Trailers: Deca Sports Freedom

Deca Sports Freedom

From Kendo to Figure Skating, Deca Sports Freedom allows gamers to play 10 different sporting games with the Xbox Kinnect.

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Oh Hudson...You can't even make this game on the 360 look good.

That is really politically correct. They only need somebody in a wheelchair... But how would he ski?
I'm still curious as to how Microsoft will make the Kinect move beyond the shovelware-phase. The Wii is still struggling several years in.

That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Somehow, Wii sports looks better

this looks nothing like wii sports... these guys have arms...

looks super lame

So this is different from WiiSports how?

Well, I guess there is no controller to accidentally fling into the television.


too mainstream escapist. dont succumb to the economical satan! or something.


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