Critical Miss: Trolling for Justice

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I have no no words.

Only a <3.

Let's see your troll face Scalia!

That was absolutely amazing. Thanks for the dialogue to.

The comic itself is great, but Ginsberg in the back absoluetly sealed this for me.

Fuckin' A.

So true... the best part is, he actually said those things...

It makes me want to be a Supreme Court justice.

I'll just leave this here...

Triple reference madam? /clap

I laughed so hard. Shit was so cash.

Funniest comic yet. I literally laughed until I thought I was going to die of asphyxiation.

The fifth panel..... dat face. =D

You mad me accident all over my desk.

Its sad to say... but i think thats pretty much how this trial is going to go.

I haven't heard the lawyer arguments and the Justices' questioning, but if Scalia is actually doing this, he's my hero. Nevermind that he's the C word an all.

He pretty much is.

I read the transcripts, and they seem to be trustworthy.

HAHHAHAHA "U MAD SON!?!" ! Show the troll some love

"U MAD, SON?" --OMFG, he's done-for! Everyone knows that U MAD? is the Troll's ultimate finishing-move.

i dunno the ghandi one was pretty good

I love you *has sex with comic* more please

Saints Row 2? Awesome! Also troll face FTW.


The Rogue Wolf:
If this had actually happened, it would have, in one fell swoop, restored every last ounce of faith I had ever had in the American legal system.

Ah well. I'll have to content myself that at least the first half of the dialogue is completely factual.

It would also have, in the same swoop, destroyed every ounce of credibility our side has. I'm glad the judges are on our side, but if he's going to be a troll (even in the capacity that he was actually trolling)... I'm not sure what's worse.

By the way, I think the precedent about the New York restriction of access to sexual content is a good one. The thing is, I don't think kids should be restricted from sexual content any more than I think they should be restricted from violence. I mean most, if not all, kids have interacted with something "sexual" by the time they're in middle school, whether it be experimenting with the neighbor kids or stealing from your dad's stash or sneaking a look up some tall woman's skirt. They do it because they want to. In the same way, kids pretend to fight and kill things (even girls, though perhaps less) regardless of medium, and even from very young ages. These are all natural impulses that should be explored and understood -- not covered up and condemned as evil. Repression just makes it harder to handle and secrecy necessitates they go it alone. Hiding this sort of stuff from "innocent eyes" does not help kids. It helps adults -- but that's another story. I've made my point.

I'll just leave this here...

Triple reference madam? /clap

That enhanced the hilarity of the comic. Thank you!

Ban the mudkips, you can have our games you can have our badminton, But our mudkips! YOu HEARTLESS BASTARDS!

They mad.


And yet, it is only you people calling out the so called "intelligent" members of this forum who are being punished. And for shit that in any other thread would get them punished.
I swear, I would say the logic here astounds me but I really do not think there is any. -.-;

You had me at "lawl."

Scalia is pretty far to the right so I am surprised to find myself for once cheering him on. I am glad to find common ground with a conservative even if its just once. Now if more politicians would be willing to protect free speech we would be a golden.

I lawl'd. :D

That was bloody hilarious XD

Well done.

Yes, your honor, he mad. He mad indeed.


U Mad Escapist?

Oh dear God of Lol. This was so epic, I couldn't keep my soda in anymore. Perfect troll behaviour but in ways there is logic in his trolls. Fuck yes, forwarding this one now!

I don't really like mudkips to tell you the truth
but this.....

genius, pure and simple

If this was made up, it'd be pure gold. Knowing that that's actually what happened makes it pure, distilled, liquid awesome.

Really awesome comic. Also, epic supreme court troll is epic.

outstanding. :)

I have never loved Judge Scalie so much. <3

This comic inspired me to listen to the court audio. The first half of this comic is surprisingly accurate.

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