Critical Miss: Trolling for Justice

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I almost fell off my chair

Make comics of Scalia trolling, and I will love you forever.



Oh man, I laughed pretty hard at this one. I love hardass judges.

Every part of this is win


This is one of the most hilarious comics I've ever read... I applaud you.

I lol'd at this, but could somebody please explain to me What The Fuck, is going on in the first panel?

I think scalia is a pretty cool guy, eh trolls loyers and dosnt afraid of anything. :trollface:

The Mudkips will never be banned!

Grey Carter:
Trolling for Justice

"I am the lawl!"

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"I am above the lawl!!"

it makes sense though. going down that road will eventually lead to the banning of violent books.
one from high school classic literature: The Great Gatsby
in the book a woman is run down in the street by a car and left for dead. afterwards, her "husband" goes looking for the owner of the car who he thinks committed the crime, but really didn't, and shoots him to death in his own pool and after all that, turns the gun on himself and commits suicide a couple meters away under a sunshade. if that doesn't fall under the term "violent", i don't know what does, because you wouldn't have to work hard to get that kind of scenario from a GTA game.

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