Special School: Halloween

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was trilogy of terror made for halloween? I know it was a tv movie... bloody good as well

It's hard to believe that anyone hasn't seen this

Remember not everyone who reads the Escapist comes from the US or Canada. Elsewhere we have our own classic Christmas TV.


Kinda surprised you didn't mention Halloween Tree. I mean, it stars Leonard Nimoy and is written and narrated by Ray Bradbury, and it's actually pretty dark for a children's special, given that the plot is a bunch of kids in a race with Death (Nimoy) through time and space to find their recently-dead friend's soul.

Yeah, you know that one freaked me the hell out when I was 6.

Hell, yes. I, too, wonder why no love for Halloween Tree? That holiday special was largely responsible for sparking my lifelong interest in the history behind our holiday traditions. And the story was absolutely brilliant. The loyalty displayed by Pip's friends still makes me tear up a bit.

Haha, I was totally waiting for this one to be mentioned too. I have tons of really vague memories about this movie, but I think I liked it. Glad I finally remember what it was called.

edit: And I do remember it being slightly creepy to me too. Probably cause it was so dark for a children's movie

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