Bumhug Parade #13

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EVERYTHING pales in comparison to Bumhug Parade. Everything even related to this series is phenomenal.

Wow. I wasn't expecting that, but I really liked it.

And with that, Bumhug Parade is done!
Thanks for all the kind words, guys. If you want to see more stuff by me, check out my website olalys.com, there is a lot of drawings there, but not that many comics yet. I'll try to translate some of the stuff I got lying around one of these days.
It's been a good run.

-Ola Lysgaard

This strip was touching and not what I expected at all, leaving me all the sadder for the fact that it's the last one. Good luck for the future and kudos for such a great run and fantastic send off.

Very nice.

Reminds me of the Aborigonal creation myth where greater beings named their creation through song. After they went to sleep the people needed to sing those songs lest the parts they describe will be undone from reality. Thus giving man not ownership of the Earth, but rather the responsibility for it.

That fascinated the heck out of me the first time I heard that (from the Planetary comic btw) and so does this.

The comic could've been more consice perhaps but it is a very potent piece indeed.

That was so sappy and predictable!

Uhm, my eyes welled up for a second there.


That was really nice, if a little sad! Very touching :)

I'm a soppy soul, now I'm going to have to straighten myself out after reading that. Back to work! *sniff*

It wasn't funny.

But it was beautiful. Bravo!

I really enjoyed that :)

That was the most beautiful thing I've seen in quite a while. *sniff*

That's not funny...but beautiful.

Hey, wait, that's a Norwegian name right? Nice to see a Norwegian contributor on the Escapist.

And a great strip as well.

That was excellently done.

Are you a wizard? Or merely a small God

Touching. Good job.

Beautiful. Just goddamn beautiful.

Wow... That wasn't funny at all.

But, it was quite awesome.

Ha. Didn't expect that ending at all.

Cool story. Cool art.


that was beautiful, keep up the good work!

It's really too bad this is the end, I enjoyed Bumhug Parade a lot more than the other strips. This one aside (it wasn't intended to be funny), it's obvious you have a keen grasp of comedy, something which is pretty hit-or-miss with the other strips.

Whatever happened to The Sunday Funnies? I miss them so much

This is really really good!

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