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Christ almighty, Kouriichi, stop acting like a spoiled two year old obsessed with instant gratification.
Keeping a game 2 extra months for testing doesn't mean it's going to never be released. It means you have to wait for a finished product. Fans of competent companies tend to understand that.

EDIT: Forgive me if I have a hearty laugh reading you tell someone they can't complain about free entertainment.

This was really a joke. I haven't played New Vegas, so I have no idea whether it's good or not, but, next time, use direct quotes. Don't twist the question to make it easier to answer.

"This is simply not going to happen as long as gamers continue to accept sub-standard quality and make excuses for them."

I agree. Gamers need to stop making excuses for games and companies.
You can't move the industry's quality forward by just accepting all the problems, only by naming them and providing criticizim can the problems be worked out because they are not being ignored.

Personally, I think that bioware should stop relying on story for good games and should start using GAMEplay instead (looking at you, dragon age)

Discounting the endings, I personally think obsidian makes better stories.

In general I also found the game pretty glitchy (and yes, it is literally required for me to ALWAYS have task manager open when playing or I risk having to reboot my computer when my sound card makes a noise like a thousand angry scarab beetles and my entire computer acts like I tore out 90% of the memory) but my only real problem with the way you said it was the "any level of play testing" thing. Perhaps they play tested it on my computer and the computers of all my friends who DIDN'T have this save game issue. It's one to say "this bug is ridiculous and should have been caught" but saying that it should have been easily caught in playtesting when it could easily slip through doesn't make sense to me.

Instead of making these articles, Shamus, maybe you should just post your system specs so I could give you a run around on updating your system, drivers and relevant software so that you can too rejoice with us in the glory that is FNV.

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