The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Nintendobo

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This just left me feeling disturbed. Especially the bit about Daddy having sex with the bird toy. I'm sure there's an audience for this kind of thing, but I visit the escapist to be entertained and have a laugh. I hope you keep making these short films because you obviously have a talent for writing some interesting, if not disturbing narrative.

not good BAD please dont vote for this vote for the rvb clone, anything but this

Red Vs Blue clone..... lol wut?

So i when i first looked at your short a number of things confused me, such as goals for the show, mood, story ect. Then When your starting to talk about Depression and Suicide, i was think alright weird different whatever, maybe some kid trying to be deep (from the voice) but also allowing a bit of a laugh.

Then i was reading through some of the comments and i have changed my view, and i Thank you. I do not think i will win because existentialism from a puppet with a young voice, clinging onto the "Game" review just to be in the escapist comp (you could replace the review with anything and still have it work). So you have made a fantastic little piece and i look forward to seeing you next year.

That was an intimate, subtle, disturbing, evocative, interesting, brutal, beautiful, incredibly fucked up short.

And honestly, it's a piece of art that doesn't have a place on a website that advertises Gamedogs and pornstars playing DnD.

Take your series elsewhere if you don't get this spot.

I loved this short and I really hope to see more from Lumalin Productions.

EDIT: I apologize if this offends anyone.

I'm going to politely disagree. As far as gaming sites on the net go, The Escapist is easily the best place for this sort of thing. Look at what's done with Extra Credits, Experienced Points, what was done with View From The Road, what Ask Dr. Mark is trying to do with understanding the psychological impact of games and the gaming culture. If there's a place on the net for high discussion of games as a medium, as an art, and for their impact on the player then it is the Escapist hands down. And I do think that's what Nintendobo is trying to do, but it's not trying to do it from a medium as direct as reviews. It's trying to explain things with narrative rather than lecture. It's not something The Escapist has done before with narrative work, but to say it's not the place for it just because of that is narrow-minded.

A surreal and incredibly strange video. Equal parts disturbing and hilarious. Far too bizarre.

When this showed up last year, I commented that he should submit it to Cartoon Network for their [adult swim] lineup.

My opinion remains unchanged -- this is exactly the sort of thing that wouldn't seem the least bit out of place sitting next to Xavier: Renegade Angel, 12 Oz. Mouse, or anything even tangentially involving Tim and Eric.

Sorry, but if I hadn't been pointed to your other work, I would be adamant that this is no true art but just some kid right out of movie school trying to be deep without trying. It doesn't hit any of the keys it's supposed to hit. Being ambivalent about whether or not you should laugh at something is excellent when done properly, but this doesn't show it. Regardless of your other works, this video, specifically, doesn't convey any emotion and looks like a bad dark comedy with some random stuff thrown together for an ending.

Which is just too bad because I'd love to see a serious (non-comedy) show on the Escapist and while your work isn't exactly up my alley I'm sure I'd watch it anyway.

i fell like my minds been beeped it took my inaseance

Where can I get myself one of those Delicious Birdquist?

I got to say, this is the only video I keep coming back to watch again and again.

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