The Escapist Presents: Dungeons & Dragons: Opening the Monster Vault

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It looks awesome but just increases the pain of not being able to play dnd.

What the deuce! Its a soft cover. Is anyone else put off by that.

It looks awesome but just increases the pain of not being able to play dnd.

Your Welcome :)


Dirty Apple:
My computer monitor is presently sitting atop my 3.5 Monstrous Manuals. Good I love those books. I haven't played AD&D since I was a kid, but I'm a sucker for the fluff and art work.

You sir! You are a winner! *Pins 3.5 Badge on you, then shows you mine*

3.5. Separates men from boys. B]

[internetfistpound]Thank you for the beautiful pin. It smells faintly of cheezies. The crunchy ones. Always happy to find like-minded individuals.[/internetfistpound]

I WOULD play 3.5 if I could find the books, and poor me can't order them. So 4e for me until I rustle up the monies.

This stuff looks good. The monies issue though...



I say old chap:
Take your fourth ed and begone!

Minis, cut-outs, this flashy shit is not necessary. Pen, paper, dice and portable white board and texters. All this superficial glitzy detail won't make a good campaign, and fourth has taken the rules in some terrible directions. Too simplified and limited for my tastes.

Why looking at this new box and its creatures, and I don't even see a new monster either. Recycled dnd of yester-year sold back in gaudiness.

I have to heartily agree with almost everything you said, although 4E wasn't the beginning of the "flashy shit", as you describe it - the 3.0/3.5 versions of D&D really amped up the visual flair, virtually forcing you to buy the new full-color dungeon maps/tile sets and hundreds of minis to keep up with the "new cinematic feel" of the game.

I've played 4E on several occasions, and it just doesn't feel like D&D to me - it's strayed too far from the idea that player characters are indeed specialists and profoundly different from class to class. Now every character can do almost the exact same things as all the others - it's more like playing World of Warcraft or Everquest. I still prefer to play 3.5E, especially since Pathfinder came out and made the system it even better.

They hardly forced you to buy that stuff, it was your choice. I've always played with floor plans and minatures, but mainly because I collect minatures anyway, and I started playing with ye old Runequest and AD&D, they just give what your playing on a little more solidness, then you can let your imagination run from there, not having any material aid aside from a whiteboard just seemed to lesson the experience for me, as it is literally just sitting there rolling dice, but if you prefer to play that way then you can, Wizards of the Coast aint forcing you to buy anything.

Apparently, either you're unaware of the definition of the word "virtually" or you just decided to ignore it's inclusion in that sentence. TMYK...

Oh wizards of the coast keep b*llsh*ting european history plus lame monters for your profit. Bear owl are you kidding bug bear i can kinda get bear owl oh just go die somewhere

What the deuce! Its a soft cover. Is anyone else put off by that.

It looks awesome but just increases the pain of not being able to play dnd.

Your Welcome :)

Thank you very much good sir :)

Wizards who can heal themselves with daily allotments of healing? Yeah, a lot of changes I am not in favour of.

As for Pathfinder, it certainly made itself sexy with some persuasive rule changes to draw in players. I've tried the beta pretty hard in my games, but core went too far and I've almost rolled it back to 3.5 (but with some inclusions from beta) due to certain changes trying to remove the weaknesses of classes (like taking wizards to d6). Combat manoeuvres also got screwed, monk became ridiculous with the number of things it got, paladin fused the healer class to it, rogue gains too many special abilities or combat feats with its tricks (as much as I like the beta rogue, it isn't balanced, but that's a problem with more than a few of the classes).

Each to his own of course, but with my 3.5 modified rule set, I cand draw in and use almost anything from 3 to pathfinder, with perhaps some modification. Hell, I even have the books converting second ed stuff to third and 3.5.

4 is a damn gimmick and I gain two points of crotchetiness for bucking the trend. Now roll the d100 table for forum responses as you enter the 30 by 30 forum.

looks pretty cool, but were playing 3.5, so it doesent really match to our campaign.

I move that we have a new video series for Greg's Lunch Time game.

I just got into DnD. I grabbed a red box and told some friends to try it out with me. We finished the stuff in red box last thursday and I hooked the into my new campaign, this thursday I have five or six players and me. I have some monster books and everyone has made their new characters. If any of you want to play and you can't because your group has split, just ask some current friends like I did.

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