Critical Miss: Fear and Loathing in New Vegas

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That's among your finest work - keep it up, guys!

You have my love now and forever for making this one. Nice work Carter, Rydell.

Absolutely wonderful.

I know this has already been said around 70 times in this topic, but...
At the expense of sounding generic; brilliant. That is all.

Good God, man!

The comic was spot on!

No flowers in this town. Only carnivorous plants.

"I dig my own graves," he said. "Radioactive water and the White Deathclaw...put it on; don't make me use this." His arm lashed out of the water, the hunting knife gripped in his fist.

I don't get it. The game works perfectly for me.

Meh. To each their own; spend your time crying over seemingly dramatized bugs, or play the game. Whichever you choose.

I lol'd! I have heard a lot about Fallout: New Vegas being buggy and crashing a lot. Have yet to try it myself.

Awesome comic, good stuff!

Another great comic. I really love how this series is going. Please keep up the outstanding work.

I was only a matter of time. fucking lol

Loved the movie, loved the comic. :D

While I do not read all of your comics, from all the ones I have read, this one is pretty much the best yet. Seriously, even aside from the Fear and Loathing reference the art looks just amazing. I think the weird coloring actaully helps it, since I feel that most of the other pages are kind of lacking in the drawing department.

Grey Carter:

That was awesome. I didn't know hunter s thompson died though.

He committed suicide in 2005. Tragic because he was a supremely gifted writer.

But he lives on in Colonel Hunter Gathers...

And if he died or something(I know about the tits part) then don't tell me!

Never saw the movie.
Didn't get the joke

Pretty funny, two things I love together!
although I saw the "joke" about bugginess coming.

It is kind of sad that people think this is a movie reference. The only criticism I have would be that the art isn't "Steadman" enough. Needs more floating eyeballs.

Meh. This one was okay. Probably my least favourite so far. But I'm not trying to sound negative. Just saying.

Someone was giving these things DRINK!!!

Fucking love Hunter S.Thompson and am so glad he lives on through the Venture Bros. character Colonel Hunter Gathers.

Unhappy Crow:
The Fear and Loathing refrence made it funny. I want to go to Bug Country.

I've been playing the game (on 360) since release day and I would like to visit Bug Country.
I've seen dancing scorpions (Rad and Bark) and dabbled with Ant Nectar, but deformed character models have not appeared to me or dancing dogs...

Brings new meaning to the Thompson quote "We were right in the middle of a goddamn reptile zoo."

*Character is surrounded by deathclaws*

Jesus. I just realized you could do an entire machinima of Fear and Loathing with New Vegas, I'll have to look into that when the game is patched a bit more.

Boba Frag:
Someone was giving these things DRINK!!!

Fucking love Hunter S.Thompson and am so glad he lives on through the Venture Bros. character Colonel Hunter Gathers.

There's a second Johnny Depp Thompson movie, the Rum Diary, coming out soon as well.

And yes.

In case no one mentioned it, there is already a "Fear and Loathing Pack" mod for New Vegas. Once someone ports over the advanced drug-related effects from the Fallout 3 mod list, OH BABY. It's Party Time.

This pretty much sums up the whole idea
Oh yea and don't touch the Beret

LOL!! I love Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This comic was brilliant!

The art style in this particular comic, with the colors in particular, reminds me a lot of the show Superjail! on Adult Swim, just all the contrasts, I like it.

Wait... where did they get that Car?!

Hit the Nail on the head!

Although for me the Giant Radscorpions simply fly ten feet straight up and land in front of me. It was like a poisonous Deathclaw! I was calmly shooting three that had come up a hill normally, and then suddenly number four vaults (excuse the pun) over the hilltop and lands in front of me.

And the Coyotes and mongrels in my game just stretch. When they die, they can stretch across half the screen. Creepy shit that.

Perhaps you could just push your PC into the pool... it should be noted that the movie almost plays exactly like the book reads, and the director was none other than Terry Gilliam from Monty Python (he did the animated bits and some scene work from time to time)and pretty much anything Dr. Hunter S Thompson wrote is worth a read political or otherwise, books or magazine articals its all good. He was a crazy man... a mutant, he could chew through a brick wall... and look pretty damn good doing it. Also if you like Fear and Loathing see Where the Buffalo Roam, its Bill Murry's take on playing the good doctor. (although Depp did do it better its still worth a watch) Also you tube up the interviews of Johnny Depp talking about meeting and getting to know him all very funny.
This comic is beyond good having played the game and being a gushing fan of the reference material Bravo i will read all of your comics, and for anyone who says otherwise you voted for Hubert Humphrey and you killed Jesus.

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