Daily Drop: Strong Beer

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as homer simpson would say DU'OH what a waste , let us pause to remember the loss of a beer , unless it's lite beer then it can go to hell ... lol

for tommorows drop I smell corwbar.

I hereby want the Earth to start raining/snowing beer. Because it is awesome.

And when you say that, you mean BEER beer, not... well, this:

best one yet

This is probably the most useful thing you can do with a Colt 45.

That beer deserves it, Colt 45 is terrible.

This is just my opinion, but I think this was the best one yet!

The beer rain was the best bit. Nicely shot!

So does Paul have to stay on the ladder until the cleanup is finished? Glass shards in one's feet are no fun.

I love the raindrops... very cool.
Also, I was kinda surprised how it broke in two places, but I suppose the very first drop has already taught me how brittle glass is.

I wonder how long the Drop room will smell like beer.

It's raining beer. All my dreams have become true!

Quite possibly the best one yet.

that's what charly sheen does.

Just when I was starting to get bored of the Daily Drop, comes the best episode yet. The way it shattered was just beautiful, and the drops of beers at the end, gorgeous.

Why did you waste perfectly good beer, I fucking hate you guys.

OMFG!!! that was pure AWESOMEAGE!!!! Just seeing the drops of beer fall down like little snowballs is great!!!!

Plus it was intriguing to watch that bottle go SKADOOSH!!!


how about adding a camera in a different angle (for example from up the ladder) to mix things up a bit? keep the people interested :P

It's raining beer. All my dreams have become true!

Unless it starts Raining Bottles of Snapple and Arnold Palmers I suggest you get to DREAMING!!!

Sacrificing beer in the name of science. Have you no moral ethics?

but guys, Colt 45 and two zigzags, baby thats all we need!

WOW that was an amazing one guys. i back and forth it 6 or 7 times and every time noticing something different. for the ripple of foam the second it hit the ground and watching the shine of the lights on the cape to the falling droplets that look like snow do to all the foam color in them..... love it.... i'm going to go watch it again

As Homer Simpson would say...


-No beer and no T.V makes Homer something something...-

That's Alcohol abuse!!! Oh wait, Colt 45? Abuse away then.

Alcohol is what makes snow apparently!

Fantastic! I'm always amazed by how high up many of these things go after shattering.

my favorite one yet

That exploded like a bitch! Did you see the backdrop in the wide angle shot? It rippled. Awesome.

And is it just me, but does them specifying that it's STRONG beer mean they've got some weak beer for us later...?

That was mesmerizing to look out ... The rain of beer at the end looked awesome

You know, your avatar would go well with a cold beer right now... if the bottle hadn't been smashed.

OT: I always thought these videos were interesting only at the moment of impact, and then they would just drag on longer than necessary. The beer rain at the very end of this one proved me wrong.

thank the Gods it was only Colt 45, if this was something valuable like guiness, or Boulevard, or Sam Adam's... I think the guy who dropped it would be tomorrows daily drop.


That almost sounded like a light bulb crashing on the floor.. wonder if being air tight has anything to do with that.

It snows! Wow, that was probably your best one yet.

Glass and liquid. Daily drop is probably my new favorite thing.

Easily the best yet. At first it looked like a recreation of the Big Bang and it turned into what looks like snow. Visually awesome.

You know, this video is missing something. Maybe some sort of PSA announcement saying "This is your brain on Colt 45" or something like that.

as homer simpson would say DU'OH what a waste , let us pause to remember the loss of a beer , unless it's lite beer then it can go to hell ... lol

Should we pour one on the curb in remembrance of the lost beer.

Also, near the end: Yay! It's snowing hard liquor.


I mean, smashing an XBox, ok, but an innocent bottle of beer?
Not even much left to crowbar.

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