Daily Drop: Flour

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I liked seeing the wave, that was cool, but they should have then dropped it again, with the top open or something. Not lame, per se, but not enough to hold up by itself.


Prof. Monkeypox:
No! Not the cake!

Cue the inevitable jokes about the cake being a lie. How much ya wanna bet that's what a lot of people will say for the next video?

I don't bet on a sure thing.

Ep1c Fla1l:
Am I the only one

-You're never the only one. Ever. EVER.

Also, I was hoping for crowbar as well.

Sorry, but... lamest drop ever.

Ceterum censeo objectos esse crowbardam!

This is what passes for entertainment around here these days? Oh Escapist, how the mighty have fallen...

This crap makes "Game Dogs" look good...



We need a good title for "that game" like theater people use with MacBeth (which you aren't supposed to say out loud backstage, so it is just "the Scottish play"). Alas, the only thing I can think of right now is "the portal game" which doesn't solve anything! Maybe "the cake game?" Or "gateau" if we don't even want to use the word "cake?"

You could call it "The Aperture game", seems close enough...

Well duhh... I should have thought of that. Good show, sir.

No matter how many times I watch this, I'll never get bored. I love watching stuff explode break.




so...what you're saying is...the cake is a lie?

No, I'm saying it was labeled incorrectly. Miscaken identity, if you will.

There needs to be an emoticon for "Grooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" You people and your wit. Puns should be listed under war crimes.

Better an original pun than another goddamn Portal joke. :P

That was beautiful, man!


Not cake!!!

That was rather disappointing. I kinda expected the flour drop to be like that, but I also expected a good crowbar whacking afterward. :(

The little flour puff did look cool, but it wasn't nearly maximized for full effect.

I'd LOVE to see a glass bowl full of flour dropped though. That would be madness.

I'm not sure what happened to the music on this episode... I'll look into it.
It was fine when I finished the export :(

No worries. I thought it was just a remix to keep it fresh.

Did you like mean for this show to be targeted towards a stoner audience?

On MY birthday?!

The daily drop needs to change the set a bit, maybe for these more stubborn things you need a wedge to crack them open. Like Mythbusters found dropping a sturdy barrel did nothing, but when it hit a wedge it broke it easily.

Consider this guys it really would help these more ...."resilient" things. Not everything explodes when it hits metal.

This was even worse than the coffee in being:
a) repetition of the same concept.
b) repetition of the same 'design' flaw - the package being closed.

Lack of crowbar was good though, because that would only amplify the a).

I know you guys pre-recorded all this, but where the fuck did you get all that stuff?!

Needs fire.

Nerf Ninja:
That was rather lame I'm afraid.

This. Thought you guys learned the lesson with the coffee? Packets aren't made to just burst into flames when they hit the ground. This isn't the Simpsons!

If I may suggest... try dropping a (really full) water balloon onto a needle, should be fun :)

Weak. Not the way to follow the strong beer drop.

I think that would have been 9000 times better if the top had been open.

failed attempt!

Unimpressive, but I liked the little plume it did give off.

To bad that flour wont be blooming, looks like you guys are going to have to pick it up yourselves.

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