Escape to the Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

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I just got back from seeing it. Great movie, great review.Best movie in the series (if you were following it. otherwise it's just not understandable).
First time someone in the main cast other than Emma Watson showed some acting skills, and Watson showed she probably has a chance in other movies. She's a good actress.

One thing that bothered me, and I'm pretty sure someone will make a big dig deal out of it (Not really an important piece, and if you read the book - no real spoiler here, but still):

*Spoiler Warning*

So at the Malfoy mansion, at the point where Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter, awesome as usual) tortures Hermione, that what also in the book, no problem there. But in the movie, Bellatrix uses her knife (also mentioned in the book) to carve the word "mudblood" on Hermione's INNER LEFT ARM. For those of you who aren't as familiar with the Holocaust, the Nazis tattooed a number on each Jew (and I think also everyone else, but I'm not sure. They, for obvious reasons, teach mostly on the Jewish Holocaust in Israeli schools) INNER LEFT ARM. This was one of the many ways to dehumanize people, and to destroy morale.
See the correlation?

This wasn't in the book, and it's a bit more than just a coincidence. I get the reasons behind it, and it's frankly quit clever, since the books don'y really give us to see the way Death Eaters treat muggles, and a hint for the way Nazis treated Jewish people is a smart hint.
But I can predict now that someone, somewhere, will find it offensive.

*End Spoiler and a very long analyse of it's meaning*

And for a recommendation? Well, if you've seen the ones before, you will see this one, one way or the other, right? Then do it now, since it's good.
If you haven't seen them, and didn't read the books, (*insert bad British accent*) then just go read the bloody books, they're the most important books since LotR, Bloody fool! (*end bad British accent*) And forget the movies, if you didn't care for them until now, you never will.


i also noticed that in the M.o.M., all of the guard seemed to be wearing a red band on their arms, kinda similar to....... you guessed it! Nazis.

I loved it. I thought the film was rather dark, like Bob said, getting to the point where "shit gets real".

If i was a kid, the Three Brothers animation mid-movie would fucking give me nightmares for years.

*sigh* Is it any coincidence that I'm watching this a day after getting flamed for not knowing what the Tri-Force was?

Ha! I got to see it Thursday at midnight (or rather early Friday morning as it took them 40 minutes to fix the projector...) and it was awesome! My favorite part was Harry and Hermione dancing. Radcliff's theater skills really come into play there.

"Oi 'arry, world's coming to an end mate. Wanna go campin'?"


I just spoiled the entire movie for you guys. No lie.

Well, saw it yesterday and liked it much more than the former ones. The series' mood in the books has been darkening progressively, and it was nice to notice that in this movie. It's so much different of the cheerful and childish feel of the first two movies (but i was a kid back then, so they did their jobs nicely back then).

After the 3rd movie I always walked in the theater biased because of the awful amount of story details they left out in each movie. The 4th and 5th did reasonably in this aspect imo, but the 6th let me down like the 3rd. This one doesn't have that problem of overlooking important story moments because it is split. The inconvenient is that the plot can drag in the middle of the movie, and the moment where the thrilling action scenes will begin is left out for the 2nd part. But some scenes that better characterize the trio of friends weren't left out so I'm not complaining about the movie being split. If it wasn't split, I bet they would let out the part where SPOILER Ron parts ways with the other two, or the scene where they infiltrate the Ministry. That would be awful.

SPOILER: the dance scene between Harry and Hermione was a very nice addition in my opinion, it did a good job cheering the mood up a bit i the middle of the movie. The animation with Hermione narrating the tale of the deathly hallows kicks ass too.

Good news... and well, it may be because i grew up watching this stuff, but I like all the movies overall. It's a nice world, "a la lord of the rings" kinda of stuff, you know?

Nice to know there's someone else out there that acknowledges that, love it or hate it, just pulling this all off with as few hicups as they had was a minor miricle.

I expect to enjoy it, but I'm waiting a while for the kid and fanboy crowd to die out first. I might do otherwise for part two which, given where people say this one ends, will be mainly the bank heist and final battle spread over 2 hours, so I should at least get my money's worth out of the 3D glasses I'll probably have to get.

Hilarious review, good to see you liking it!

Someone has to stand up to those whalers. They're only doing it because it's not being enforced properly. It's no different than groups like Green Peace. They just have a show for it.

Anyway, I saw HP opening night and it was really good. Alot of the scenes in the movie were how I imagined them while reading the book. If that's not good film making while staying true to the book then i don't know what is.

Saw the midnight release, enjoyed the movie, LOVED the "three brothers" animation scene it it. That was seriously just awesome, and it had one of the best Grim Reapers I'd seen in a movie in ages.

i am planning on waiting for both movies to be on a compilation five hour dvd but thanks for the video. now i may actually watch it in Imax

Really great review. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Before this review I was almost definitely not going to see it, but now I might give it a try. The 'might' is because I thought that all of the previous movies were meh, expect for the 6th which was perhaps the shittiest hardest to understand movie I've ever seen, even though I've read all the books twice.

"Once they kill enough Boars." Hah! Classic!

I just saw it, and it was very good. The beginning was a bit slow, but by the second half it was truly great.

Wow, I came to this thread ready to shoot MovieBob down. But I'm really glad he agrees with me, this was an absolutely cracking film.

Actually this convinced me.

Im a huge Harry Potter fan, that is why I walked out of the theater for only the second time in my life when I saw #4. I havent scene 5 or 6 because that one was sooo bad. But because they split this movie up, i was considering seeing it, now I will.

Thank you Bob flame...Potter fans...

hehee great episode this. all the video game references and other allusions were funny.

I'm going to go see it just because: I've seen all the other movies and I need some closure.
They were ally pretty decent, so why not.
Although, I thought the most recent one (half blood prince?) was probably the crappiest of all of them, mostly because the plot didn't make any sense and I had to look it up on the harry potter wikia and read summaries of the novel to make sense out of it. They cut out of a lot of really important shit apparently.

Anyways, one of my friends organized a group outing to go see it tomorrow night and bought us all (expensive as fucking hell!) tickets. So I guess I'm all set. Jesus christ though, $16 for one ticket? Shit is getting absurd with movie theatres.

I saw the movie yesterday, and I totally agree with Bob on this one. Definitely a very good movie, and I like how much focus is put on the characters.

eh not a fan of the series so it's whatever for me. not knocking it or anything just idc
but I guess it's all waiting for part 2 now

I have *got* to stop seeing movies because MB suggests them. Deathly hollows part 1 was downright awful. Did the book make more sense?

after seeing this episode of "movie bob" i can only say one word:


I dunno. I thought the other movies were terrible. The fourth one in particular. I got so tired of the director's shoving aside plot points just so they could put in a chase scene that wasn't necessary or stuff like that.

So I gave up on them.

But who knows. It might have taken them six other movies to finally get one right.

Okay, Okay. Lookahere, Ron Weasely is not at all the equivalent of either batman or Han Solo. Also, no matter how good of a movie it is, I doubt Harry Potter will win any Oscars outside of the technical categories.

I wouldn't be suprised to see it get an oscar.
Even if they have to invent a catagory like they did with AVITAR (Just kidding! I know they're all real catagories)

V TheSystem V:

I didn't give a damn about Rowling trying to make me feel anything other than annoyed at a substantial body count, so I'm not going to see it done as a MOVIE. Seriously, it's like she threw darts at a board to see who died so she could go "Isn't it just HEART-WRENCHING!!?!? It's so SAD!". No Rowling, it's freaking JUVENILE.

I agree. The people who died were a bit random, but then again, you can't choose who lives and who dies in real life; their actions determine that. Was very very disappointed with the last book, but will probably see the film.

The randomness annoyed me and so did the "kill important characters off screen or unceremoniously" principle she seemed to be practicing. I've just gotten bored of people mistakenly believing that "death=dark=dramatic=good". Oh, and the deus ex machina fight at the end that sucks all tension out because actually writing a logical, non copout climax would take WORK. I'm not gonna say Rowling's a hack, but I felt her plotting just deteriorated starting at Order of the Phoenix

this was easily the best harry potter IMO the slower pace was better for moi IMO :D

I like how Ron was compared to Han Solo and Batman.

I've been swayed wasn't going to go see it but you tend to have a good opinon so...hey i'll check it out :)

Stabby Joe:
I have yet to watch a single Harry Potter film so far, and you know what, I intend to keep it that way. I just really can't take it seriously.. wizard school!?

I too only take joy in realistic entertainment. It's why I mostly watch movies about people going to church and paying their taxes.

So I really only skimmed this thread, but, am I the only one who thought the fifth movie was f*cking awesome? The fourth and sixth sucked.

I also can't wait to see this.


Stabby Joe:
I have yet to watch a single Harry Potter film so far, and you know what, I intend to keep it that way. I just really can't take it seriously.. wizard school!?

I too only take joy in realistic entertainment. It's why I mostly watch movies about people going to church and paying their taxes.

Erm, yeah... that's exactly what I meant... *shakes head*

I think they pulled it off -really- well, the movies got darker as they went along, and for when we were youngings(most of us, I assume) it slowly went brighter to darker and it made way more sense to us because we grew older as the movies grew older as well.

I feel like they gave it to Toy Story treatment with the age thing.

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