The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Just Another Zombie Apocalypse

Just Another Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies and Mummies and Chee-tos... Oh my! Vampire Hunter Celine has dealt with it all. But when reality tears apart, leaving her in a house of apathetic gamers who would rather play games then help, she must recruit the house to fight the overwhelming odds and restore balance to the universe. If only anyone cared.

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I could happily watch the two on the sofa. They remind me so much of me and my friends.

"I just washed these socks.." ;_;

Sound could do with adjusting at times.

Good stuff!

you can see a block of knives right beside the drawer ;P

Captain Bobbossa:
you can see a block of knives right beside the drawer ;P

Yea i saw them too =\

This is bad. I could watch it. Love the light-hearted music throughout the video. Good luck guys.

Is bad good? Huh... I hope bad is good... Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. Wanted the whole thing to have a silly/fun vibe so I'm glad that people are liking that aspect of it.

I love Canadians! This video is quite funny so I voted. Good luck with the contest.

The music really adds a lot to the atmosphere, it's a really nice touch. I'm assuming that this would be episodic rather than plot-driven, so I'd really like to see how life actually changes for everyone. The lighting could be a little more consistent, though, and the audio gets echo-y at times. Still, really good. Hope to see more episodes.

I really love this.

Should I shamelessly plug my website on the forums for those who enjoyed the series?


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