Zero Punctuation: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

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Great video, very funny and informative. I was actually on the fence on whether or not to get the game.



I bet this has thrown everyone in the UK who forgot about BST.


British Summer Time. Our clocks went back an hour on Sunday to GMT.

I find this daylight saving time very stupid. Especially now that I see that not all countries are doing it at the same time.

The US isn't doing it until Saturday the 6th.

Let's just set our clocks to whatever time we want it to be and it will be so. Yup, I just changed mine to 6pm. Time skipped my class for today, so it didn't have time to start.

good review, i was hoping he;d like it, i thought he characters personalities worked well

I loved this game, but totally acknowledge that it deserves its fair share of criticism. It started out as a cgi movie, so the gameplay feels pretty thrown together all around. But not the story, though. I think when you say "inconsistent," what you mean is "character development." And things like Trip not quite making every jump and needing to be pulled up added a dimension of believability to the game in those early levels - it shakes your faith in the otherwise implausible acrobatics being pulled off left and right, giving the characters a little more vulnerability. Of course as the game progresses, the acrobatics just get more and more nuts until Trip is casually asking Monkey to do crazy stunts for which there should be no expectation for survival, whatsoever.

space pilot jesus christ vs. mecha pontius hahahhaah!! Sounds like a good christmas game to play with the family. Maybe they'll make it compatible with Kinect and Move lol.

Awww, I was expecting a New Vegas review.

Still, great work. Amusing as always I guess.

There are things like fable 3 and you are reviewing this shit?

Yahtzee Croshaw:

Even if the characters were shifty, the camera was nailed to your back, the platforming was just "follow the yellow brick road) and the combat was "press X to make dead," you got to admit that (most) of the areas showed how a game set after the world doesn't need to be BROWN.

As much of a fanboy excuse that sounds like, I don't think that fixes the problems with the rest of the game, just makes it more tolerable because it is good to see a big action game have some color for once.

I'm waiting for a price drop on this one, not because I don't think it looks good or anything but I just blew all money on some games (that haven't been given the Zero Punctuation treatment...yet) and being only 8 hours long.

The motion capture in all fairness look really good, more so by the average video game standard.

Hey now. Xuanzang's gender went unrecorded by history! It could have been a clingy harpy for all we know.
*just wanted to contribute*

Hang on is 'Bollocks' colloquial British for butt or balls? well, that was the strangest question i have ever asked.

Good point about the necessity of a game whose plot is based around revenge to make the player invested in that revenge. God of War did this well: it drew you in, drew you along, and then ended fairly fittingly (I speak of God of War 1 and to a lesser degree 2: I haven't played 3 yet).

I had not heard of this game before: it actually sounds somewhat interesting, but there's no way I have the time/money for it right now.

Hang on is 'Bollocks' colloquial British for butt or balls? well, that was the strangest question i have ever asked.

Am probably going to be ninja'd repeatedly, but bollocks = balls.

Okay, I haven't watched it yet, but...


EDIT: Damn it.

I literally counted the cumber of good spots for one as I watched. There were 11.

I don't know what to think about his comments about the combat...

There were parts of the game i.e. - the windmill part - I spent forever trying to pass because the robots were pounding me into the ground.

I did play it on hard difficulty though.

I'm only commented because I never heard of this game before now.

...So wait, the game is supposed to be "based" on the Chinese tale "Journey to the West" and the main character is NOT an actual monkey? Man, fuck that! I don't care WHAT they replaced him with, having a monkey as the main character is what made it interesting!

Well I thought Enslaved would be shit. I was right.

Yea you know you can rely on Yahtzee for all your objective and conclusive video game reviewing needs.......
I guess this means every game he has ever reviewed is crap.

I bet this has thrown everyone in the UK who forgot about BST.

Certainly got me. Pleasant surprise, though.

I love ZP and Yahtzee's got some great perspectives on these games, but I lose a lot of respect when he breaks out "retarded" and tries to pull it off as a legitimate review. You've got a wonderful vocabulary, Yahtzee, with plenty of other insulting words in it. Leave "retarded" out of it, please.

strange he didn't mention anything for being a clone from the vastly superior Ico

When I heard in another review that there was a game mechanic that kills you that was controlled by an NPC I had no further interest in it. Think about that for a second; NPC's are inherently idiotic and I'm supposed to be killing my allies not the other way around. Perhaps that's the underlying implication from the Journey to the West -- the arrogant gamers that always laugh at shooting the Marines as Master Chief and what not will be humbled by escorting an NPC that kills them instead.

This makes me dread the coming of DmC even more. Godammit!

Aww enjoyd the jokes yahtzee , especially the blowjob in a wind tunnel face XD
and noting that the game is unrelated to the story, good stuff, Have a great week! ^_^

Ah this needs some proper Monkey

Also to be fair to the game, Tripitaka always had a vagina in the TV series too :)

"Claiming that Enslaved was inspired by Journey to the West is like renaming Master Chief 'Elizabeth' and claiming that HALO was inspired by Pride and Prejudice".

Well done, Yahtzee, well done indeed.

Well I thought Enslaved would be shit. I was right.

Yea you know you can rely on Yahtzee for all your objective and conclusive video game reviewing needs.......
I guess this means every game he has ever reviewed is crap.[/quote]
Except for Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of the Collossus.

A deathly laser-firing scorpion handing out postcards and fruit baskets?
I dunno about you guys, but that just reeks of t-shirt design.

Thanks for the review. The game is an experience, will pick it up when it's alot cheaper.

'Journey to the West', huh? I remember watching a cartoon with this exact synopsis... :O
also, good review Yahtzee :P

I noticed the audio is really, really compressed on this one, that or his mic has had an off day the past two weeks. Does anyone know if this is because I am not a "Publisher Club" member and that the high quality vids are now tied into high quality audio? I do audio eng. on the side so it bugs me to no end. Sorry if it has been answered elsewhere.

I was deeply enjoying Enslaved until right up near the end, when it goes all Assassin's Creed and shoves you into mobs of bad guys for two hours. And the 'twist' at the end was a gigantic, incongruous, poorly-conceived slap in the face that almost literally had nothing to do with the rest of the game. Imagine if, at the end of Dark Knight, the Joker had revealed he was actually a robot and everything that happened during the course of the film took place in The Matrix. It's that level of jarring and bad. It makes you throw down your controller in confusion and disgust.

What clinches it is how well Enslaved flows in the beginning. The first fifteen minutes are quite literally one of the most mind-blowingly intense gaming experiences I've ever had, and the atmosphere and chemistry throughout the rest of the game is fantastic. And then it takes a flying train to bullshit-ville and everything turns unbelievably bad.

Loved the radioactive mountain goat. A must have for all amateur rock-climbers.

Wow. And so many reviewers were praising the crap out of this game, most notably for its links to the folk lore it's supposed to be based off. Then along comes Yahtzee and tells them all they're a bunch of fanboy poopy heads for believing such crap and destroys the game like a furious kitten attacking a plushie. Colour me impressed.

Edit: Completely irrelevant, but what colour is "impressed" anyway?

If I want to experience Journey to the West I'll read Dragon Ball or Saiyuki, because at least those have cities blowing up and a smoking, drinking, swearing, gun-toting priest respectively. I wish more people would give The Water Margin some love, even if Suikoden kind of has a monopoly on that

Hooray! Dolphins! :)
Great review as always yahtzee

I hate it when he reviews games like this. I've never even heard of Enslaved, would never have played it anyway and therefore was only mildly entertained/interested in this review. After all the big name releases that just came out, frankly I was expecting something much better.

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