Critical Miss: Noobgrues

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got to love text adventures, though I think the only one i've played recently is the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. BBC released a version with pictures :o

Edit: I'm not sure I hold with all the stick CoD players are getting in this thread, I don't like the game much myself, i'm more of a CSS man, but the only serious CoD player I know is an aeronautical engineer... hardly dim-witted. Plus i've never had any issues playing CoD online myself, though I can only speak for the PC version.

Lousy campers.

I can't wait to see all the "Let's Plays" of Zork now. Especially the ones with troll commentary.


It's weird they should put Zork in. Why would the average CoD player want to play a text-based game, even as just a diversion? Or, better still, would the average CoD player even know what a text-based game is, or how to play one?

Finally, a reason to become an average CoD player: Zork.
that game somehow still manages to amaze me-sure, it's frustrating, as archville mentioned, but they can be fun at times. more fun that quickscoping n00b tubers tend to be, at any rate. at least the grue doesn't swear as much.

Someone somewhere probably did this.

I've got a new word for campers: "Grue"

gotta love that "quickscope"

Sniper Team 4:
I can't get past the first message. All I get is, "It's Here!" I try to open the mail box, I try to go to the house...nothing. I keep getting, "It's here!" That's great.


Once you open the mailbox you get a leaflet that's just a welcome to the game sort of deal. You have to walk around the house but movement is governed by cardinal directions such as North South East and West

ZORK was friggin' awesome just like every other early text adventure!

Obvious exits are North, South, and Dennis.
Now go image

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