Zero Punctuation: Fallout: New Vegas

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Fallout: New Vegas

This week, Zero Puncuation reviews Fallout: New Vegas.

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I like when Yahtzee does these different kind of reviews. Not so much a review but a tale this time around.

Interesting variation of your reviews

I knew you were going to comment on the bugs.

Nevertheless, I'm getting this game, perhaps the modding community can fix all the cockups

Bravo. Very entertaining and a wonderful way to readdress gameplay you've covered before. Thank you.

I giggled at the freezing ending to his life. Though I wanna ask one thing: Hardcore, is it immersive.. Or just a pain in the royal arse?

Not much of a review... enjoyable anyway

This was great. I love it when you break from the normal review style. Still hoping for another lymric based video like Wolfenstein some day. :)

Thanks Yahtzee!

While good comedic value, where the hell was the review?

Yea, I knew by the previews that it looked about the same. Probably feels about the same too.
I won't be touching Hardcore Mode until I actually learn the game first.

...But I don't even have it yet, so. Irrelevant for now.

Very funny and amusing good work as always Yahtzee

A refreshing and entertaining change of pace. Well-written and well done!

Dam! I think this could give Duke Nukem Forever review a run for it's money.

Yes Yahtzee, you are indeed 'Rad'

Oh wow... That cheered me up immensely, and I gotta say, the constant freeze ups in the game did get quite annoying.
Given the description of how the hardcore mode works (albeit this is ZP) I am quite glad I didn't use it.

Side note: Now I have In The Mood stuck in my head.

I have to agree that the status bars were a bit confusing at first.

And wow, I've heard about the bugs countlessly, on all consoles.

I thought when I heard about Fallout: New Vegas that it actually was an expansion pack to Fallout 3. Then I realized from how excited everyone was that it might actually be a stand-alone game.

So I guess I'll go finally pick up Fallout 3 at a discount before I try out Fallout: New Vegas.

Fun... I mean, that description sounded more fun than I'm having with the game. I think it was just due to cutting out the waffle of getting shot in the head...

Actually I think this has taught me to trust my gut more because when I heard about hardcore mode I thought it sounded "way cool" but I figured I should play the game normally first to work things out. I then realised that I'd already played Fallout 3 (and Oblivion) before many, many times.

Caffeine takes water to process which is probably why it has a negative effect. Thank you yahtzee. My intention was to use this review to see if the game was worth buying. It isn't.

I knew you were going to comment on the bugs.

You can't really talk about New Vegas without at least mentioning the bugs. Shame he didn't mention the more humorous bugs & glitches.

That was... different :P

lol! It froze at the end. Well there's another game I don't have to be ashamed of not owning

...When will people learn posting before you've had enough time to watch the bloody thing ends in probation? Or in the first guys case suspension... I wonder why he got worse.

I think I should give this game a try, if only for the bugs. I haven't played it, yet, but I can't believed that could have that many bgus.

I know this wasn't all reviewish but it was great fun. You should make more videos like this.

P.S. the madrass description was hillarious xD

I totally role played bear grylls playing that game in hardcore mode. I avoided everyfight and beat small wild life to death with blunt objects. Unfortunately this meant I could never go to a settlement of more than a few people so it got boring after a while.

While the video was funny and it's always nice to change things up a bit, I have to ask: Where was the actual review bit? More in Extra Punctuation maybe?

Ahhh...The Fallout Crashes...I dont miss them.

Anyways is this game any good? Besides the crashes that happens now and then is the game any good?

Replace the flies with fucking deathclaws and you have my tale of the game.

This is why I wait for the Game of the Year Edition. Hopefully by then the beta will be over and all the annoying lock ups and glitches will be gone.

This is my favorite review of the past few weeks. Very true too since I haven't cleared any old/ unused saves in a while and New Vegas is causing black-out crashes. Still, the bits of the game that I am able to play are great fun. Still haven't tried out Hardcore but I'll get to that eventually.

Damn, I was totally into that story. I think I'd probably watch a two hour Yahtzee Fallout story. You know, so long as it didn't freeze.

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