Daily Drop: Cheese Dip

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Cheese Dip

Of course, the word "cheese" is used only in the loosest sense.

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Id hate to be the guy who has to clean that up. Surprised it didnt break the first time you dropped it.

This is unvelievable! How could it not break? I broke a jar of apple jam by dropping it from only 30 cm just the other day. (This show is a bad influence.)

The jar had high resistance against shattering..hehe

Cheesiness everywhere :p

I have to say I was a bit gutted it didn't break on the first drop. But when it finally splatted, it felt like justice.

That's so not any relation of cheese whatsoever.

That cheese may not be good, but damn you have to give them props for the glass it is in. I was expecting it to shatter more so I was naturally underwhelmed that it only broke on the bottom.

I was a bit surprised by the failure, but in the end it all turned out well. If tomorrow's doesn't smash upon first drop then I will be completely amazed.

How can they even think that stuff's cheese? It looks like melted lego.

ooh ceramic thing next time. looking forward to it.

Gotta love the splatter!

That's quite a bit of glass. For once, I'm actually glad the crowbar was not necessary. Picking glass out of one's beard is never fun, and that easily could have hit Graham in the cheese-hole.

This is the first episode I actually replayed just after watching.

Pretty cool.
Somehow it reminded me of that weird game Catherine.
And yeah, the jar not breaking when dropped onto such an hard terrain? Demonry, witchcraft!

dang that jar did not break the first time.
i have dropped jars of salsa at knee height (which is about 35cm off the ground) while trying to put them in the fridge and they break to a thousand pieces.

So I get that the show is called daily 'DROP', but I really think you guys should initiate a new rule...if it doesn't break the first time, you should really wing it down, give it some extra momentum. This was, as always, entertaining to watch...but if it really smashed down...well that'd be awesome.
And a little more dangerous for the dropper I guess.....did I say dangerous? I of course meant ADVENTUROUS!

Close, but it didn't live up to the legend that is, the pepper shaker.

Good episode. WOuld hate to have to clean that up. I would have laughed if you dropped nachos after it.

That didn't break as much as I thought it would but hey...less mess to clean up and good initial spreading of cheese plus it would've dirtied Mr. Crowbar.

Brand new vacuum sealed containers, even glass ones, will always have issues breaking. For best effect you should unseal them first and take some contents out. Physics are cool.

Younnat is amazing and so is this show :p

Thats some thick "cheese" !

Come on! Drop Paul already!

That one was cool.. and yay for Canadian Brands. :) Old Dutch is a proud Winnipeg tradition, though I'm sure we won't take responsibility for the travesty against taste that is fake cheese sauce.

I'm going to pick up a few jars of this cheese simply for the jars. That was witchcraft when it survived the first drop.

The Lizard of Odd:
So I get that the show is called daily 'DROP', but I really think you guys should initiate a new rule...if it doesn't break the first time, you should really wing it down, give it some extra momentum.

Paul does that, every once in a while. If you watch the second attempt at the pumpkin, he gives it a little bit of encouragement.

What a cheesy video.

This looks just.. ewww..

aaw... i was hoping for a crowbar moment :(


I bet that was a bitch to clean up afterward.

That stretch of wall in the background will, by the end of the series, be so colorfully shit-coated and disgusting, that it will spawn a race of 'Evil undead rainbow goo monsters' who will kill us all. and on that day....i F@*#$ing CALLED IT!

i love this show, by the way

Say cheese!

See, if I had dropped that it would have shattered, nay, exploded on impact, making a mess that would have required scrubbing of all surfaces of the room.

I think that on the second throw the label kept the majority of the glass together, it might have been better to remove it before dropping it.
Saying that the splatter was great, though I have no idea under what terms that goo can be called cheese.

I love it! must have watched this three or four times.

It's only missing the sound effect "GLORP!" I like how the whole thing just sat there once the "cheese" had solidified it to the floor. I wonder what difference it would have made to heat the whole thing up first, though?

Now see, I don't like cheese dip at the best of times. Watching it burst apart in slow motion did -not- make it better. Still was awesome to watch, though! :D

That was satisfation,cheese dip on the walls

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