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Susan Arendt:

I can see where you're coming from. As for Pub Club, all the ads get turned off, guilt free. You also get a larger avatar, access to a private forum, exclusive content, a custom title, and a few other goodies. You can get all the specifics here:

I'll think about it, it isn't much to pay for such a great site. I just am thinking about it because I have a tendency for getting banned because I can't resist being a bit of an ass. That is why I rather buy stuff because then if I get banned, I still have a stuffed imp.




You do realize you pay more for your internet then you do for your tv?

Wait, what?

I do pay more for my internet than for TV, but that's 'cuz I don't have a TV. Internet connection is still cheaper than TV, and I could actually have 3 internet connections for the cost of TV.

... what?

oic internet connection is cheaper then free to air tv"
are you gonna compare the price of a PC to a TV now?"
cause if your PC cost you less then your TV then it must be a mighty TV
I could have a 10 thousand dollar TV for the years ive paid for my net thx

I'm not comparing the price of a TV to a price of a PC... though, I could get a computer for cheaper. Barely cheaper but still. $300 for a netbook, $400 for a TV.

But this "free to air" TV would end up costing me around $330 a year.

An internet connection costs me $65 a year if I rent the hardware. Less if I have my own hardware. A broadband internet connection, too. 384kbit.

So yeah, scratch that - I could have FIVE internet connections for the price of TV.

Good god, I never knew that Dragon's Lair was so... prolific...

Man, Kathleen's hair is awesome!

Brilliant opening from Graham followed swiftly by the crushing correction from Kathleen.
You two guys are fantastic playing off one another.... I love how you can see his face fall ever so steadily the more she rips into him :P

And good point... how DID that guy persuade Milla Jovovich to marry him??

Mind control. That's how...

Great ENN, guys, shame I only saw it now... got... distracted.... *hides iPhone with Bejewelled on it*

Lady Kathleen:


Back in the days of TV, we expected to get quality programming for free, but we understood that we got it in exchange for watching advertising. The ads supported the shows, and the people who worked the shows on them got paid decent salaries.
Nowadays, the internet is still trying to figure out how to make money for itself. The content is still free, but there is no implicit contract between the viewers and the advertisers.

So, while the system works itself out, advertisers are trying to put TV style ads with internet content (which is on the whole much shorter because no content creators can afford to produce TV length content as the monetization system just isn't in place yet) and we get complaints that the ads are almost as long as the video you want to watch. Things will sort themselves out in time. The internet needs to find the most efficient way to make money. Please stick with the ads.

Here's why:

When you use an adblocker - who are you hurting with this seemingly innocent act?

Advertisers? Yes, a little bit, they loose some eyes on their message.

Websites? Yes, a little bit, as they loose a fraction of a cent for each ad you don't see.

Content Creators and regular people? Yes! Why? Crap flows downhill my friend.

You? The most - read on.

The internet needs content - videos, columns, comics, porn, whatever. Without content, there would be no internet. I think everyone can agree people who create quality content should be paid a fair market rate for their time, but the money to pay for the content that drives the eyeballs to the site doesn't come from thin air. It comes in exchange for people seeing advertisements. (Or an equivalent - pub club members don't see ads because they've already paid for the content.)

If people don't see advertisements, the ads don't get clicks and don't get their message across. This means advertisers pay the websites less and less, and lose confidence in the internet as a marketing system because it doesn't really seem to work.

When websites don't make money, they close down shop (after all, a business isn't in the business of providing you free entertainment), lay off employees, and certainly can't afford to pay content creators fair value (or any value) for their work. Sure, content creators can work for free to do something they love (something I personally did for 7 years before LRR started working with the Escapist), but at some point, you have to give up a hobby that costs you money and time and find a real job.

Before you say I'm whining, keep in mind I do have a real job. I sit at a desk 4 days a week (my company is actually wonderful and supportive of my other job - LRR) so I can work Fridays, Saturdays, evenings (and sometimes Sundays) to provide you with free content.

So, when you block ads, you take away the money that compensates me for this work. You reduce the profitability of sites like The Escapist that are willing to pay me, (instead of expecting it for free as many sites do, as there's lots of content out there, and a website has to pay its bills and keep roofs over its employee's heads before it considers paying contractors like me) and you reduce my ability to make content until I get to the point where I say, "you know what, screw it, and go back to working 5 days a week because I can't AFFORD to do what I love" and I stop making internet funny times.

By refusing to pay for content or watch ads, you slowly strangle the creative people who make it for you. And you don't strangle the 14 year old kid who puts up stuff on his deviant art profile, you strangle the incredibly talented web-cartoonist who stops working on comics to do more professional illustration work. You strangle the really talented writers who go back to day jobs in marketing. You kill the best content by keeping its creators from getting fair compensation.

Sure, there's new content always being created, but the creators won't keep making it for you for free forever. Eventually, they'll have to grow up and move on with their lives. And who will be worse off?


So holy shit, if you like an artist, buy a print. If you like ENN, watch an ad. If you like a writer, buy their book. If you refuse to pay for content, eventually there won't be an quality content for you to refuse to pay for.

*applause for Kathleen*

This is why I love you guys, you juggle all the work of LRR and the other wonderful stuff you guys put up on The Escapist with actual careers and your own lives.

I'd gladly sit through ten minutes worth of ads for one LRR video.

Ok, maybe not ten mintes, but the gesture is what counts, right? :P

Again, if sitting through an ad every now and then is what it takes to enjoy your stuff, then it's kind of a steal if you ask me.

Keep up the good work guys!

Lvl 64 Klutz:

So this was taped at CNN? Because unless Graham said "ats ENN", I'm pretty sure that was a C there :P

"It's ENN" actually. I had to listen to it a few times, myself.

Perhaps it's just a Canadianism.
But that "Jeremy in a Deathspank thong" thing might have legs.

Boba Frag:
And good point... how DID that guy persuade Milla Jovovich to marry him??

He put her in every movie he ever made. It's like a diamond ring, but bigger.

But in answer to the responses to Rantsplosion '010, I'd just take more varied and less stupid ads.
I'm not 5 and noone I know would admit to even looking at a Slim Jim, much less after the ads its greenlit in the last few months. Jane Lynch will always be awesome, but it loses something the 50th time.
And if the Dragon's Lair commercial is a joke, I don't get it. If it's for real, I get it even less. But it's clear not real, so I get the joke even less than I already before had not.
(EDIT: That bobcat is funny though. I demand more bobcat in Escapist's ads.)

I haven't seen ENN for a while, has Kathleen done something different? She looks awesome.

Dragon's Lair 3D: the worlds largest Timesink.

Seriously, I must have spent over 200 hours on that thing and only got half-way through the game.

I didn't even get stuck on a level. I just sold it when I bought a new PC with a different OS.

Has ENN been canceled due to people running Firefox with AdBlock? What? People don't want to be distracted with "punch the monkey" banner ads and busy noisy animated ads that deliver malware?

If I join the PubClub, will you bring back ENN? Please?!

I won't even mention that Kathleen's hairstyle reminds me of Rosie O'Donnell's hairstyle. Oops.

Kathleen, you may be joking about the Deathspank thong, but deep down you know you want to see Graham wearing one!! :p

a finish...well depending on who's wearing the thong

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