Escape to the Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

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I just want to say this really fast:

I was a big fan of HP up until like summer after Sophomore year, and the reason is probably because I was disappointed with the last book. It didn't change my opinion of the other 6 books, but it did dampen my enthusiasm for the series as a whole. Also, when the first movies came out a decade ago, my mother was going through her Christian moral superiority phase. She'd labeled the whole thing a symbol of devil worship, and she wouldn't let me see any of the movies, let alone read the 5th book when it came out. So there was a big gap in my HP fandom around my preteen years while my mom came back to her senses, and by then I'd sort of lost interest, especially because we didn't watch a lot of movies anyway, and I hated reading. So when I finally got through all the books that summer and realized that the opinion of the series I had was someone a product of rose-colored glasses, I realized I wasn't interested in reliving the whole thing in movie format.

In short, I just don't care about Harry Potter. But I still want to see this movie a little because Emma Watson is God damn hot.


Stabby Joe:
I have yet to watch a single Harry Potter film so far, and you know what, I intend to keep it that way. I just really can't take it seriously.. wizard school!?

OT: I'm actually quite intrigued now, I havent watched the 5th 6th one, and I stopped reading after the order of the phoenix, as I didnt really enjoy the books anymore.

Dude, that's exactly what happened to me.
Small world eh?

My friends are really balling out over this movie. I've never really noticed all the hype surrounding Harry Potter until recently to be honest.

My mind must be playing tricks on me... makes me think I just saw Bob comparing "Ron" Weasley with Bruce Wayne. That didn't happen in the review .... did it ?!?

You cant really call them kid movies anymore sure that worked for the 1st 3-4 but after that things started getting uglier.

Part 6 is not a kid or "family" movie anymore. I know a lot more adults and people in their 20s who enjoy these movies then 10 year olds. But that also has to do with the audience growing up since the 1st book came out.

I'll wait until both are released, or first part released on DVD and then watch the second part in the cinema. I just can't stand to wait.


Stabby Joe:
I have yet to watch a single Harry Potter film so far, and you know what, I intend to keep it that way. I just really can't take it seriously.. wizard school!?

Ahh it's not that far fetched, almost every fantasy setting has had some sort of society/academey/council of wizards or sorcerers, it's just that Harry Potter is set in the modern age, so it only makes sense that it is the way it is, ie secret and a lot more corporate, them wizards gotta move on with the times. I mean they do get quite dark and mature in the end, and they're worth watching as pop corn flicks if nothing else, although the first one is dodgy as fuck.

OT: I'm actually quite intrigued now, I havent watched the 5th 6th one, and I stopped reading after the order of the phoenix, as I didnt really enjoy the books anymore then, but I might get hold of the 6th movie to catch up and watch this, because surprisingly, I dont actually know what happens in HP past the 5th book at all, and even then the 5th book is very hazy, I somehow managed to avoid all the spoilers up to this point.

I didn't say it was far fetched, I'm basically saying the premise is too "kiddie" for me personally.

I thought it was kinda slow myself

I didn't give a damn about Rowling trying to make me feel anything other than annoyed at a substantial body count, so I'm not going to see it done as a MOVIE. Seriously, it's like she threw darts at a board to see who died so she could go "Isn't it just HEART-WRENCHING!!?!? It's so SAD!". No Rowling, it's freaking JUVENILE.

I agree. The people who died were a bit random, but then again, you can't choose who lives and who dies in real life; their actions determine that. Was very very disappointed with the last book, but will probably see the film.

I saw the midnight release last night. Film was very, very good. Ended at the perfect moment.

I just got back from seeing it. Great movie, great review.Best movie in the series (if you were following it. otherwise it's just not understandable).
First time someone in the main cast other than Emma Watson showed some acting skills, and Watson showed she probably has a chance in other movies. She's a good actress.

One thing that bothered me, and I'm pretty sure someone will make a big dig deal out of it (Not really an important piece, and if you read the book - no real spoiler here, but still):

*Spoiler Warning*

So at the Malfoy mansion, at the point where Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter, awesome as usual) tortures Hermione, that what also in the book, no problem there. But in the movie, Bellatrix uses her knife (also mentioned in the book) to carve the word "mudblood" on Hermione's INNER LEFT ARM. For those of you who aren't as familiar with the Holocaust, the Nazis tattooed a number on each Jew (and I think also everyone else, but I'm not sure. They, for obvious reasons, teach mostly on the Jewish Holocaust in Israeli schools) INNER LEFT ARM. This was one of the many ways to dehumanize people, and to destroy morale.
See the correlation?

This wasn't in the book, and it's a bit more than just a coincidence. I get the reasons behind it, and it's frankly quit clever, since the books don'y really give us to see the way Death Eaters treat muggles, and a hint for the way Nazis treated Jewish people is a smart hint.
But I can predict now that someone, somewhere, will find it offensive.

*End Spoiler and a very long analyse of it's meaning*

And for a recommendation? Well, if you've seen the ones before, you will see this one, one way or the other, right? Then do it now, since it's good.
If you haven't seen them, and didn't read the books, (*insert bad British accent*) then just go read the bloody books, they're the most important books since LotR, Bloody fool! (*end bad British accent*) And forget the movies, if you didn't care for them until now, you never will.

I thought it was okay but then I wrote a review on my blog and it turned into an extremely negative rant so maybe I didn't like it but didn't realise at the time, lol.

All in all I didn't think it was anything special but it's perfectly watchable. Unsure if that's a compliment or not.

I just got back from watching it, preaty good. It was nice to really see how the three main characters had developed but I think it lingered abit to long on one or two of the scenes. I mean to say it got a bit cringe worthy but it was only a second or two so it did not ruin any of the scenes.

The action scenes are good, especialy the first one, 5 minutes in, it rocks and its nice to see a kids film not hold back with the darker stuff... a scene with Belletrix and Hermione is... distressing, I mean REALLY unnerving.

The last parts going to be intense, they got most of the brainstorming done in this one so prepare for a BIG arse fight.

I thought it was kinda slow myself

Agreed, adding another action scene would have helped in that 40 straight minutes of them dicking around in a tent.

never really liked the movies. the books were okay tough.

V TheSystem V:

I agree. The people who died were a bit random, but then again, you can't choose who lives and who dies in real life; their actions determine that. Was very very disappointed with the last book, but will probably see the film.

So long as they cut the fanfiction-grade epilogue it'll be okay.

I still think Askaban and Goblet should have been three films in total, if not four. They were far too overstretched and overpaced.

The fanboy inside me is screaming: no way will it top the Return of the King. No fucking way.

On a side note, I'm looking forward to this one, but my problem with the Harry Potter series has always been that they are good movies but they are shitty adaptations.

Just my 4 cents.

when will people realize that there are better books out there? It's like how there are better plays than shakespeare, these people appealed to a wide genre first, and then did their own thing, smart tactic but it makes me sad that others won't track down similar but better stories and authors like most of Orson Scott Card, or everything by Garth Nix.


Good to know this is a good movie.

And also, you really think it's Oscar Quality? We shall have to wait and see =)

Oscar quality has become an oxy moron in this day and age. The hurt Locker won six oscars last year. You know which film was last to do that? FOREST GUMP! Do you think the hurt locker was ANY where near quality as Forest Gump? The oscars have become a joke, unfortunately.

The hurt locker was good. Oscars are selected by year right? They're judged against everything else made that year.

I'd be more pissed about The Blind Side if I were you.

1) What channel is trying to declare war on Japan? I seemed to have missed something.
2) ESPN is going to overthrow Castro follow Kobe Bryant's appearance in that Black Ops commercial.
3) Happy the movie is good. Would have seen it regardless. This is the first HP movie I'm not seeing opening day, so you know I'm a fan. Fucking class schedule getting in the way of my movie seeing.

The Cable Channel Movie Bob is talking about is the worst one of all Discovery channels, Animal Planet. Yes it is nice to maybe see a dog and cat, but there are sponsoring an environmental nut-job.


1) What channel is trying to declare war on Japan? I seemed to have missed something.

what's with the cable network declaring war on japan? i dont follow American or even Danish tv but from what popculture reference i have gathered over the years i would guess that those guys are either some green group or the cast of the deadliest catch, and i dont see how either could start a war.

Looks like something with that stupid Whale Wars show. I'm more or less against whaling, and even I think these guys are assholes. I'd just ignore them; Green Trolls are green and trolls.

"Green Trolls"
No more like eco-terrorism....

I just want to say thank you to the ever helpful MovieBob for renewing my faith in a Harry Potter movie. For what it's worth, you actually did change my mind and I am now ready to see the film.

I checked three times and spun my spinning top. It's real, man. It's real.

Can't believe he also compared Ron with Han Solo.

My mind must be playing tricks on me... makes me think I just saw Bob comparing "Ron" Weasley with Bruce Wayne. That didn't happen in the review .... did it ?!?

That's actually quite heartening to hear, because the 7th book wasn't, uh, the strongest in the series, let's just say that (it was better than the 6th book, though that isn't hard in the world of Harry Poter, where literally every other book has stuff happening, and book 6 just kind... doesn't, at least, not really in any great way until the end).

"-- that it's subtitle HAS A SUBTITLE!"

Oh I am sooo using that one! Thanks Bob!

THANK YOU! After seeing the movie and basking in the oodles of sheer awesomeness, the reviews I read on metacritic and other sites were really beginning to bog me down.

Incidentally, wasn't showing Hermione obliviating memories of her parents a master-stroke? Also, Rupert Grint is a comic genius and the strongest young actor of the lot!

I just got back from it and well, it was DAMN amazing for a movie. If you guys haven't seen it yet. Do it soon!

that's a pretty crazy endorsement, Bob, for a series that has otherwise been a giant turd.

Wait, RON gets to be Batman?! Did I miss something? I haven't seen past movie 4, so I guess I'll have to catch myself up to see if MovieBob's comparison is accurate.

Ok I saw this on Thursday night and I think its the best Harry Potter movie since the 3rd one.

However I am surprised why you didnt mention the 2nd movie...which I personally think is the best one and there are so many ties from the 2nd movie into this one (Dobby, Gryffindor's Sword, Ron's fear of spiders etc. all came from the 2nd movie and are important to the events in this movie)

Another thing I'd like to point out is that they were smart to split this into 2 parts. In my opinion they should've done that to the 4th, 5th and 6th movies too! For exactly the same reason you take time to let the story flow and sink-in. The 4th,5th and 6th movies felt rushed and were much worse than the book.

I HATED the last Harry Potter book! It was boring to read, however, this movie is one of the best Harry Potters by far! I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was compared to the novel. This is one of those rare cases where the movie tells the story better than the book does. I hope they dont screw it all up in Part 2...I hope they extend some of the lackluster parts of the book...for example,

i dont completely agree.
i think the film was a beautiful artistic achievement. it shows what a talented production crew can do with a near limitless budget.
but the scripting was AWFUL! and Daniel Radcliffe's acting wasn't much better :\ (and what was with the fuckin shaky cam?)
i enjoyed the film, but i cant help feeling a little saddened by how close it came to being truly fantastic.
doesn't mean i wont go see the next one on opening night, it just means ill have something to gripe about in the meantime.

I agree that it's the series taking a break. Nothing really happens. There's no plot or any narrative drive. It's all about the bromance and the romance of the three main characters. And if I keep in mind that the target audience is probably younger teens, this is probably ok, or even awesome (compared to Twilight, this is gold). But, it's not exactly for me. I didn't enjoy all the petty "problems" that they had or the downright Disney-esque romance. I also didn't enjoy that the main bad "guy" of the movie, the locket, was used in exactly the same way as Lord of the Rings. It was a pretty exact copy, but a lot less evil. It's like a Nickelodean's version of Lord of the Rings.

I also didn't like how the movie just started killing people by telling you. There's no emotional attachment, almost like a newsreader. "this guy died...ok moving on". And the movie is doing what most video games are doing now: make everything gray. I really didn't like that.

But, at this point, if you enjoyed the previous titles, this one won't disappoint. If you didn't enjoy them all that much, this is pretty much more of the same, but way slower in pace.

The GOLDEN character in the movie was Dobbie. Absolutely outshines everyone else.

I couldn't agree more with your little quip at the end about those crazy Whale Wars people. I mean come on. This is just going to end poorly for someone...probably not Japan.

Food Network battling Castro? Sounds like the greatest absurdest piece of literature never made

As for your bold prediction, I think that's going a little too far. While I am very pleased to see that WB was lucky their three main leads all ended up maturing into fine, young acting professionals, the script is far from perfect. Don't get me wrong, the STORY of Harry Potter has always been it's greatest draw for me and when reading all 7 books it came together relatively nicely and satisfactorily. But the dialogue and writing was never anything stellar, and the same goes for the films. It's not bad, just slightly shallow. Still though, I'm looking forward to watching this. I've seen all 6 in the theater so far, so I want to close it out the way it's been going

I whole agree, i saw this at the midnight viewing, and while the movie was 2.5 hours long, the dialogue was mediocre at best. all together the dialogue would take up MAYBE a whole hour at best put together. I also never felt any UGENCY, or death creeping near as the characters were on their quest to find the horcruxes. In the book it was reinforced many times about the dire need to get things done, in the movie it just felt like they were taking their time. Another HUGE flaw, was that it just seemed to jump from one scene to another, like one minute they are in the ministery getting the locket, next they are setting up their tent, to next they are going to Godric Hallows, then NEXT they are int he forest getting the sword. It jumps from scene to scene so fast and so much, that you really cant get any sense of urgency or connection with whats going on. The ONLY time i felt remotely fearful, was when they were fighting the deatheaters as they were transporting harry. After that, it went though fast cutty paces that just never seemed to since in before i took another breath of the film. However, despite my complaints, i understand they were restricted with so much info and time. It was an over all great movie.

I saw it, it was a pretty good movie. As good as the 6th, probably not, but probably at least as good as the 3rd. Certainly better than the absolute pile of complete shit that was the 5th movie.

4th movie was pretty fun. I can't even remember the 1st and 2nd, I don't care about them at all.

EDIT: Also what's with all the Forrest Gump and Hurt Locker hating?

The only downside for me was that it was only part one and HAD to end halfway through the seventh story. But, i think yahtzee said it best, "If your only complaint of something is that it's too short, then that's not really a complaint at all, is it?" The movie was freaking great, and I've been hugely disappointed with EVERY single one so far, so it feels good to finally say that.

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