Critical Miss: Trivial Advice

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The Cheezy One:
Am I the only one who finds Erin unbearably attractive?
EDIT: Before you say how weird I am, or that yes, I am the only one, feel free to read the rest of this thread. About 6 people so far have quoted me agreeing with me, and other people have quoted them agreeing with them. Thank you.

Comic-book Erin, yeah(personality wise at least).
Real-life Erin... I haven't met her yet so I can't make any statement.

OT: Why are there no gamer girls around here open for a relationship! I know my game trivia really well.

I personally hate Erin, and the strip was... well c'mon, it could have put a better question. I'm a Megaman fanatic and I remember when he started sliding, when the charge shot was introduced(MM4) and many other things :P

C'mon, you should have put a far wittier question to make this strip work, IMO.

Agreed, obvious question. I would've been more obsessed if it was regarding megaman release dates or something (Stayed a few hours obsessing for not remembering the year megaman 6 was released, if it was 1992 or 1993, and the internet was down so I could not google it)

That is so CRUEL!
Why would anyone do that?

I didn't read all of the comments to see if anyone else has mentioned it but was that a Scott Pilgrim movie reference in panel 4? I recently saw the movie and it crossed my mind when I read panel 4

Could have sworn it was MM3...

The caption reminds me of the time of where I actually used to hang out with those guys...

What does the last panel mean?

XD I like this one.

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