The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Guitar Zeros

Guitar Zeros

Documenting a band... but they turn out to be not a real band...

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This is okay, but it drags on after the beginning.

You need to even out the sound mix. It goes from almost inaudible (in the left ear only, which is probably some channel problem with your editing setup) to peaking out the mic regularly.

really great idea, had me chuckling along in places, and well acted I thought. I would love to see this progress further, live gigs etc. But please sort the sound out!

Like Spinal Tap, but with Guitar Hero. Interesting...

Yeh, well i thought i would try and be professional as the built in mic never works so i booked out a boom which ive never used before and failed. But its good to make mistakes to learn from (also it was too late to refilm it)


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