Critical Miss: Trolling for Justice

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hehe probably the best strip yet

This weeks. Is briloliant.
But holy balls, my opinion of Scalia has changed dramatically.

This comic wins nine thousand internets! I laughed so hard the first time I read it, then looked up the news report to understand the situation... which then brought me into another fit of laughter! Good work!

This is one of the best, if not the best Critical Misses I've read. And I LOVE Critical Miss.

Well done. :D

Consider this day made.

...motion carries *trollface

The Rogue Wolf:
If this had actually happened, it would have, in one fell swoop, restored every last ounce of faith I had ever had in the American legal system.

Ah well. I'll have to content myself that at least the first half of the dialogue is completely factual.

Um actually it was like that, he didn't say mudkips and badminton and instead hinted to smoking in movies, but aside from that it actually happened.

This makes me sick. A bunch of morons spouting "LOLMEMES xD xD xD xD xD" like it's their first time hearing it. Memes really aren't funny outside of 4chan, but I doubt any of you have been there because you'd know that spouting memes outside of it is obnoxious and annoying as fuck.

And to think The Escapist community actually believes that it's the most intelligent corner of the internet. Thanks again for proving that you are retarded.


You do realise the humour in this comic stems from the juxtaposition between judges in a court case and immature trolls on the internet? The use of memes is merely a convenient way of conveying the joke in a suitably punchy manner.

This was the best comic ever in this history of comics.

I'd pay to see that actually happen, and I'd pay more to have it go on forever.

The Scalia troll seems quite effective.

Haha, one of my favourite critical misses.

Watching tv with the family, had to try so hard not to burst out laughing.

Fucking excellent. I lol'd.

Fucking epic. XD

I hardly know anything about Scalia, but for the remarks he made against California I will buy him a beer if I ever meet him.

I wasn't sure about this comic at first, but I think it's really hitting its stride.

When you can draw a state supreme court justice throwing up the horns, you know you've made it to the top.

You gentlemen just won the internet

I sooo needed this, the last couple days i've been basically isolated working and stressing like a mad men. And the first news i get from the case is not only good, it is actually making me laugh out loud.

Seems like Critical Miss came a long way.

From meh > ha

This comic is people's news source now? I guess the actual Escapist news coverage had too much intellect and enough 4chan?

If my job title required people address me as 'Justice' I'd pull that exact same shit.

Pretty much all of them do, really.

Justice Scalia coolface. You have made my day, Rydell and Carter. Thank you.

Saints Row! :D
I didn't think anyone on the supreme court would oppose the law. I'm happy that I was wrong. :-)

Lol very well done this week.

Oh, God. I was entirely unprepared for that second-to-last panel. I was drinking a smoothie. It was disastrous.

I forgive you.

I want to engage in a physical relationship with this comic. Let's knock boots some time, beautiful.

Well California, all I can say is...

I can't believe that I have been able to post this so much.

Nice comic guys. See your playing some sort of Saints Row 2 and GTA Hybrid.

I love this comic. It has some really cool issues.




That was oh so very amusing. I'm still giggling.

Second to last panel. Tempted to make it my new avatar.

Scars Unseen:

Yes, because the US is dreadfully low on lawyers.

Because I live in the U.S.

This strip is literally full of win, and it's 'Truth In Television' too, just to top it off :D. Judge Dredd and Fall Out Boy references, making it even more awesome, and Scalia basically being a badass troll, these are the things I love about the whole sorry affair. Let us hope he comes up with more gold during the case, you never know... :D

I do believe I have just started a fit of laughter.

Oh man, this strip is truly and most definitely full of win.

How come I feel that Judge Antroll will become a meme?

Anyways, this comic was the best Critical Miss I have ever read ever. I especially liked the "I'd like the Court to Recognize that He Totally Mad!".

I see your comic, and I declare it brilliant.

"A Winner Is You!"

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