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Wow, I never knew Elway was so rich. Guess his career in No Limit Viking Secret Wild Card Poker must have Taken off. Ever thought of writing out the rules for that game?

I'll just leave this right here. It needs some extensive playtesting, though.

Marvellously entertaining, who did you force to drown in the pool?

Side note, because we call it clay pigeon shooting in England, I was sure he said "Diamond Ski jump shooting' and was so expecting either Jer or Morgan to come crashing into the shot having fail to have been hit.

I think, thanks to LRR, I've come extremely close to see Paul Saunders naked....and if you've been a long time viewer, so have you!

Pretty sure the chess thing was a nice little nod to "The Prisoner" where I seem to remember them playing a similar such game.

Sad and funny because it is true.

I was hoping for a better showing from Borington. My Fantasy Decadent Sports team isn't doing so well this week.

Borington not faring that well... I guess the power of his Creepy Doll Emporium wasn't enough. T-T

(For those who don't know, it's a reference to commodoreHUSTLE episode "The Arms Race".)

Hmm, i'd give you third place. Quite funny and nonsensical, but not quite nonsensical enough to push Basketball out of second, and Monty Pythons Upperclass Twit of the year remains unbeaten yet again!

hahaha this was great
don't know how I missed it
or why so many others did
okay it coulda been more by the second half but still funny :]

I noticed a significant lack of the Mann family involved in this tournament.

You'd think that 2 people who control every last scrap of land on the planet would be into that sort of thing. I guess they're satisfied with throwing mercenaries at each other.

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