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I want to play Decadent Sports League chess... playing with the piece naturally haha.

I had a dream last night that Graham Stark was in...

He was trying to burn my house down.

so...that's Darnoffkamium, Unobtainium and a collection of gasses collected from jupiter?

So that's why they built the Large Hadron Collider. It all makes sense now!

This looks like a regular tuesday for me.........

Is that weird?

How does the first ever Decadent Sports League competition have a tradition of using Yangtze River Dolphins?
But I must say, the decadence was impressive. Once I finish my dinner of a steak made from a Triple Crown winner, I plan on getting involved with some of these events.

So Franklin Elway made the cut, but Desmond Lamont didn't. This leads me to assume that the Viking Secret Wild Card Poker Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship is some form of initiation.

Very clever, and well done.

I do think you spent too much time on the medal commentary that might have been better spent going over different sports, though.

Being an indentured servant is no excuse for sloppy swordplay Kathleen.

Hate to break this to you, but I don't actually know how to use a sword. It is my only weakness (my weakness to Bears not withstanding)

Morgan's back! Yeah!!!

Nicely done.

this would totally be more fun to watch than the olympics, and Nasa should think about maybe starting space shuttle racing...

Also, a poor show by Mr Burns at the bottom of the table

Wow, I never knew Elway was so rich. Guess his career in No Limit Viking Secret Wild Card Poker must have Taken off. Ever thought of writing out the rules for that game?

I always enjoy when you guys do the professional fake sports videos. Awesome job. I don't know why but the Faberge Egg Toss was my favorite event.
Morgan is back! But for how long?.....

Does it it make me a bad person to say that I would not only watch this show, But buy the the hyper-dimensional cube rhombus set made entirely out of the eyeballs of sharktopus pups?

It amuses me that A) someone in America has heard of cricket and B) you're implying it's a game played by millionaires.

That was awesome. It made me laugh pretty hard. I can't imagine if that was all real.

"I'm expensively blinded!"

That's got to be one of the best episodes you guy'a have done in a while! Now these are the kind of sports I would watch everyday if they were real! :D

Lady Kathleen:

Being an indentured servant is no excuse for sloppy swordplay Kathleen.

Hate to break this to you, but I don't actually know how to use a sword. It is my only weakness (my weakness to Bears not withstanding)

First, I have to say, great video guys!

Secondly, I was going to mention Kathleen, your first move was to raise your sword, and simply let Alex theatrically clash against it, who was frankly just playing with you before he slit your guts open. You didn't even try to parry! Heck either of you could have ended it quickly had you went for a simple straight stab.

I expect better swordsmanship from a comedy sketch show crew, and if the standard does not improve, I will stop watching your video's forever. (Joke)

Sorry. Historical fencer in the house. : )

If pushing back the cure for cancer is the price to pay for entertainment. I have no problem

But the diamonds wouldn't break when you shot them...


Wait, how did Paul operate the boom mic AND appear on camera? Also, with the type of money these people have to throw around, why aren't his eyes diamond-infused already?? That would obviously be the first thing anyone with that kind of money would do....

Ha! Awesome

Paul, this is definitely one of your better writing jobs!

But the diamonds wouldn't break when you shot them...

They would if you shot them with diamonds.

I hate to nitpick, but did Madame De Vere say "Nuc-u-lar"?

Elway? Does my memory serve me correct? I do believe that means that whatever stays in the DSL stays in the DSL. Could have been saved if he was wearing his signature sunglasses.

At the end, is he also shooting diamond bullets out of a lovingly hand painted diamond shotgun?

Also, I think that brings the total callbacks for Poker before Dusk up to 2?

I think we should take it upon ourselves to teach Kathleen proper swordplay. Really, it's such an important life skill! We would be hindering society if we didn't at least offer.

Man, how do you guys come up with this stuff? Pure awesome.

"I'm expensively blinded!"

If I'm going blind, this is the way I want it to happen.

Great video guys. We're all going to die from cancer but at least the top 1% of the Earth's population had fun at our expense.

LOL that was easily the best LRR in a very long time, if not absolutely.

Katana wielding pawns for the win!!

Absolutely loved this one :D
Indentured Servant Chess needs to be a sport quickly!

Loved the stinger with Paul

Expensively Blinded!

Hehe, this entire episode made me giggle. Really well done on everyone's part! Not to mention, Yay Morgan! We could use more Morgan in our LRR :D (And Bill, but thats a different story.) I can't decide which bit was my favorite, but really, Indentured Servant Chess was great!

I'm sure I'm not the first but I must... IT'S OVER 900,000!!!

See if Paul had been wearing his glasses he wouldn't be expensively blinded...
Love this video guys keep up the great work.

It's good to have morgan back but I have to wonder why you didn't put more effort into battering Jeremy...

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