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For me the timeline stops after Final Fantasy VI though IX was nice as well

It's worth noting that FFIX was released around the same time the Playstation 2 was, and thus was kind of ignored in lieu of the hype for the next generation Playstation.

A crime to be sure. RIP the awesome that was the Ninth Final Fantasy.

I lost interest with this series with FFX and X-2.IX kind of sucked also but after these the series became a total joke and so JRPG cliche they became unbearable to try to play



What no FF: Tactics? So you chose to exclude an iconic game that pretty much popularized turn based grid games together with the Advanced Wars series?

I hope there will be an update soon or the God of Geek Gaming (ha alliteration) shall not be pleased.

ITT: Fire Emblem doesn't exist

To be fair, obviously not in America, but still

I never played Fire Emblem. So I can't say anything about it. For me and allot of my friends it was FF Tactics and Advanced wars.

I don't comment on things I don't know anything about so I can't exactly speak to the quality of Fire Emblem. It was probably a good game if you liked it.

Just saying that Fire Emblem was a very big Strategy RPG in Japan since the 80s, along with Famicom wars (what we call Advance Wars). In America it didn't come until the 7th edition so FFT would have had a much large influence. Still should have been mentioned

Even I don't like FF anymore. I liked FF X and I have played FF 1 and 2.

The only thing weird about this list is the My Days as King entry. It seemed like they were shooting for a list of the numbered entries plus some events and leaving the spinoffs out up until that point.

Overall, this is just a basic entrypoint list for someone who isn't that engaged in the franchise. Sure there's more but if you put everything on there you're going to scare people away. You and I know tactics is a grid based SRPG but a layman is just going to be weirded out that a game with the same title has completely different gameplay.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that Final Fantasy 1, 6 and 12 were the best games of the series and each game after that got progressively worse until the next awesome game (i.e. 2-5 slowly started to suck and then 6 was awesome, 7-11 slowly started to suck and 12 was awesome, etc). So lets hope my theory holds when Final Fantasy 18 comes out.

As someone who holds 5 up as the best FF I distinctly disagree. I'm really gameplay based though as the stories of FF games have never impressed me. 9 also pops up here and there as a player's fave FF title and in my experience its almost definately favored over 8. But hey, arguing tastes and all..

To me X-2 would've been the best game ever if they'd lost the uber happy Charlie's Angels vibe, the gameplay is a brilliant cross between class management and timing based combat. Its too easy to break the game with some overpowered combinations though, I reckon they rushed it out the gate. Such a waste of good ideas that game was.

That the class-switching has been relegated to the MMO's makes me a sad kitty (I don't like puppies) as it probably shuts down the possibility of 5's or X-2's gameplay coming to a single-player game again.

Ah, I was referring to an overall scheme of things in the games, not just the gameplay. Yes, Final fantasy 5 has all games beat hands down for gameplay due to the job system (final fantasy 3...not so much in all honesty). Unfortunately, the job system really broke when you power leveled all your characters to 99 and all four of them were Rangers combined with Ninjas. Rapid shot + 2 sickeningly powerful katanas = loss of fun in game.

But otherwise yes, the overall idea of choosing your class was great. Problem is, the plot was horrendous in Final Fantasy 5. It was cliche even for it's time.

For me, I would take a great plot with broken gameplay over the best gameplay in the world with a shitty plot. And in all honesty, final fantasy 6 and 12 had both elements covered quite well. The only thing I didn't like from 12 was the utter uselessness of Ardor, Scathe, and Holy due to their animation time dragging down gameplay, but other than that it was fine.

Final fantasy 10 had awesome gameplay as well, I loved the idea of switching between characters for maximum combat efficiency, and that some character skills were just naturally good against certain enemies but the plot and the voice acting, good god I was expecting better from Square Enix since it was the first for PS2.

And final fantasy 13 had a pretty decent albeit confusing plot, but just terrible gameplay (they took away power leveling, the main force behind the playability of final fantasy games and the one thing I actually loved in conjunction with optional uber-bosses like Yiazmat, Ozma and so on). They made the Adamantoise and Adamantortoise pointless fights unless you use Vanille + death. The two big baddies that they have were kind of pointless as well. The Shaolong Gui is a great idea but it's a common monster, so they're kind of suggesting you get to fight it again even though it's the most powerful and once you beat it you've beaten pretty much everything else, making it pointless as a common monster. And the one big baddy we all wanted to fight to begin with but we never got the chance, that massive fucking magma giant thing, you don't get to fight him as far as I can tell.

Sorry, but for me, a good game is when they get the plot right but a great game is when they get the plot and gameplay right and final fantasy 1, 6 and 12 are the only ones to deliver.

I love final fantasy, it is a unique franchise that has history and character, and I also love the fact that you can explore the world and stray off the main plot to enjoy some sub-plots.

Thank you escapist.

Looking back looks so weird. They've come so far.

They made the Adamantoise and Adamantortoise pointless fights unless you use Vanille + death.

I can take an Adamantoise down in about 1 minute without using Death.

Was XI the first time Square colaborated with Microsoft? VII and VIII were released on Windows.

Looks at FFXIII, next time I'll wait for a review (It's not that I hated FFXII, I'm just stonewalled)

This time-line really sucks.

You used images for the American version of Final Fantasy 4 and 6 for 2 and 3.

You gave a pathetically bland description for Final Fantasy 6 while giving everything noticeably more elaborate descriptions. What about mentioning it's the last 2D Final Fantasy game in the main series? What about how it served the foundation for many of the plot and game play elements for future games? The amount of playable characters? The fact there's two worlds to explore? Nothing? Just..."it's the sixth installment so it's called FFVI"

Mentioning spin offs is just a huge mess.

Seriously, the quality of this is surprisingly bad. Why is it on the main page? It looked like whoever did it spent no more than 15 minutes on wikipedia to research Final Fantasy games to make this.

There is also no Tactics, or any handheld release for that matter.

Tactics seems like a massive omission.

Tactics was one of the first games that I watched consume the boys around me (and myself) to a point rivaling even that of "females".

I put it in quotations cause it was that confusing time where girls go from being "ew" to "ooooooooh."

Goldeneye would be another blow to the odds of any of us meeting a woman for conversation before we had a job and a place of our own.

Ah video games, natural culler of the gene pool.

Looking back looks so weird. They've come so far.

I feel that X was the beginning of a perpetual downward spiral with XII being an odd burp in the ever speeding train towards oblivion (in terms of quality, sales couldn't be better I figure).

Final Fantasy 11 should have never been a number, 13 was so much on rails it could have been played with nothing but the basic wiimote sans nunchuck, and the newest final fantasy online game not only received a number again (an obvious attempt to just speed through numbers) but what I can only consider a brutal beating in reviews.

Chocobo's Dungeon is awesome, and missing.

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