The Escapist Film Festival 2010: We find this funny

We find this funny

A sketch komedy show about what 3 young people find funny. If you dont like it, well we don't really kare.
If you do like it, we still don't kare but thanks anyway.

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You may find this funny but I wouldn't lay too much on other people finding it funny. I know I didn't.

Also a cursory attention to spelling wouldn't go amiss, the word care features a c rather than a k, as does comedy. Just FYI.

No. Really?

Wow. Its like something /b/ would pull out its ass in an attempt to humour itself.
Sorry if thats hurtful, i just really didnt like your video.

ed wood

Verizon jokes 20 seconds in? 'Kay, that's a problem. This may be the stuff you and your friends find funny, but it doesn't work when you pit it in front of a video. Plus, you can clearly hear you laugh every single time "It's clobbering time." is repeated.

Maybe not the best produced thing here, but it had some funny moments. Looks like you guys had fun making it.

Get over here! *Scheeeew...*

I get the feeling that these are a bunch of in-jokes that nobody gets.

Bad video. Bad sound. Bad joke.

What in the HHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLL were you guys thinking? I just don't even know what I just saw! Much less what to say! You did make me laugh, but I'm not sure if it was with you or at you. I think I was laughing in disbelief that someone sent this in! I'm at a loss for words here. I think you could probably have pulled it off not to the point of "first cut" but at least to the point of explaining yourselves if you had stopped with the phone call, but when the paper puppets came out you lost all hope! I can say it's definitely original material and I'm sure I could picture the staff here laughing at this but, also in disbelief! Come on guys! I want to see something better out of you next year! I'm going back to watch this again and try to figure out what the hells going on here!

Well, I guess the video creators did it for the lulz.


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