Unskippable: White Knight Chronicles Part 1

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If dying puts you into a state of uncontrollable orgasms, i too shall think about dying more often.

Orgasm? I thought she was giving birth. ...you know, up until we actually saw the stabbing.

Incidentally, that guy with the mustache DOES need some traintracks to tie someone to, presumably the Princess. He also needs a top hat.

Seriously, what was up with Mustache Guy's face and overall design? If they were trying to go for evil, they blew way past it an landed into silly. Burgess Meredith as the Penguin looks more threatening than him.

Hey, that dude with the mustache must be doing Movember - www.movember.com

I loved the end comment about mustachio needing a piano and train tracks.

As I saw this I thought it seemed really similar to a ps2 game. The art was very much the same, and that bit with the mothers death was almost an step by step recreation of a scene from that game. And sure enough, it was the same company that did both.

this was a good lol! havent had one of those in a while! XD

Hm. They didn't make a joke about the guard saying "Not so fast." Seems like really bad word choice to me.

You know what that moustache needs? A bowler hat and a monocle.

Yeah, so right. The moment I heard that, eh, scream, I thought the same thing.

Wow... that so did not sound like a person dying. >.>;;

My god that mustasche was horrible, even by JRPG standards and yeah, that palace really looks like the magic kingdom.

Can't wait to see how you rip the second part of this opening scene next week you guys! :D

at least they didn't have "dark knights" in their cutscenes, because that i believe would be a copyright violation.

Yeah that did not sound like dying at all. It sounded like she was being impaled in another part of her body with a different kind of weapon.

No white knights?
I did like the sound of queen dying XD

I hope theres water in the moaaaaaaat!

That was the best one in a while. Keep up the good work!

Poor Steve.

This was excellent. I laughed more than usual, have to start watching unskippable more often.

Poor Steve.

That guy was great! Sucks he's gone. :(

"He sounds like Senor Cardgage!"

Yeah, I was just thinking that!

Onyx Oblivion:
I feel the need to get this game, as it's Level 5. And I love Level 5's Layton games and their work with Dragon Quest 8 and 9.

But I've heard very mixed things about it...

I feel exactly the same way.

I like that game, it's jut too bad it's only half a game. Seriously, the plot ends like Halo 2, everyone's ready to kick ass, and it's all "Sorry, you have to wait til next game to resolve all this". The course of the first game is basically just "the good guys get their powers and the bad guy is revealed with his army ready to stomp everyone".

I did pick it back up again on the cheap recently though so I may yet play it some more.

BTW, fun video this week guys, I really enjoyed it. I always thought Old Dude's package looked like a carefully wrapped baguette though.

Hehehehehe JRPGs. They really ARE about a decade behind.

I'm less concerned about the guy's mustache than about his creepy iris-less eyes and the fact that he seems to have two pigeon butts glued to his head.

The French call the orgasm the 'little death' but this is ridiculous.

Yeah, that queen really enjoyed dying.

Oh yeah, and jedi Cardgage's package is clearly filled with melty candy bars, 'cause the prophecy involves standing in lines.


Onyx Oblivion:
I feel the need to get this game, as it's Level 5. And I love Level 5's Layton games and their work with Dragon Quest 8 and 9.

But I've heard very mixed things about it...

Although I haven't completed it, from what I played of it. If you can get past the cheesy story, the gameplay itself isn't that bad really. The multiplayer can be really fun too. If you can get it cheap I'd recommend it. Although it might be an idea to wait and see if the second one is getting released in the west first. The second one includes the first game on the disk from what I've heard.

As for the video, was an entertaining episode, can't wait for the next part.

I'll second this. I completed the single player just to be done with it; more than half, possibly more, of my time with the game was spent in the multiplayer

Best episode in a while. If there had been a Snidely Whiplash joke, it would have been my new favorite.

senior car gage i have his sandwich

That did not sound like dying at ALL

Man, give mustache guy a break. His boss is a guy in a huge spiky full body armor with red glowing eyes. A completely ridiculous mustache is the least he could do to try to keep up.

First thing I thought when hearing the Hooded guy speak was Senior Cardgage. Great minds think alike, (small minds seldom differ.)

The word bomb at the end almost made me choke on dinner.

I love you guys. I do.

"The Kingdom of Balandor. Presented as if you should care."

"That did not sound like dying."

More like it sounded like a little death, amirite?

What are you talking about? She was impaled by a man's steely shaft, why is everyone making jokes like....

*whisper whisper*


I think this might be my favourite one yet!

"I mean what is she, some kind of airplane?"

I hated that game. Why would they let you create your own character if the other characters in the story barely acknowledge his existence? I mean, yeah there's an online component and all, but it still could've been handled better.

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