Escape to the Movies: Four Lions

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Moviebob needs to do better research. If you want to be technical, there WERE comedies of the Nazis done DURING WWII: You Nazty Spy! (1940) and The Great Dictator (1940). This is not counting all the satire (dark comedy) cartoons such as "Ductators" (1943) as well as the insane amount of stuff WB put out between 1942-1945 including those where the main characters take on Hitler himself (sometimes literally) such as "Daffy: The Commando" (1943), "Pan Alley Cats" (1943), "Plane Daffy" (1944), "A Russian Rhapsody" (1944), and "Herr Meets Hare" (1945)

Brass Eye was awesome. I expected no less from Lions. Thankye Bob!

This film needs an NTSC release already!
The PAL release is of course, sped up 4% and it makes Barry in particular seem more like he's a toddler having a tempter tantrum. At the RIGHT speed, he's an extremely imposing individual; volatile like a bomb that could explode at any second, which is part of where the comedy with his character specifically lies.

Even the fucking BLURAY was encoded in PAL. Pisses me off to no end, I thought Blurays did away with all this PAL speed-up bullshit. UGH.

To those looking to see this: Buy the DVD, not the bluray, watch it on your computer and slow it down 4% with VLC player with the little button in the corner that says "1.0x" Set it to "0.96x" instead, because that is the ACTUAL speed the film was shot in. 4% speed change is a very subtle difference, but it is capable of literally changing the entire tone and mood of a piece. Four Lions doesn't work in PAL, quite simply put.
Or just wait for the NTSC.

For me this film is comparable to Team America, not because of what it sets out to do (making terrorists seem silly) but because of how I built it up in my mind and the fall once I'd seen it. Trey Parker and Chris Morris are two people whose work I adore, I'm a total fanboy of each and I was expecting both Team America and Four Lions to blow me away and cause my throat to tear from laughter.
I enjoy both of the films and as films I think they're both really good. But as comedies I've always been slightly let down whenever I watch them.

I saw Four Lions at a festival though, so it was a really different viewing experience. And now its out on DVD I'm going to see if Lovefilm will send it my way in the next few days, so I'm looking forward to having a private watch.

havent even heard of this movie, but with my utmost hatred for the government and anything related i wouldnt be surprised if i went and saw this movie

awesome review as always. but i must stress that the honey monster IS A PLAGIARISTIC YELLOW WANKER! lol just look up the mighty boosh/crimping and then look for the sugar puffs ad with the crimp in it.

Loved this film, it was a work of genius

This is now available on Netflix Streaming. I watched it last night.

It has some funny moments but humanizes the terrorists more than I care to see and was ultimately:

1) Not funny enough;
2) About a subject that is truly evil.

I spent too much time wanting to kill these idiots rather than laugh at them.

Chris Morris is a fucking genius. I recommend Brass Eye to anyone who hasn't seen it. :)

I will admit, this takes you to a number of this guy's other stuff, and it is very, very funny.

Great movie Bob xD

Loved the water-fighting scene particularly but still: great overall film. Thank the Gods and Goddesses for Netflicks

You don't have the Honey Monster in the US? Please tell me you at least have rubber dinghy rapids.

It's a very tragic film. At the end of it you have little sympathy for anyone.
It's strange, but the death scenes in the last act are the most disturbing I've seen in any films. It's not how they death that disturbs me, it's why they die.
Even the wife and child you don't feel sorry for because, they have the same philosophy as the main characters.
The only one I did feel sorry for was the one who was so paranoid that he ran round in circles and tripped then...

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