The Escapist Film Festival 2010: A Very Provident Punt - Vol I: Twilight

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A Very Provident Punt - Vol I: Twilight

Ed and Ollie find an unwatched DVD in their movie pile. They decide to watch it, little do they know that the DVD will somehow transport them into "The Dimension of Media Entertainment" The two boys now have the power to explore the world of films, But who knows what damage they may cause...

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I really liked this video and will vote for it every day because i think that it could really work well as a series and it is a change to the gaming shows on this website. It is light hearted and funny and offers a change to everything.

Wow, and to think I thought this was made by Michael Shanks, it's his lame sense of humour, acting style, cinematograpy and editing... Well good job who ever you are.

I really don't know whether to like it or dislike it for looking so much of Doomsday Arcade. I mean; you mentioned it yourself. And I'm a little fan-girlish about that series. But this pilot looked good and so far your among my favorites. I wish you good luck!
If this wins, too bad you started with Twilight, there's so much more to make fun of. But there are 3 other movies so I guess it could work, if you returned.

Now excuse me, I have to weep for half an hour because you reminded me of DA. Why did it have to end!!!!

This is one pretty awesome video to be honest :) The plot is really original and I love the fact Twilight has been subject to mick-taking, without overdoing it a la Vampires Suck :L GREAT VIDEO <3 Hope you win :) xxxx

Special effects were nice, but you need to spend more time getting the mic to work right.

Obvious target, but good humor. I"d like to see what you do with less obvious movies.

Theres more (probably better) stuff on youtube :)

Sick Jack hope you win!

Seems kinda obvious mentioning Doomsday Arcade (especially after you've already done that yourself) but I'm afraid that you don't get marks for telling us who you've copied from. I do like some of your stuff on youtube mind and you may wanna consider going indie via youtube.

Despite this, still good luck in whatever you do.

Good acting.

hahahaha sick job man my favourite out of the lot

Nice to see a ripoff of something that's not Yahtzee.

"It pains me to be close to you."


Love it, Voted for!

LOVE IT! Its realy well written and has some great effects. I so hope you win. I would like to see what you come up with next! :)

LOVE IT! Its realy well written and has some great effects. I so hope you win. I would like to see what you come up with next! :)

I did not write this!!! IMPOSTER!

Awesome! I can see this turning into an amazing sereis.


omg its so good

AAhhh i loove this its awesome :), it wasn't predictable and it was edgy and funny! Wicked, it should be on tv :)

wow! such a good video! definatly should win!

could see this as a TV series in the future!!

I love it! I loved doomsday arcade too though and this might just be my lust for something more in that writing style. Good acting and sfx too...

This is just to frigging awesome, good job

I've seen the real Twilight too, and for the budget this is better!!! "it pains me to be close to you" what a line!!

I'm Back! Keep on Voting everyone! :D

Whose Government is to blame!?

I approve of this

Well I was hoping for a Doomsday Arcadeish entry, so you're definitely getting my vote. Good acting, good jokes and bloody good special effects mean I am definitely hoping for something good to come of this

EDIT: Okay to be fair I don't actually see this ripping off Doomsday Arcade and more it just being in sorta the same genre....

I'm also comletely unbiased, it's not write I wrote it or anything :P

I love the sense of humour in this :) Hope you win!!

Honestly, you were sucking Shanks dick a little to much there.

But this has a lot of potential and i hope it wins.

lol.... this was just hilarious i hope you make more. loving the effects ! great acting "bella" classic, literally sums up twilight haha. two hours of gay vampires or about 5 minutes of comedy and good acting... i would definatly go for this. hope you guys win whoever made this!
good luck :)

Meh, pretty much feels like they are trying to do Doomsday again with movies instead.

We were afraid of that comparison :)
We're trying to make it so that it's more about parodying movies, rather than a fight between the main characters and the characters in the movies themselves. This, I feel, is the main distinction between the two series.

In retrospect, we definately shouldn't have put in the Doomsday Arcade reference at the beginning, that opened us up to a lot of copying accusations.

Thanks for all of the constructive criticism, it will help us develop and improve!

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