Daily Drop: Strong Beer

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Strong Beer

The quickest way to pour one out for your homies.

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who knew crappy beer could be so entertaining!

what a waste of beer...

though nice looking!

I would like to register my approval of this video and its smashing excellence! I especially liked the rain of beer at the end. And I have no qualms about the "waste" of this beverage: my understanding is that it is crap beer (or at the very least, quite cheap).

Also, here is my suggested tag-line for this video: "Not so strong at 9.8 meters per second squared."

I thought it was over. Then the rain of droplets came down. That was awesome!

It was surprisingly cool at the end watching the drops fall down x3 It looked like they were making craters in the foam.

That was by far the coolest drop to date. So awesome.

Yay it's raining beer :D

Best Drop yet! I love how that one piece of glass barely moved!

First drop to make me say HOLY SHIT, when you dropped it in normal motion.


Oh wait, it's cheap American beer.

Carry on. ;)

I loved the drops on the foam, and the way the top exploded upwards. Very cool fluid physics.

Beautiful. The way the shock ran straight up to the most fragile part of the bottle, exploding it at its ends. Just awesome.

This one was quite entertaining, and I did love the foamy beer rain near the end. Thanks!

That was mesmerizing to look out ... The rain of beer at the end looked awesome

That was really awesome, best one I've seen yet, freaking awesome and since I don't drink, waste all the beer you like

I loved watching the light glint over the Colt 45 on the cap of the bottle.

/It was poetic of greed and societal injustice etc. etc./sarcasm

Also, the feeling of, what the hell could possibly happen over the next minute OMG IT'S SNOWING was a great feeling.

I truly hope there is a dropping of a six pack or something of the like. Possibly even a nice pressurizing can whipping about. Good times, good beers.

Also, I love Colt 45, but I'm a bigger fan of BullMax, I prefer drunkeness to taste as I can't stand the taste of beer anyway.

The first thing that went trough my mind when the splash started was:
"Dear God, the sorceress's frozen nova was bear all along!"

For a strong beer, it sure was concealed inside weak glass. Wow, that joke was lame.

Nukular Beerdrops :0

That was probably the best one yet. I was surprised at how cool that was.

It works every time:

Does this qualify as Alcohol Abuse? I know it's not good beer, but it's still beer...

Speaking of which... (sip) ahhh...

Bag of flour next? There could be a crowbar in our future. Those things don't usually break when you drop them, unless they hit something else on the way down. Admittedly, though, I haven't seen one drop from that height before.

Daily drops are too fast. The moment of impact, the most interesting part is over within a few frames. I think they should run a LOT slower, and just cut some off the end to keep the run length the same. Daily drops are like 2% cool and 98% filler.

Aw. I miss the longer intro.

Otherwise, that was awesome. Though technical problems always seem to plague me with videos, so this one intitially stalled in the middle.

The only good thing to come from Colt 45. That stuff isn't beer, it's the sludge they take out of the Milwaukee sewers.

I liked the sounds the glass made hitting the ground in slow motion. Once again, have fun cleaning that up.

Mother of GOD, that was awesome!

The column of beer draining upon impact...
The vast field of white foam...
The impressive shower of foam droplets...
They myriad of cute tiny splashes...

I guess you guys really did need a 40-ounce bottle for that much effect instead of a 12-ounce bottle.

Also, I liked how the Colt 45 label said "strong beer".

Too bad cleaning all that up had to be a real pain in the nuts...

when i saw this vid i had a similair reaction...IN MAH PANTS! <_>

By strong beer did you mean the bottle was strong or the beer itself was strong?

Either way, it was spectacular.


Made quite a splash too, did any of the equipment get wet?

That was a really good drop. I liked the way the glass broke and the little droplets at the end were great as well.


Excellent drop and glad to hear the better cut of the intro song is back.

LRR Mondays, Best Mondays.

That must have been a PAIN to clean up, being sticky and all that.

I actually thought the camera was hit with the initial beer blast as well, because that thing really went BOOM.

Also, I hereby want the Earth to start raining/snowing beer. Because it is awesome.

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