movie, I became excited for its release and while the director seemed to speak about the movie humbly enough, he showed some clips that actually looked alright (but the scene where they barter for the girl's safe passage on a boat was uninteresting and poorly acted). I assumed that the stilted acting came from the fact that most of the extras were actually natives payed to play the parts, rather than the fault of the main characters since they didn''t show much of their interactions.

Ah well, maybe next year will be better Bob.

Saw 3D is shit. There, I did you a favor MovieBob.

Review The Town - now that movie kicked some serious ass.

Wow! That just looked pitiful. It was like a butchered miscarriage from a District 9 wannabe and Cloverfield. Shame too because that did look like it could have been a great film.

I completely sympathize with the abominable protagonists if Cloverfield taught me anything. That may as well have been a troupe shooting their own homemade Jackass movie while being thrown into a Sci-Fi disaster in New York. Those detestable pricks were bad enough, but with only two leads through the entire film, you know don't get to look forward to either of them getting killed any time soon, ha ha!

Still will never get why people like white girls (appearance wise)...

To be honest I actually liked the movie. I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago, watched it and I thought it was nice flick. Nothing as awesome as it could have been I suppose, but nice enough as is. I think Bob had it right in the beginning, he was letdown because he expected too much imo.

don't know if I got ninja'd yet, but:

'The director himself has said it's an internet rumor. He figured the equipment they used cost that, not the making of the movie itself. The movie itself comes under $500,000.

Best Buy asked them how much their equipment for this project cost and they figured it was around $15,000.

No one can make a movie for $15,000 in this day and age. '


How is he sexist? There were no comments on her being in the kitchen, or barefoot and preggers or even that she shouldn't vote. All it was was a picture of a beautiful woman who makes her living by being beautiful (btw, I didn't see a gun to her head in that picture, so maybe she chose to pose for it on her own) and MovieBob's hope that she would give him a tasty pie.

Stop seeing sexism where there is none.

I don't think you know what sexist means... Moviebob finds women attractive and is zealously open about it, he doesn't beat them or think they shouldn't have voting rights (or anything along those lines).

Was that sarcasm? Cuz I honestly don't see anything to complain about in there. Except the teenager thing, If I were MovieBob that would be cause for a blood feud.

I'm sure there were pictures of Miss Hathaway in an actual shirt that Bob easily could of used. Some of them much more elegant than attractive than a corset. But no. He chose to use a classless picture of her poorly photoshoped to show her holding coolwhip, which implies a fetish and was completely unnecessary.

And if you think he's not sexist, let me refer you to the Piranhas review, where he blatantly and condescendingly spelled out that lesbian porn is fun. Or his review of Salt where the whole thing was a bunch of pictures of the lead actress in, how surprising, lingerie. That's sexism, and I don't care how you rationalize it to your fanboy minds. MovieBob is a pervert with an ego the size of Jupiter and the self-control of a grade seven boy. People like him are one of the reasons there are so few female nerds, and it's a shame the Escapist isn't telling him to grow up.

They could make a decent game out of that.

I love all of these people who get excited for a movie, listen to one man, and then decide that one man is completely correct about everything, and without checking out other reviewers to see other opinions on the movie, immediately decide that it sucks and is not worth seeing.

Sgt. Sykes:
They could make a decent game out of that.

they do actually, they're usually called the "Shin Megami Tensei" games.

don't know if I got ninja'd yet, but:

'The director himself has said it's an internet rumor. He figured the equipment they used cost that, not the making of the movie itself. The movie itself comes under $500,000.

Best Buy asked them how much their equipment for this project cost and they figured it was around $15,000.

No one can make a movie for $15,000 in this day and age. '

Paranormal activity, budget: around $15,000. You don't need a giant studio to make everything.

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