Zero Punctuation: Fallout: New Vegas

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Dante Spears:
While good comedic value, where the hell was the review?

he says at the start that he's said everything that needed to be said about it in his fallout 3 review.



So that's how it feels to play Hardcore mode. He makes it to New Vegas and the game frezes. I'm sorry, but that was funny.

"The International Law of 'Go Fuck Yourself'"

I need to remember that one...

Well the only thing I gained from that review is this odd feelin called "wait, what?"

I have the 360 version and it works fine. The game is great and has more variety than FO3. Only minus side is that it's using the old FO3 engine but that's only little minus because even that the engine is old it's still great. :)

Archonic Energy:
loved the choice of music!

do de do de do de do de doody do do

That glenn miller in the mood if anyones intrested! Quite intresting peter sellers had that played at his funeral because he famously hated the song!

Great video, very well paced. (laughed hardest at the simple length of the Day one and Day Two title cards. ZP needs more highs and lows. speed wise.).

Nice and short, for the short attention span folks (ie, the entire internet?). many thumbs up.

the problem with hardcore mode is that the eating/drinking/sleeping mechanics are just a variation of using stims to recover HP. The thing that makes it harder is that ammo has weight (but this only applies to gun-focused builds) and that you can't just rush into a hord of supermutants and stim you way out(because stims take time and there are no hordes of supermutants in the Mojave)

Okay Yahtzee, I may regularly disagree with your reviews and opinions and such, but this video proves it- You need to start making Let's Plays. Seriously, I'd watch them.


"The kindly prison storekeeper was nice enough to give away 200 caps out of a strongbox, in a locked room, behind several armed guards"


Yahtzee does let's play? Sounds interesting. Although I'm not sure I can maintain the concentration required to listen to someone talking that fucking fast for the length of an entire game. Christ, if I that was all I wanted, I'd just buy some recording equipment... The only difference being that most of my monologue would consist of 'Bollocks! Where the fuck did that guy come from?'

That pretty much sums up the game! More bugs in it than an Ant hill!
I'm surprised you didn't mention the invisible walls that kept fucking my journeys over the mountains!

Good point, at least in Oblivion you were able to tell which mountains were climable. In fallout NV it's more like "I wonder if there's an invisible wall here, some indicisive programmer didn't want me to pass."

This is why I wait for the Game of the Year Edition. Hopefully by then the beta will be over and all the annoying lock ups and glitches will be gone.

Sigh. This is where the gaming industry wants their standards set. Mission accomplished.
How can a buggy-as-fuck half-baked blingfest even be nominated for a Game of the Year title?

This sort of thing really pissed me off with Fallout 3. Please don't let the same thing happen to New Vegas, because it honestly doesn't deserve GotY either.

To be fair; its competition is in the same class (albeit, less buggy) since they're all sequels too.
Halo: Reach, Mass Effect 2, CoD4 Mark III Black Ops, Starcraft 2.

I miss the days where GotY was given out to fresh experiences, good gameplay, and COMPLETE GAMES rather than what took Gold in the last two years.[/rant]

I do like these "Hands-on Summaries" Yahtzee. Do them a little more often.

In answer to some people here as someone who finished FO3+all DLC and is a good way through NV.

New Vegas is infinitely better than FO 3 there is so much more to do, so much player choice so many more missions, a tangible feeling of difficulty due to very few scaling enemies. Much better dialogue, many more interesting and less poorly thought through cities.

Imho hardcore should be mandatory; auto healing stimpacks trivialise an otherwise fairly well designed limb damage system whereas in hardcore you are punished for getting your limbs crippled. Hardcore is not a ball ache, basically every few hours of play you need to drink sleep and eat, just keep yourself supplied with a bit of food and water 'nd you will be fine.

Unfortunately at current NV is bugged to heck. I've only had 1 freeze the whole time however.

I must stress however that New Vegas is many times better than FO3 and that hardcore mode is actually quite fun.

On console it's a pain in the arse

On pc with mods it's the time of your life.

Fzdgrggzdhgsajfdknshvdergg turn off the adverts! I was already part-way through the video when the advert for Fable 3 popped up, took aaages to buffer, then restarted ZP from the beginning. Sort it out!!

OT: Very good Yahtzee, liking the choice of music for day changes!

Not much of a review... enjoyable anyway

Yahtzee doesn't review games.

I think of him more as an internet game-related comedian.

Hilarious twist on your other reviews, I always wondered why people never gave me funny looks for drinking out of the toilet in Fallout 3.

Yes, yahtzee, soda makes you dehydrated. It is due to all the sugar content.

That is all.

I knew you were going to comment on the bugs.

Nevertheless, I'm getting this game, perhaps the modding community can fix all the cockups

LOL he got me with the bugs seeing as how he didn't mention them riiiiiiight until the end

XD then I just laughed

Good Review overall

Great review. Reviewing something too similar to a game you've already reviewed would have been too boring to do the normal way.

Weird, he always plays kleptomaniacs in sandbox games. And it's especially easy in the Bethesta/Obsidian Fallout games, where there's a million tons of random garbage all around you at all times.

Soooo... I guess I'll try Hardcore mode if I ever get the game. Unfortunately, the feature also sounds like something that I'll turn off 10 hours in.

Assassin Xaero:
"The International Law of 'Go Fuck Yourself'"

I need to remember that one...

Indeed that's a Law I'd most certainly love to live by

i was under the impression taht fallout : new vegas was an expansion... no a stand alone game....

Aside from the freeze up part, this video made me actually want to play this game, despite not caring much for Fallout 3. Not sure if that was the reaction he was going for though.

Either way, great vid as usual!

Muhahaha, behold the might of mutated flies! I set out to exterminate them as soon as I got hold of a plasma rifle...
And the soda bit is actually a pretty good point. While it does take water to digest sugar, sodas are in fact composed primarily of water. While they shouldn't alleviate dehydration as much as water, having them add to it is just annoying.

Well that was an interesting "review". I liked it alot it was a nice break from the constant caustic critic act that is ZP, not that I don't like that mind you. More "reviews" like these every now and again would be fun.

And as for those people getting put off New Vegas because of Yatzee's review, remember that its his job to tear apart games for any flaws they have. I haven't had that many bugs (beyond the bloatflies and the radscorpions and the mantises and the weird butterfly/moth things...) and I'm still having plenty of fun with it. Some people have had some bad bugs like the the game crashing and freezing, but it doesn't happen to everyone. That being said if you didn't really like Fallout 3 and/or can't really stand bugs, then yeah, you probably won't like New Vegas.

Both caffeine and sugar are incredibly dehydrating- sugar especially. The amount of water you receive from drinking soda does nothing to replenish the calcium and water you lose when your body forces you to urinate less than an hour after drinking. That's why lemonade doesn't actually hydrate you all that much, and you aren't supposed to drink soda before you go for a run.

I like when Yahtzee does these different kind of reviews. Not so much a review but a tale this time around.

Agreed. Wolfenstein is still one of the best ZP reviews ever, and this one is also really good.

I giggled at the freezing ending to his life. Though I wanna ask one thing: Hardcore, is it immersive.. Or just a pain in the royal arse?

It makes it more challenging, to be sure. I'm playing Hardcore on Very Hard on PC. Hardcore not only forces you to monitor Sleep, Hunger, and Thirst (in addition to Health and Radiation), but your Companions are no longer 'essential', and if they die, they stay dead this time around. Ammo also has weight, and can really start to add up with heavier 40mm grenades, missiles, Mini-Nukes, and .50MG ammo. Food and Stimpacks no longer heal instantly, but rather over time (+2HP a second for 50 seconds, as opposed to 100 instantly). You also need Doctor's Bags to heal crippled limbs, as opposed to using Stimpacks on them directly like you could in FO3.

sounds like he had fun with it then! i mean the situations he described are just very typical fallout new vegas fair! which is to say awesome!. last night i was running away from a herd of gallavanting bighorners whom id upset( i shot one of there babies for meat) and looked to the horizon for help. luckly for me i saw someone running upto me...who then threw a sodding PLASMA GRENADE at my feet and blew me sky high... id ran into a strong hold of the viper gang. luckily i survived and even more luckily the big horners started to trample them instead of me. an epic battle ensumed whilst i watched from a safe distant behind a rock with my stealth boy on as i tried to put my shins back into my legs. after the dust settled i collected my hard won loot (read as blind luck) only to be sliced into fillets by a death claw! ...VIVA NEW VEGAS! :D

I would have probably already gotten this game if it were not for all the bug reports.

Sir John the Net Knight:
There are three constants in man's life. Death, Taxes, and Bethesda games that will bug out and crash.

you mean obsidian games that will bug out and crash. Bathesda games will be filled with glitches yes...but Obsidian is the king of that...when you play a bathesda game you hope you don't get some geometry conflicts, or a quest breaking...When you play an obsidian game you hope the game just starts.

"You lazy motherfuckers, what the hell did you need me for?"

If I'd ever use the abbreviation 'lol', this is where I'd use it.

Not much of a review... enjoyable anyway

The review can be found by watching the Fallout 3 review. ;)

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